Buldak Ramen Spicy Ranked (Hottest to Least)

Are you a fan of spicy foods? How about spicy ramen? If so, perhaps you love Buldak ramen noodles. It is spicy and fiery hot instant noodles but tastes so good. 

It is fiery hot, spicy red, and extremely good. It is one of my preferred foods each time I visit a Korean restaurant; even if it is very spicy, I cannot stand it. It is also very popular to eat along with Korean barbecue. I particularly love it with cheese.

So, in this blog, I will tell you the whole thing you want to know about Buldak Ramen and its spice content, its Scoville Scare ratings, and much other important information. So, sit back, hold onto something cold and get ready as I will take you on a spicier ride.

Buldak Ramen Noodles Explained?

Buldak ramen noodles, made popular by the famous Korean company Samyang, are extremely spicy ramen noodles. They are named buldak bokkeum myeon, or hot chicken flavor ramen, and they are instant ramen and buldak flavored. These ramen noodles are one of the spiciest available at this point and are available in many different tastes. 

Unlike other instant ramen noodles, which are soupy or saucy, buldak ramen are sauced noodles; after the noodles are cooked, they are drained and mixed with the sauce called buldak. These ramens are prevalent and the best-selling instant noodles of the Samyang brand.

This specific ramen noodle is renowned for the fantastic taste it provides, along with its highly spicy taste. It comes in different flavors and is packed with heat. These noodles are the highest-selling product of the company and are available all over the world. 

You can also buy Buldak ramen online, particularly in the Amazon store. These noodles reached the climax of popularity when many celebrities and YouTubers began making mukbang videos and included this ramen in them.

What Is The Scoville Scale?

Are you craving a bowl of hot and spicy ramen noodles but unsure if you can take the heat? Because of this, you must know about your tolerance of spicy foods. So, you have to be aware of the Scoville Scale. 

The Scoville Scale refers to a scale that determines the precise measures of spiciness or heat contained in hot peppers. This scale utilizes Scoville Heat Units or SHU to determine and record the spice or heat level of the chili peppers. 

These values are recorded based on capsaicinoids concentrated in specific hot peppers. The Scoville Scale comes its name from its creator, Wilbur Scoville, an American pharmacist. The scale came into being in 1912; this way of figuring out hot or spice content was initially called the Scoville organoleptic test. The Scoville Heat Units test gives you the more precise SHU. 

Buldak Ramen Spicy Ranked: From the Hottest to the Least Spicy Noodles

Buldak Ramen noodles are available in nine different flavors and available worldwide. Each flavor differs in taste and has a different spice level or content. These flavors end up having greatly different Scoville Scale ratings. 

Below is a list of Buldak Ramen spicy ratings as they’re in Scoville Heat Units. The list mentions flavors in the least order of hotness and the perspective flavors description. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen 2X Spicy Hot Chicken flavor is as spicy as a plate full of jalapenos. It is considered one of the hottest and most intense ramen flavors ever made and was the idea behind the popular Fire Noodle Challenge. This Buldak ramen flavor would surely make you sweat. This is also the spiciest flavor of Buldak ramen, with a 10,000 SHU rating.

Stew Type Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen stew-type hot chicken flavor is a little bit dry and does not have much broth. It does not have that exceptional flavor as opposed to others; however, it has a spicy kick. 

Stew Type Hot Chicken Flavor Buldak Ramen has a 4.705 SHU rating and makes you ask for a glass of milk.

Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen Hot Chicken Flavor is Samyang’s debut flavor. It has the perfect combination of chicken flavor and heat. This flavor gives the brand a huge success.

Buldak Ramen Hot Chicken Flavor is fairly spicy and has a Scoville rating of 4,404 SHU. This is also considered one of the spiciest Buldak ramen noodles the company offers. 

Ice Type Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen Ice Type Hot Chicken Flavor is comparable to the chicken’s original flavor when it comes to taste. This noodle is allegedly consumed cold and is not packed with much spice.

Buldak Ramen Ice Type Hot Chicken Flavor has a Scoville rating of 4,404 ratings, and some don’t consider it spicy, but you can still try it if you want. 

Curry Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen Curry Hot Chicken flavor is a little bit sweeter than other flavors of ramen offered by this brand. This noodle’s sweetness saves it from being uncontrollably and fiery hot. It tastes like curry and also has thick noodles. This is one of my preferred Buldak ramen. Curry Hot Chicken Flavor of Buldak Ramen has a 3.810 Scoville rating.

Mala Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen Mala Hot Chicken flavor is well-known for how peppery it is. Some people who have already tried this ramen find it numbingly spicy, while others consider it one of the least spicy ramen from Samyang. 

Buldak Ramen Mala Hot Chicken flavor

The Buldak Ramen Carbonara Hot Chicken flavor is the best choice if you are searching for milky and creamy ramen. It has garlic powder and some parsley, providing this ramen with an exceptional taste and flavor. This Buldak ramen has a 2,600 Scoville rating. 

Cheese Hot Chicken Flavor

If you love cheese, then the Buldak ramen Cheese Hot Chicken is for you. It is ideal for cheese lovers out there like me. It has cheddar cheese with some nori. This is less spicy than other Buldak ramen available and has a Scoville rating of 2,323. 

Buldak Noodle Combo Pack

10 Variety Packs of 5 Different Flavors (2 Packs each – Original, 2x Spicy, Jjajang, Carbo, Cheese)

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Jjajang Hot Chicken Flavor: The Least Spicy Buldak Ramen Available 

This is the best choice if you are looking for the least spicy Buldak Ramen. The Buldak Ramen Jjajang Hot Chicken incorporates the taste of black bean sauce, while the level of spiciness is tolerable and pleasing. It does not allow the spice content to overwhelm its flavor. It has a Scoville rating of 1,920.

How Spicy is Buldak Ramen? 

It is relatively darn hot and spicy. Everyone’s spice tolerance is different, but I will say that Buldak ramen’s hotness is exceptional. 

Are Buldak Ramen Noodles the Spiciest Noodles?

The original hot chicken flavor of Buldak Ramen is super spicy with a high SHU rating. On the other hand, they are not the spiciest ramen available. The Hot Chicken Flavor ramen Mini is the spiciest noodle available today, with a 12,000 Scoville rating.


Buldak Ramen is renowned for its hot and spicy, and given its SHU rating, they are genuinely spicy. Samyang has done a fantastic job in growing its brand. Ranking higher on the SHU scale, the Buldak Ramen noodles are remarkable and suggested to those who love spicy foods to a higher level.

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