Most Expensive Sushi Restaurants in Ottawa

7 Most Expensive Sushi Restaurants in Ottowa

Sushi is a traditional Japanese delicacy, but it is not just limited to Japan. The dish became popular in the 20th century when hotels started serving it to their customers, and as expected, they loved it.

You can find sushi in almost every local restaurant under Asian Dishes! Not just in restaurants and bars, but you can also get ready to eat sushi from your grocery store. 

But even though sushi is commonly available in restaurants all over Canada, not every place has an authentic Japanese taste. This exclusive taste comes with exotic ingredients and techniques, which can cost you money! That is why most of the best sushi places are usually expensive!

In this article, we have listed the top 7 most expensive sushi restaurants in Ottawa! So if you’re a resident of Ottawa looking for the best sushi place in town, look no further because we’ve got you covered! 

C’est Japon À Suisha Restaurant 

Address: 208 Slater St., Ottawa, ON K1P 5H8, Canada


To start off our list, we have the absolute best sushi place in Ottawa! C’est Japon À Suisha Restaurant! We found C’est Japon one of the most exclusive sushi restaurants in the country for more than one reason.

The restaurant prides itself on high-quality standards, using only the freshest ingredients to make its sushi. The menu offered wide delicious varieties of sushi, but their best dishes were chicken Katsu and pork katsu.

Even though their menu was pricier, the sushi was delicious and worth every penny. The restaurant looks authentically Japanese, with traditional furnishings and private rooms. They also offer takeaway if you’re in a hurry.

Shinka Sushi Bar

Address: 2900 Sheffield Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 1A4, Canada


Next up on the list, we have the Shinka Sushi Bar! One of the main highlights of Shinka Sushi Bar was that they offered a large variety of authentic Japanese-styled sushi. The restaurant maintains high-quality standards, which is why its customers love to visit it again and again.

The place also offered a gluten-free menu. The restaurant also had a vegan menu showing some of the best vegan sushi we had tasted. 

The restaurant only used fresh ingredients to prepare its sushi. Their highly trained chefs made sushi the traditional Japanese way. Service was also excellent, and the setting made us feel that we were dining at a sushi place in downtown Japan.

You’ll love their 34-piece combo, although we doubt you’ll be able to finish it. So make sure you take more than three people when you order this deal! 

Soul Stone Sushi Grill and Bar

Address: 2701 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1G4, Canada


At number 3, this is one of Ottawa’s most popular sushi places, Soul Stone Sushi Grill and Bar. The restaurant offered a variety of authentic Japanese and Thai cuisine, but its most in-demand item seemed to be its delicious sushi, so we decided to try it.

You can order different kinds of sushi here, and they also offer various vegan options. Their best item was the soul stone soul, and we guarantee you won’t be able to resist licking your fingers!

Chefs at Soul Stone pay special attention to authenticity, which is why they only use traditional ingredients in preparing their sushi. Their ingredients were fresh and sourced from only the best places and farms!

Come to the restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays for an all-you-can-eat lunch you’re sure to love.

Mandarin Restaurant

Address: 150 Katimavik Rd, Ottawa, ON K2L 2N2, Canada


The place is trendy in town due to its aesthetically pleasing setting. The food they offered was very delicious, and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for some exotic sushi while visiting Ottawa. The restaurant boasts of its authentic taste. 

Their servers were highly trained and friendly; this is also one of the reasons why the restaurant has many consistent customers. They offer the best service, making you feel as comfortable as possible. All these factors give Mandarin Restaurant a place on this list! 

Genji Japanese Restaurant 

Address: 175 Lisgar St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0C3, Canada


The Genji Japanese Restaurant in Ottawa’s downtown takes great pleasure in its quality and experience. The chefs insist on flying in their fresh fish, and they are from the renowned Toronto sushi restaurant Edo.

In addition to classic Japanese dishes like teriyaki and sashimi, the restaurant offered a wide range of innovative creations. We decided to try the Boston roll, its most famous creation. This exotic dish combines shrimp, Boston Lettuce avocado, Alaskan king crab, and spicy sauce. The burst of flavor due to so many exotic ingredients in one dish was just amazing!

Their service is highly praised in their reviews, along with their aesthetic setting. Choose from their elaborate menu, and be sure that you’ll have the best sushi experience of your life, just as we



Address: 109 Clarence St., Ottawa, ON K1N 5P5, Canada


if you’re a fan of aesthetic places you can show off on your Instagram, you will love this next restaurant. Tomo, a place known for its representation of Japanese culture. The place was so well-themed that walking in, it felt as if we had walked right into a restaurant in downtown Japan! 

Their food was also really delicious as the restaurant only uses traditional Japanese ingredients. They offered a wide variety of Sushi made from only the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Moreover, we loved their friendly servers, who made us feel right at home!

We suggest trying the Chef’s pick (Omakase) if you can’t decide from their extensive menu of delicious items. Some of their most popular things are the seared Tuna and the Veggie Dumplings, so try them out! You can also try their absolutely amazing vegan sushi. 

Kiko Sushi Bar

Address: 349B Preston ST, Ottawa, ON, Canada


The family owned and run Kiko Sushi Bar! Kiko Sushi bar has been serving families and businesspeople alike from the center of Little Italy in Ottawa since 2009. The place offered a variety of delectable foods, such as appetizers, sashimi, freestyle rolls, sushi, teriyaki, and donburi, their specialty rice dishes, along with noodles and desserts. Their specialty rolls were delicious. 

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