Things to Eat with Buldak Ramen

18 Things to Eat with Buldak Ramen

Have you eaten Buldak ramen before? If yes, you know how delicious and, of course, spicy it is. 

Korean spicy noodles used to be a challenge a few years ago, making Buldak ramen a global trend. However, it is more than a challenge for many spicy food lovers like me. I also enjoy eating it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I eat Buldak ramen by itself, but I also try different things to eat with it, such as eggs, fried rice, gyoza, spring rolls, kimchi, fried eggplant, and more.

Different Ways to Enjoy Buldak Ramen for That Burst of Flavor 

I have been eating Buldak ramen several times and enjoyed it. However, I looked for other depths of flavors and wondered what to eat with Buldak ramen. 

Now, I will reveal 18 things you can eat with this spicy Korean noodle. What I love about this ramen is that I can do some experiments. Here are my top picks to enjoy Buldak ramen for more flavor and less pain on the tongue.

Onsen Eggs 

Onsen Eggs

Onsen eggs, also known as hot spring eggs, are simmered at a low temperature. This gives the yolk a firm texture, while the egg white becomes custard-like. They are often placed on soy sauce or served on a bed of rice. So, they are a suitable side dish for Buldak ramen. You can even put the eggs on top of your noodles.

Fried Rice

Rice and noodles are two famous staples in Asian cuisine. Fried rice is often served in small portions alongside Buldak ramen. This helps minimize the spices. I prefer my rice to have carrots and peas for extra crunch.


Gyoza is one of my favorite pan-fried Japanese dishes. These dumplings are filled with flavorful ground pork and veggies. They are first steamed and then pan-fried. Besides reducing spices in my mouth, gyoza also makes the meal nutritious.


Kimchi Jjigae

Since Buldak ramen is very satisfying and filling, kimchi is an excellent way to enjoy a healthy side dish. This Korea fermented cabbage has a slightly sour and spicy flavor, giving your ramen a unique layer of flavor. Plus, it is not heavy on the digestive system and is rich in probiotics.

Pickled Vegetables 

Another way to make your Buldak ramen more nutritious is by eating it with pickled vegetables. Onions, daikon radish, cabbage, and cucumbers are popular picked veggies and often served in small bowls. After a mouthful of spicy ramen, you can have some sour pickles. This helps cleanse your palate.

Spring Rolls 

Regarding appetizers, I cannot say no to spring rolls. Although they are a popular appetizer, they are an excellent partner for spicy ramen noodles. The fillings are usually meat, shrimp, bean sprouts, and vegetables like cabbage and carrots. All the ingredients are carefully wrapped in a thin dough sheet and fried until crispy.



Takoyaki is a delicious octopus snack and popular Japanese street food. It is made of round-shaped dough to form small balls filled with tasty octopus. Then, it is topped with ginger and green onions. It helps improve the flavor of my Buldak ramen and adds a seafood twist to it.

Steamed Vegetables

Whenever I want to increase my daily vegetable intake while enjoying a bowl of my favorite Korean spicy noodle, I go for steamed veggies. I usually cook vegetables like corn, bok choy, cabbage, bean sprouts, and broccoli. Steamed veggies make my ramen a bit healthier.

Rice Cakes 

Sometimes, I feel my Buldak ramen is a bit boring. To upgrade my ramen experience, I eat it with rice cakes. Basically, rice cakes are mochi. This popular Korean delicacy offers a chewy texture and sweet taste. The next time you make your Buldak ramen, grabbing a plate of mochi will give you a more satisfying meal.

Stir Fry 

Are you in a hurry but want to cook something to eat with your Buldak ramen? Then, stir fry is an ideal option. All you need to do is throw in your favorite vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and baby corn. You can skip the packet of ready-made sauce by combining ingredients like soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and chilies.

Fried Tofu 

Fried Tofu

Let’s add some protein to your ramen! Pairing Buldak ramen with fried tofu adds a chewy texture and a bit of crunch. You can try agedashi tofu, where tofu is deep fried with savory broth. You can either serve the tofu on the side or add it as a topping.

Spicy Cucumber Salad 

Do you want to add more spiciness to your meal? Then, spicy cucumber salad is a perfect option. This fresh, spicy, and vibrant side dish will quickly complement your noodles. Chili, garlic, a little sugar, sesame oil, and soy sauce come together to assemble a cool yet fiery dish you can enjoy with ramen.

Egg Roll Omelet

An egg roll omelet is another famous Korean side dish you can eat with Buldak ramen. It allows me to tailor the fillings to suit my taste. However, I only make a spinach filling if I want to keep the omelet simple. I prefer adding cheese, seafood, mushrooms, and meat for added nutritional value.

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread 

The combination of garlic and cream cheese is always appetizing. The cream cheese garlic bread’s exterior is crunchy and crisp, while the middle is deliciously garlicky, slightly sweet, soft, and chewy. The cheesiness of the snack helps slightly reduce the heat of the noodles.

Tuna Pancakes 

Tuna pancakes are slightly thicker and savorier than your usual pancake. The egg and flour will hold it together. You can use your favorite canned tuna, and the seasonings are made of sesame oil, black pepper, salt, onion, and garlic. These pancakes go well with your spicy ramen.

Japanese Potato Salad 

Aside from being a spicy food lover, I am also a potato lover. So, I experimented by eating noodles with my favorite Japanese potato salad. Adding red onion, cucumber, and carrots creates a delightful crunch in every bite.

Tea-Stained Eggs 

If you are tired of the typical egg recipe, you can try the tea-stained eggs. When I first heard of this egg, I wondered if I could eat it with ramen. My Korean friend told me that the two went well. 

Although tea-stained eggs are a snack, they are a good partner for Buldak ramen. Eggs are first hard-boiled and cracked shells. Then, they are simmered in a mixture of soy sauce, tea, and spices. The longer you simmer the eggs in the mix, the deeper flavor and color you will achieve.

Cucumber and Chili Salad 

Eating cucumber and chili salad with Buldak ramen is always refreshing. After I shred cucumbers into delicate ribbons, I pour white wine vinegar. Then, I garnish it with sesame seeds and red chili. If the ramen flavor is not too spicy, this salad can give you the spiciness you want.


Whenever Buldak ramen gets boring, you want to enhance its texture and flavor or add nutritional value; eating it with something will do the magic. Feel free to experiment with your ramen to level up the entire experience.

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