Subscription Boxes for Spicy Lovers

12 Subscription Boxes for Spice Lovers

A sneak peek into your spice cabinet may reveal the usual suspects, cinnamon, chili powder, oregano, and paprika. Spices are an essential addition to any well-made meal – they have distinct flavors and colors and they help enliven all dishes while allowing you to be more adventurous and ingenious in the kitchen. If you are a spice lover, spicy food subscription boxes are the best way to discover new, fragrant spices. 

These are the 12 best subscription boxes for spicy lovers:

  1.  Piquant Post
  2.  Spice Madam
  3.  The Spicery
  4.  Roaming Radish
  5.  BBQ Box 
  6.  SpiceBreeze
  7.  Burlap & Barrel
  8.  Spice Collective
  9.  Culinarie Kit
  10.  RawSpiceBar
  11.  Savory Spice‘s Seasons of Spice
  12.  Red Stick Spice Co. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the best spicy food subscription boxes that will help add some flavor and color to your meals while enriching your culinary perspective.

1. Piquant Post

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Most people are comfortable cooking with the spices they know and have grown to love. With Piquant post, you get to awaken your taste buds with spices from all over the world. Piquant post has some of the best spicy food subscription boxes. They specialize in chef-developed blends of spices from different regions and countries. 

With a Piquant Post spicy food subscription, you get a box with 3 to 4 spice mixes from a new region each time. 

The spice blends can make more than four meals each. In addition to the spices, you get a step-by-step recipe. You can experiment without worries. The greatest thing about a Piquant Post spice subscription is that you will never get the same combination of spices twice. 

Some of the spices in these subscription boxes include Middle Eastern spicy mint, Persian lime, and Amazon acai.

Price: You can subscribe for $11.99 per month. You’ll also be able to make longer-term subscriptions that allow you to pay lower monthly fees.

2. Spice Madam

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Cooking can be tedious and monotonous, but Spice Madam takes cooking to another level. With Spice Madam, you get to have fun and learn while making the most delicious meals. Spice Madam is one of the best spicy food subscription boxes because it offers a unique approach to cooking.

With Spice Madam, you get a monthly box containing three or four spice packages from a specified region or country. The package also contains:

  • 4-6 recipes from that region.
  • A page full of fun facts.
  • A playlist that introduces you with artists from that region or country

With this spicy food subscription box, you experience the world from the comfort of your kitchen. 

Some of the recipes you can find in Spice Madam subscriptions include muhammara, veggie tagine from Morocco, aloo tikki, and lavender madeleines. A percentage of all proceeds from the subscriptions goes to support a charitable organization.

Another element that makes Spice Madam one of the best spicy food subscription boxes is the fact that it is excellent for everyone. If you have dietary restrictions, you don’t have to worry, Spice Madam has you covered. The spice boxes include vegetarian-friendly, pescetarian, and gluten-free alternatives. 

Price: For $20 per month, you can order Spice Madam by visiting their website. However, the company allows you to choose between three other longer-term subscription alternatives as well. All their payment plans come with free shipment. 

3. The Spicery

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The Spicery is one of the best spicy food subscription boxes. Founded in 2006, they provide blended spices to their subscribers. If you are looking for the best spices to add color and flavor to any meal, The Spicery spicy food subscription boxes are your best bet. Every month, you get a unique spice blend from all over the world. 

With the spicery subscription, you get easy access to ingredients you otherwise wouldn’t even know existed. All the spices are ground, blended, and measured to give you the optimal taste. The Spicery is environmentally conscious and packs all its spices in compostable refill bags that you can dispose of in your compost.

The Spicery is among the best spicy food subscription boxes as it has over eight subscriptions to select from. All subscriptions come with two new recipes to help you make delicious meals effortlessly. Moreover, all the packages are in letter-box-sized boxes.

Price: For $12 a month, you get The Spicery’s spices and sensational recipes. 

4. Roaming Radish

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If you’re a homecook who loves to experiment in the kitchen with different cuisines, Roaming Radish is a must-have. It is one of the best spicy food subscription boxes today, and Roaming Radish subscription boxes give you a monthly surprise.

With each subscription box, you get a variety of herbs and spices from different parts of the world to help you add some flavor to your meals. All subscription boxes come with recipes to help you cook the most irresistible dishes. What’s more, 5 percent of all proceeds from each subscription box go toward a charity organization.

Some of the spices you may find in your Roaming Radish spicy food subscription box include a Hawaiian spice blend, and ground fenugreek seed.

Price: You can get a subscription box for $49 a month. The company also offers three-month, six-month, and 12-month subscriptions.

5. BBQ Box

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Nothing brings people together quite like barbeques. If you are a fan of barbecues, BBQ Box gives you a pleasant surprise every month—the best spicy food subscription boxes for those who love to grill. 

With the BBQ Box subscription box, you get one type of spice, one type of rub, wood chips, one marinade or sauce, an edible treat, and a recipe that incorporates all the ingredients provided. It is a perfect gift for a friend who loves to grill.

Price: $26.99 per month. It also comes in three months, six months, and 12 months subscriptions. 

6. SpiceBreeze

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Do you love sampling street foods when you travel? SpiceBreeze gives you the experience right in your kitchen, making it one of the best spicy food subscription boxes. SpiceBreeze makes cooking easy and fun while maximizing flavors.

