Beyond the Burn: Exploring Non-Spicy Korean Noodles

Korean instant ramen is synonymous with fiery flavors and makes-you-sweat spiciness. But if you’re looking for a more mild experience, there are plenty of non-spicy Korean noodle options. Keep reading to discover the best Korean noodles without the heat.

Why Seek Out Non-Spicy Korean Noodles?

With their complex seasonings and toothsome wheat noodles, Korean ramen brands like Nongshim and Samyang have earned a cult following. However, the trademark Korean chili pepper heat is not for everyone.

Those with sensitive palates or health conditions may find overly spicy noodles unpleasant or intolerable. Even diehard spice fans need a break sometimes for their tastebuds to recover.

Luckily, Korean noodle makers offer many non-spicy alternatives beyond their famed fiery recipes. Let’s explore some top picks.

Gomtang – Rich, Hearty Korean Beef Noodle Soup

Gomtang instant ramen packs all the meaty savoriness of traditional gomtang soup without red pepper spice. Chunks of beef bone broth provide deep, layered umami flavor. Some versions add small pieces of beef brisket.

This makes gomtang a perfect Korean ramen choice for those who:

  • Crave meaty, protein-packed noodles
  • Want hearty soup with a clean beef broth taste
  • Seek a warming comfort food feel

Popular gomtang brands include:

  • Paldo Gomtang – Sold in 4-packs for easy pantry stocking
  • Nongshim Gomtang – Includes beef slices for added richness

Seaweed Soup Ramen – Salty, Kelp-Flavored Noodles

Ramyeon based on the classic Korean seaweed soup, miyeokguk, offer mild salty-savory taste. The dried seaweed blend called dasima adds oceanic flavor.

Some versions incorporate beef or anchovies for extra umami. The soft, chewy noodles soak up the kelp-infused broth.

Seaweed soup noodles make an ideal pick if you enjoy:

  • Light, delicate noodle broths
  • Seafood and ocean flavors
  • Salted noodle soups like Japanese ramen styles

Well-known seaweed soup ramen products include:

  • Ottogi Seafood Ramyeon – Uses real dried kelp
  • Samyang Miyeok Guk Ramen – Adds tender shredded beef

Jin Ramen Mild – Lightly Spiced Korean Noodles

Not all Korean ramen is set-your-mouth-on-fire spicy. Nongshim’s Jin Ramen Mild offers subtle beefy flavor with just a touch of heat.

Onions, garlic, and a dash of chili provide gentle spice. Potato starch gives the broth a creamy note. Hard-boiled eggs are a popular topping choice.

For those seeking just a tingle versus tongue-scorching heat, Jin Ramen Mild hits the spot.

Tips for Finding More Non-Spicy Korean Noodles

Beyond the suggestions above, there are more non-spicy Korean noodles out there. Here’s how to track them down:

  • Check packaging carefully for product descriptions like “mild” or “non-spicy.”
  • Opt for seafood or kimchi flavored varieties which often exclude chili.
  • Search Korean grocery sites for user reviews confirming non-spicy taste.
  • Start with well-known brands like Nongshim, Paldo, and Ottogi.
  • Avoid words like “buldak” (fire chicken) that signal intense spice levels.

Satisfy Cravings Without the Burn

For those times when you want delicious Korean noodles minus eye-watering heat, non-spicy ramen options abound. With their comforting broths, textural noodles, and range of flavors, Korean ramen can be enjoyed spice-averse or spice-obsessed eaters alike. Just leave a glass of milk handy in case you grab a surprise fiery pack by accident!

Here are 5 additional FAQs to include in the “Beyond the Burn: Exploring Non-Spicy Korean Noodles” blog post:


1. Do non-spicy Korean noodles still have any chilies at all?

Some may contain small amounts of mild Korean chilies like gochugaru for subtle heat. But most focus on non-spicy ingredients like beef or seaweed.

2. What are some common soup bases for non-spicy Korean ramen?

Popular mild broths include beef bone, seafood/anchovy, kelp, kimchi, mushroom, and vegetable. They provide flavor without spiciness.

3. Are non-spicy Korean noodles vegan?

Some are, but many contain beef, seafood, or egg ingredients. Check packaging to find vegetarian/vegan-friendly options.

4. Where can you buy non-spicy Korean noodle brands?

Checkout Korean grocery stores or websites. Larger chains like Walmart or Amazon stock some non-spicy Korean ramen too.

5. How long do non-spicy Korean ramen noodles last unopened?

Most last 1-2 years stored in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening and use within a few months.

Let me know if you need any other FAQs covered or have additional questions to address!

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