Spicy Sauce and Seasoning You Can buy at Central Food Hall

Central Food Hall is one of the perfect places to shop for all of your spicy sauce and seasoning needs in Bangkok! They have various brands and flavors to choose from, so you can find the perfect sauce or seasoning for your dish. Plus, their prices are reasonable! You won’t regret it!

Central Food Hall has you covered whether you’re looking for something spicy and bold or something more subtle and nuanced.

Let’s see what’s interesting about spicy stuff in this place.

Central Food Hall

Central Food Hall is a supermarket with many branches in Bangkok. Also known as Tops Supermarket, it is located in Central Department Store in the basement. Here, shopping is easy. It can purchase by credit card, and all kinds of products are listed with an English label.

Most staff will speak or speak English to a certain extent. The price compared to the local market is pretty expensive. Still, the product is selected with a more beautiful quality and is easier to buy for foreigners than to go to the local market.

Hot Sauce

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Spicy sauces are available here from both Thai and international brands. Most of Thailand’s Sriracha chili sauces are produced in Sriracha, Chonburi, and many brands to choose from.

There are chili sauces famous in Thailand and other brands that are not Sriracha-style chili sauces, many of which are sweet and spicy, available on various levels, and cheaper than imported chili sauces from abroad.

If you’re looking for a famous international chili sauce at Central Food Hall, there are also brands of chili sauces such as Frank Redhot, Encona, and Tabasco. Each brand has several flavors to select from; it is imported from that country, not reproduced in Thailand, and the price compared to Amazon.com is the same. It’s not more expensive in any way.

Read my experience with product from central food hall

Fresh Pepper, Dried Pepper, Onions

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Fresh and dried chili peppers It’s not very versatile in choosing. It has only Thai chili and bell pepper. If you’re interested in peppers like Habanero and Carolina Reaper, they can be seen in online stores or many restaurants that bring them in on their own.

Other spices and onions are available in various types; garlic will also be small Thai garlic popular in everyday Thai dishes.


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Thai people also prefer to use spices for cooking, no less than other Asian countries. Therefore, the herbs are sold quite a lot, and they can be purchased in ready-made form. Black pepper, turmeric, curry, cinnamon, etc. Available in a heartfelt selection.

Instant Noodles

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Thai people love to eat noodles a lot, and instant noodles are famous. In addition to Thai brands, There are also spicy noodles from Korea and Japan for sale in bulk; Samyang, Buldak, Neoguri, and other brands have many flavors.

Final Thoughts

If you come to Bangkok and look for a place to buy spices, Central Food Hall (Tops Supermarket) is the best place. It has a wide variety of products with both Thai and international brands at reasonable prices. The products here are also of good quality, making them perfect for those who want to cook while traveling.

So what are you waiting for? Come and check out the spices at Central Food Hall today!

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