Can You Eat Expired Buldak Ramen

Can You Eat Expired Buldak Ramen? (Revealed)

Can you eat expired buldak ramen? Buldak ramen is safe for three months past its expiration date. However, after this period, it is best to throw it away as you will start to see mold growth appear.

The older the buldak ramen gets, the more likely you’ll get an upset stomach after eating. It is risky to consume ramen, which expired long ago. Once stored for a prolonged period, your buldak ramen will become inedible.

Can I Eat Expired Buldak Ramen: Overview

Does buldak ramen go bad or expire? Yes, they do. However, simply because it has gone bad, expired, or hit the best by day does not mean it is already bad. 

Buldak ramens are a delicious and easy way to prepare. But what about when you take in that your pack of buldak ramen you purchased a few weeks ago hits its expiration period? Do you still eat it? Is buldak ramen good to consume after its expiration, or should you throw it?

Buldak ramen is a popular choice of food for campers, students, and those who love eating spicy foods. On the other hand, how do you know if they go bad or expire? Ramen noodles offered by Samyang can last many months and years past the expiration period once they are kept right. 

So, in the blog, we will talk about what expiration or best by date is and what it means if you can still consume buldak ramen after hitting its expiration date. We will also give you some tips on figuring out the signs that your ramen may be going bad and when you should not risk consuming them. But, before that, let’s get to know buldak ramen first.

What are Buldak Ramen Noodles?

How To Make Buldak Ramen Less Spicy

Made by Samyang, a famous brand in Korea, Buldak ramen is very spicy ramen noodles readily available on the market. These ramens are also popular in the name of hot chicken flavor ramen or buldak bokkeum myeon. 

Buldak ramens are one of the hottest and spiciest noodles available at this point and are available in many different flavors. Compared to other instant ramen noodles available on the market today, which are soupy or saucy, buldak ramen are sauced noodles.

They are also easy to prepare, boil the noodles for a few minutes and drained, and put them in the buldak sauce. And that’s it. You can now enjoy the hotness and spiciness of this famous instant ramen noodles.

Buldan ramen is also very popular all over the world because of its remarkable taste, together with its spicy flavor. You can buy this buldak ramen in nine different flavors, each with its level of hotness or spicinessThese noodles are the highest-selling product of Samyang and are available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores worldwide. Due to the popularity of this noodle, you can buy it in many online stores. 

You can also get it on Amazon. The popularity of these ramen noodles is attributed to a lot of celebrities and is popular all over the world. YouTubers who started began making mukbang videos and tried the spicy eating challenge.

Types of Buldak Ramen Noodles Available on the Market

There are many types of Buldak ramen available on the market. It consists of nine different flavors, each with a designated spiciness level. Nine popular flavors of Buldak ramen are as follows:

  • 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Stew Type Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Ice Type Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Curry Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Mala Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Buldak Ramen Mala Hot Chicken flavor 
  • Cheese Hot Chicken Flavor
  • Jjajang Hot Chicken Flavor

Buldak Ramen Expiration Date 

Samyang Food, a popular South Korean instant noodle company, explained varying sell-by dates in overseas and local markets, citing a long-time international export procedure. According to the Samyang Foods representative, Buldak ramen exported in countries like Japan, China, the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions and countries is one year or 12 months, as opposed to six months in South Korea. 

Export Buldak ramen noodles must go through long-distance transpiration, customs clearance, quarantine requirements, and other procedures requiring long circulation periods. Buldak ramen is made in South Korea. 

The company’s representative also clarified that to ensure the shelf life of the buldak ramen, they add antioxidant ingredients in the exported buldak ramen according to the food safety standards of the importing regions. He also added that there is no issue with the safety and quality of these ramen products. 

The expiration period on some ramen products from Samyang, which include the trendy Buldak ramen hot chicken flavor, is just six months in the local market as opposed to one year on products sold in Western markets and China. 

How to Know If My Buldak Ramen Is Expired or Gone Bad?

The build-up of mold or mildew in the type of discolored patches is an apparent sign of spoilage. A terrible smell might accompany this. Expired or spoiled ramen will have an unwanted texture and a bad taste that is highly apparent at the first bite. 

Does Buldak Ramen Have a Long Shelf Life?

Deep-fried and dehydrated ramen have shallow moisture content, about three to six percent. The mainstream spoilage bacteria needs a minimum of 0.90 aw for growth. Water activity determines the free moisture in the ramen product. 

It’s a measure of free moisture available to the multiplication of microbes. Besides, Buldak ramen noodles contain lots of Vitamin E that have superb antioxidant properties. This essential vital stops the oxidation of noodles. These add to long-drawn-out shelf life. 

How to Store My Buldak Ramen? 

Proper storage might delay or shorten the lifespan of any food. Ideally, ramen, like the buldak, must be kept in a container made of plastic or in a cardboard box for additional protection. 

The rule of thumb is to store the noodles away from moisture and keep them in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight, and on a stovetop. 

Any powerful-smelling food items shouldn’t come anywhere close to the noodles. What is more, ensure the relative humidity is consistent and low. 

How to Determine if My Expired Buldak Ramen Is Safe to Consume? 

If you want to consume expired ramen noodles, do so at your own risk. 

There are some vital things you should look for:

  • Smell bad
  • Change color
  • Have mold 
  • Have a strange first bit
  • Have an expiry period of more than three months 

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, you must refrain from eating your noodles. 

To Sum Up

Buldak Ramen lasts for a long time, some are 12 months, but locally consumed products are 6 months. It’s good survival food. When it comes to the question, “can I eat expired Buldak ramen”? The answer is yes. Buldak ramen is safe for three months past its expiration date.

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