How To Make Samyang Ramen Less Spicy

How To Make Samyang Ramen Less Spicy?

Samyang ramen is a quick and delicious meal idea for lunches and snacks. However, Samyang ramen is a spicy food that can be overwhelming if you don’t have a tolerance for spice. As a result, people often seek ways to enjoy their Samyang ramen without burning their mouths. 

Here are 5 ways to make Samyang Ramen less spicy: 

  1. Add milk. 
  2. Add alternative dairy products. 
  3. Use half of the seasoning packet.
  4. Include more non-spicy ingredients.
  5. Use more water. 

Keep reading this article for the complete breakdown of making your Samyang noodles less spicy without sacrificing flavor. I’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of each method and explain how to use each technique at home yourself. 

1. Add Milk 

Yogurt or Milk

The first way to reduce the heat in your Samyang ramen is by adding some milk. It may sound strange to add milk to your noodles, but this method is popular when it comes to taking some of the heat out of the dish. The milk changes the consistency and adds a creamy texture that many people enjoy.

To add milk to your Samyang ramen, make the recipe as you normally would. Cook the noodles in boiling water and add the seasoning mix. Then, add a couple of tablespoons of milk to the dish. The amount of milk you add depends on your personal preference. 

If you choose to add more milk to the mixture, it will further reduce the spiciness of the meal. However, the more milk you add, the more it will influence the dish’s flavor. Remember, when cooking in this way, you can always add more, but you can never take it away once it has been added. 

Full fat or whole milk is best, as the higher fat content makes the dish creamier and further reduces the spiciness. Dairy products, in general, are excellent for reducing spiciness, which brings me to my next point. 

2. Add Alternative Dairy Products

Milk is not the only dairy product you can use to reduce the heat in your ramen. You can also use cream, sour cream, and even cheese. To add cream or sour cream to your ramen, make the dish as you normally would before stirring a few tablespoons of cream into the mixture. 

Using cream instead of milk will make the meal, well, creamier. Sour cream is a good option as it can add an extra flavor to the feed. Just be careful when adding cream to your ramen; when cream heats up too quickly, it can curdle and spoil. 

Cheese is another dairy product that is excellent for reducing heat. However, adding cheese can make drastic changes to the flavor of your Samyang ramen. As a result, it’s essential that you choose a cheese that either matches the flavor or has a mild taste that won’t change the meal’s flavor too much. 

One of the best cheeses to use in Samyang ramen is American cheese. This cheese will quickly melt and blend throughout the dish, and it has a mild enough flavor. 

3. Use Half of the Seasoning Packet

The next method that you can use to reduce the heat in your Samyang ramen is a pretty straightforward one. Simply use less of the seasoning included in the Samyang ramen. The spiciness and flavor of the dish come from the flavor packet; therefore, using less seasoning will reduce the heat in the meal. 

If your Samyang ramen is far too spicy, you should try making the meal using only half of the seasoning. This will cut the spiciness of the meal in half. If this is still too spicy, you can reduce the amount of seasoning you use again. In contrast, you can use more of the seasoning packet if the meal is not spicy enough. 

While this method is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce the heat in Samyang ramen, you’ll also reduce the flavor at the same time. If you’re only using half of the seasoning, you’re only getting half of the flavor in the dish. As a result, many people don’t enjoy this method too much. 

If after attempting this method you are happy with the spiciness of the dish but not the flavor, you can try to add your own seasonings. Use pepper powder or paprika to add more flavor without increasing the spiciness in the dish. Garlic and onion powder are also great spices to add flavor.

It’s worth remembering that adding your own spices to the Samyang ramen will change the dish’s flavor considerably. 

4. Include More Non-Spicy Ingredients

One way to remove some spiciness from the Samyang ramen is by adding more non-spicy ingredients to the dish. This spreads out the spices and dilutes the flavor. As a result, you can have your Samyang ramen without putting yourself through too much pain. 

spring onion

You can chop some vegetables like carrots or spring onion and add them to the ramen. If you want to add a crunch to the meal, just boil the vegetables for a couple of minutes before adding the ramen. Alternatively, you can cook the vegetables first and then add them to the mixture at the end. 

Another ingredient commonly added to Samyang ramen is eggs. You can hard boil or soft boil an egg, then add it to the meal. The egg yolk is excellent for adding flavor to the dish while simultaneously reducing the spiciness. You can also fry an egg in a frying pan before placing it on the Samyang ramen. 

If you want to go all out on your Samyang ramen, you could even cook some meat like chicken or pork to include in the meal. However, most people eat ramen when they’re rushing and looking for a convenient feast. As a result, this is not always a viable option. 

5. Use More Water

The last way to make your Samyang ramen less spicy is by adding more water to the meal. When you’re making your Samyang ramen, use double the amount of water that you usually use. Using more water relative to seasoning will dilute the spiciness and reduce the heat. 

You can add more water than will fit in your bowl when serving. The excess water can be added to the ramen after you’ve eaten some, or you can simply dump it out and enjoy your less spicy meal. 

Another way to reduce the heat in ramen noodles is to cook the noodles in water and an entire seasoning packet, then drain the water out and serve the noodles without the liquid. If the noodles have been cooked in seasoned water, they will absorb much of the flavor. It’s worth noting that pouring all the water out will reduce the overall flavor and not just the spiciness. 

Key Takeaways 

Samyang ramen is a delicious meal packed full of flavor that’s quick and straightforward to prepare. However, many people struggle to enjoy Samyang ramen due to the dish’s spiciness. If you struggle with spicy foods but still want to enjoy Samyang ramen, just remember these important points: 

  • Add dairy to the meal; consider milk, cream, or cheese.
  • Reduce the amount of seasoning you use.
  • Add more water.
  • Include vegetables or eggs.
  • Cook the noodles in water, then pour the liquid out. 


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