Providing recipes from 2-4 regions, your taste buds are assured of a vacation every time you eat. The boxes also come with fun facts about what you will cook in the future. 

Some of the past recipes chave included makrut lime, Korean bibimbap, Cambodian lemongrass soup, Israeli za’atar, and galangal. All the spices are freshly ground and have no artificial coloring. 

Price: by paying only $9.90 per month, you’ll be able to get this spicy food subscription box.

7. Burlap & Barrel

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Burlap & Barrel is one of the best spicy food subscription boxes in the market today. If you love your spices, Burlap & Barrel sends you different varieties for every season. With Burlap & Barrel, you get a spice shipment every February, May, August, and November. 

You get four full-size spice jars for every subscription box, delicious food products from collaborations with chefs and public figures, along with plenty of recipes and spice stories. Some of the most common spices include drumstick lemongrass, black lime, and smoked star anise

If you want to take a culinary journey every season, get a subscription to Burlap & Barrel. It can also be an excellent gift for any friend who loves cooking.

Price: At $45, you get the subscription box for one season and a free shipping code for the next shipment. 

8. Spice Collective

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Do you love Indian food? Spice Collective is the best spicy food subscription box for you, and it gives your taste buds a trip to India while in the comfort of your own home. Every box includes a different traditional spice blend and a recipe to help you make mind-blowing dishes. 

If you love cream and spicy flavors and want to experiment with new aromas and techniques, The Spice Collective is the best spicy food subscription box for you. Some of the blends you can expect include chana masala, pav bhaji masala, and tandoori masala.

The best thing about these spices is that you can combine them with other types of seasonings that you already own. They can also be a good gift for that friend who loves Indian food.

Price: For $24.95 per month, you can get this spicy food subscription box. It is also available in three months and six months subscription options.  

9. Culinarie Kit

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Are you looking to get creative in your culinary endeavors? Culinarie Kit is one of the best spicy food subscription boxes for any food lover who likes to be daring and innovating. With Culinarie Kit, you get a variety of goodies once every 3 months.

Every box contains various gourmet products, such as an exclusive spice blend. Their chef tastes all the spices to give you the best possible culinary experience. Expand your pantry collection with these spices or gift them to a friend who loves cooking. 

Some of the spices you can expect to get in the boxes include Hawaiian black salt, rose preserves, chili oil, cajun spices, black truffle sea salt, and Umami Dust. One element that makes Culinarie Kit one of the best spicy food subscription boxes is that they include no animal products.

Price: The Box goes for $56.95 per quarter. You can, however, shop for boxes on the official Culinarie Kit website between months to get your spice fix. 

10. RawSpiceBar 

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If you’re a spice lover and do not have much space to spare in your pantry, RawSpiceBar spices are one of the best subscription boxes for you. RawSpiceBar delivers a two-ounce blend of spices to your doorstep every month. The best chefs across the U.S create all their spices with care and precision.

What makes RawSpiceBar one of the best spicy food subscription boxes is that all their spices are salt-free and have no additives. The spices are sourced worldwide from farms and global coops. With RawSpiceBar, you get three pouches of spice blends and a recipe. 

Moreover, RawSpiceBar gives you an option to include a reusable jar to store your spices in. They also allow you to choose a plant-based alternative. Additionally, subscribers get a monthly RawSpiceBar newsletter. 

Price: You can get this subscription box for only $12 a month. It also comes in three months, six months, nine months, and 12-months subscription options. 

11. Savory Spice‘s Seasons of Spice

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Savory Spice’s Seasons of Spice is another excellent spicy food subscription box, and it gives you a pleasant season-themed surprise every quarter. Their chefs carefully select all savory spices to provide you with a collection of ingredients that add inspiration to your meals. 

Every box is season-themed and includes:

  • A spice and easy mix.
  • Signature Savory Spice seasoning.
  • A unique recipe
  • A bonus surprise.

All spices come in family-size quantities; however, if you are cooking for one, they have a slightly scaled-down subscription just for you, making it one of the best spicy food subscription boxes to have if you’re looking to decrease food waste. 

Some of the past subscription boxes included: a shallot, lemon, mushroom, and herb mixture you can add to sauces, soups, stuffing, and omelets, a sweet-spicy rub for meats, and veggies, and Herbs Duxelles. 

Price: For $149.99 a year, you get these subscription boxes every quarter. You can also order individual spices you like from the online shop. 

12. Red Stick Spice Co.

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You will love Red Stick Spice Co. It is a family-owned spice company founded in Louisiana. So, if you’re looking for that personal touch in your spices, Red Stick Spice Co. is the best spicy food subscription box company to order from.

All Red Stick Spice Co. spices are fresh, and locally sourced. If you are looking for a culinary adventure in New Orleans, Red Stick Spice Co. brings it to your kitchen with their food subscription boxes. 

In every box, you get various spices, teas, infused sugar and extracts, a unique type of oil, a local artisanal artifact, and an additional gift known as lagniappe. You can purchase your subscription from their shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or their online store.  

Price: You can get one month’s subscription at $48 or opt for their three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription alternatives. 


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