3 Best Experience Omakase & Kaiseki In Richmond Canada

3 Best Experience Omakase & Kaiseki In Richmond Canada

Richmond is home to a large number of Japanese restaurants, however, if you want to taste the experience of omakase, Richmond has a few restaurants that will give you an authentic and memorable meal.

Kaiseki and Omakase are both ancient and highly revered styles of Japanese cuisine. If you want to experience the best of what Richmond has to offer, then you need to visit one of the following restaurants: Kuroki Kaiseki, Sushi Kiwami, and Kun’s Omakase Bar

Kuroki Kaiseki Omakase Kitchen

Small and cozy, Kuroki is one of the most popular places to enjoy omakase in Richmond.

You’ll need to book 1 week in advance with a minimum of 2 people, so it’s best for a couple or small group of friends.

Omakase here is served in the style of kaiseki which means a meal is served in multiple small courses presented by the chef, like Chef’s table.

The number of courses depends on the seasonality and availability of ingredients, but you can expect around 20 items from 10 courses.

Dishes are very creative and Instagram-worthy, such as an “Otsukuri” 5 kinds of sashimi with bluefin tuna and seasonal fish directly from the Toyosu market (Former known as Tsukiji market).

Here is a list of some of the dishes you might find during your meal:

  • Appetizers-Sakizuke
  • Chef Choice Dish
  • Sashimi 5 kinds-Otsukuri
  • Steamed Dish-Chawanmushi
  • Deep Fried Dish-Agemono
  • Grilled Dish-Yakimono
  • Pickle Dish-Sunomono
  • Rice-Hanmono
  • Dobinmushi soup
  • Dessert

Omakase price here starts at $188 per person which is the medium price range for the omakase course around the world. For those who need to see chef Ray in action, Kuroki has a counter with 2 seats so why wait?

Address: 3880 Chatham St #110, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z5

Omakase Price: $188 per person not including tax, drink, gratuity

Info & Booking: https://www.instagram.com/kuroki_omakase_kitchen/

Sushi Kiwami

Looking for Edomae-style sushi in Richmond? Sushi Kiwami is your place.

Edomae sushi is the traditional style of sushi that was served to the Lords of Edo during the old days, and it’s now a very popular style in present-day Japan.

The sushi here is made with only the freshest fish and ingredients from the local market. The executive chef, Yuta Arase will serve you directly at the counter if you’re dining solo or with a small group.

Omakase here starts at $399 per person, some of the highlight dishes are:

  • Chawanmushi with milt
  • Sashimi (katsuo, hirame, nodoguro, akami, chutoro, otoro)
  • Boiled abalone in sake with liver sauce
  • Umemaki
  • Grilled butterfish with matsutake mushrooms
  • Hitachi wagyu beef steak
  • Sushi (Chutoro, Tsubugai, Sanma, Shima aji, Uni on white shrimp)
  • Grilled eel with toasted seaweed
  • Mini assorted seafood rice bowl
  • Tamagoyaki
  • Crown Melon Cake

It might be spoiled but here is a video preview of the omakase course:

And the ultimate course price at $499 per person using only the best part of the fish to give you the ultimate sushi experience.

Address: 8411 Bridgeport Rd #130, Richmond, BC V6X 1R7

Omakase Price: $399-$499 per person not including tax, drink, gratuity

Info & Booking: https://www.sushikiwami.com/

Kun’s Omakase Bar

Not far from Steveston harbour, Kun’s Omakase Bar is one of the most popular places to enjoy Japanese food in Richmond.

Owned and operated by chef Kun, Kun’s Omakase Bar serves a traditional style of omakase that focuses on sushi and sashimi. However, due to COVID-19, they are only serving menu items that can be prepared in advance. You can still enjoy Japanese delicacies such as nigiri, sashimi, rolls, don, soba, and many more.

It’s also available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

Address: 3500 Moncton St #150, Richmond, BC V7E 3A2

Omakase Price: not available at this moment

Info & Booking: https://kunsomakase.com/

Richmond may not be Japan but there are still plenty of places to enjoy amazing omakase. I hope this list has helped you find the perfect place for your next omakase experience!

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