What Does Buldak Ramen Taste Like?

What Does Buldak Ramen Taste Like?

Maybe you are asking, what does buldak ramen taste like? Buldak ramen is not the typical instant ramen noodles you can buy in the market. It is spicy red and super hot but tastes so good. This is one of my favorite brands of ramen today, even if I find it hard to stand the spiciness.

This is very popular all over the world not only because of its spiciness but also due to its flavor and taste. So, if you want to know more about the taste of buldak ramen, keep on reading.

I’ve always enjoyed eating instant ramen noodles, especially spicy ones. When Buldak ramen first boomed due to the Nuclear Fire Noodle challenge, they already had a spot on my mind from that time.

I love Korean ramyun; however, something about buldak ramen, Samyang’s fire noodles, is very addicting. It is flavorful, ideally chewable, and extremely hot and spicy. Each bit is so hot and will surely bring you to tears, particularly if you have a low tolerance for spice.

On the other hand, this serves as my stress reliever. I have found that eating this spicy ramen helps me calm down when I am stressed out.

For your information, I have tasted all the flavors of buldak ramen. I’ve kept track of the company’s new flavors in the local market for many years. It began with a handful of choices, but today it has expanded to many options, which is exciting.

So, in this article, I want to share with you my own experiences and opinions regarding the taste of the buldak ramen I have tasted.

What Buldak Ramen Taste Like Overview of the Taste and Flavor of Buldak Ramen I’ve Tried 

The one that started it- the original spicy noodle is only noodles plus the buldak sauce, a super spicy sauce. Also, you get a packet of toppings like small nori flakes and sesame seeds. I advise eating this with lots of nori to give the noodles extra taste and flavor. Chewy noodles and delicious sauce make it a great starting point for other flavors.

Samyang jjajang black beans buldak (Green packing)

The Samyang buldak ramen black beans flavor is one of my preferred flavors among the nine flavors. It takes the usually instant jjajang ramen to a higher level by putting in a decent amount of spice and combining it with noodles

Every pack comes with one sauce packet- a combination of signature spicy sauce and jjajang. Also, you get a packet of dried veggies like carrots and peas that you will need to boil and mix in the ramen. 

This one has a rich and complex flavor. It makes me thrilled to try authentic jjajang ramen. I enjoy eating this ramen during lunch. It goes well with a sunny-side-up egg and fried shrimp or white rice. This is extremely good. 

Samyang Cream Carbonara Buldak Ramen

The hot chicken creamy carbonara buldak ramen is also one of my personal choices. This is the upgraded version of brand very popular Carbo 

Buldak ramen. This is the best flavor to try for those who want to experience a creamy and rich taste with some kick of hotness. It is not spicy as opposed to other variants, maybe because of the cream content. But it also has some kick of spiciness. Keep in mind that the spicy sauce differs from what you usually get. 

The signature sauce of Samyang looks extremely intimidating as its deep red hue. If you look closely at its sauce, it looks like an orange, not red. On the other hand, with the creamy carbonara flavor, the consistency is thinner and also light in color. 

Carbo Buldak Bokkeummyun

Carbo Buldak is Samyang’s take on creating instant ramen with a twist. Unlike buldak ramen cream carbonara, this flavor uses the normal spicy sauce. You can anticipate that it has more of a kick the more you consume it. When it comes to taste, this one tastes good.

Most especially if you eat with chopped bacon and sausage slices, if you can’t stand the hotness of this ramen, add milk as a substitute to water when you toss the half-cooked noodles with the spicy sauce. 

Meat Spaghetti Buldak Bokkeum Myun

This is also one of my preferred buldak ramens. I find this one interesting due to its flavor. It is salty, sour, and rich. I assume they were planning for an Italian taste, hence the tartness of the flavor. Every pack of meat spaghetti buldak ramen has three packets, one is the secret sauce, another one is the powdered seasoning that provides the spaghetti taste, and the last one is dried meat. 

I am unfamiliar with what type of meat they used, but they are generally extremely good. Also, you can add some sausage slices or hotdogs to make it more interesting. You can also top it off with cheese. This is best to eat with bread and cold drinks. You can try this flavor to know what I am talking about.

Kimchi Buldak Bokkeum Myun

Do you love ramyun? How about kimchi? I started liking these noodles the first time I tried them during my rest day. The brand’s taste wanted to make sense, but from my point of view, there is a lack of execution. This is more soupy and sour and less tasty and savory. I highly recommend this ramen to those who love kimchi. This is worth trying. 

Corn Buldak Bokkeum Myun

People in South Korea are big on including corn in various cuisines or dishes. They even put it into ramen noodles and rice dishes and frequently mix it with melted cheese. It is not shocking that the company behind buldak ramen chose to make a flavor to honor this trend. 

The noodles are identical to the ones in cream carbonara and carbo variant, flat and thick. Also, you have a soup packet as well as a seasoning packet. The seasoning has a strong corn odor, so before consuming, you are likely to have significant anticipations that the taste would be highly corny. That is why the strong spice has a propensity to overpower the ramen, and the corn provides an aromatic experience instead of a taste. In general, I guess corn is a mild flavor.

Cheese Buldak Bokkeum Myun

This is one of Samyang’s first fire noodle ramen variants; the cheese buldak is a simple but extremely pleasant change from the hot chicken flavor. The cheese seasoning is in a separate packet, and it is hugely cheese. On the other hand, like the corn buldak ramen, there is also not a significant impact on flavor when you mix it all. 

The spice level is intense, and I highly suggest putting in more cheese when preparing it with the sauce to level up the cheesiness. 

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To Sum Up

Buldak ramen is available in many different flavors, and each has a distinct taste. But, based on my experience, the one that I’ve been looking for now and then is the original flavor. So, it is up to your taste and preference. How about you? What is your favorite Buldak ramen? Please let us know. 

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