17 Indian All You Can Eat Buffet Near Me

Naan and butter chicken. If mentioning these specialties has made you crave or mouth water, then chances are you have visited one of the many Indian restaurants in the U.S.

However, are you aware of one thing better than mouthwatering Indian cuisine? Eat them as much as you can! Below is the list of the best Indian all-you-can-eat near me without spending a lot. 

Masala of India Cuisine

Address: 507 NE Northgate Way Building G, Seattle, WA 98125

Website: https://www.masalaofindia.com/

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Washington. It has a buffet every lunch that people, especially workers near the area, love and enjoy. They have been serving quality Indian cuisine for many years and continue to be the favorite among locals.

The menu is classic of most Indian food establishments in the U.S, with panners, curries, and masalas. Customers, both regular and first-timers, witness the realism of the establishment as well as the friendliness of the staff. 

And if you can’t get enough of it, catering or delivery is also offered. Of course, those don’t come with an all-you-can-eat option. 

Little India

Address: 2390 S. Downing Denver, CO 80210

Website: https://www.littleindiaofdenver.com/

Little India has been in the business since 1998 and proves that quality food can assist an establishment in outlasting even in difficult times. The all-you-can-eat Indian buffet takes into account biryanis, tandoori wings, curries, and many others. 

The restaurant has been given the best buffet in the area for many years. But, travelers often seem to skip it while visiting the capital of Colorado. However, people in the know hold this spot close to their hearts, like a secret they are unwilling to share. 

I think sharing is caring, particularly about promoting a great business. This restaurant is very successful and has managed to branch out to many areas of Denver. This allows you to experience the all you can eat Indian food anywhere you are in the city. 

Raaga Restaurant

Address: 5872 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22041

Website: https://www.raagarestaurant.com/

Raaga Restaurant is dependable for its superiority. They offer Nepali and Indian cuisine. This is situated in a suburb of Washington and is the best buffet offering, mainly because it is provided daily. 

Worry no more about checking the time to know if you can make all you can eat. It doesn’t matter if you need a cheap but filling lunch during the workdays or want to eat all out during the weekend; there is always a buffet available for everyone. 

If you love Himalayan and Northern Indian food, this restaurant is the best place to visit in Washington, D.C.

Chicago Curry House

Address: 899 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60605

Website: https://curryhouseonline.com/

Are you looking for an Indian all-you-can-eat in Chicago with many food choices? If so, I highly recommend the Chicago Curry House. 

You may have to return many times before tasting the more than 20 dishes served during the lunch buffet. The food items change now and then. 

Chicago Curry House proves that quantity and quality are only sometimes wholly opposed. At this restaurant, you can get both without spending a lot. That is the dream combination.

Royal Delhi Palace

Address: 22323 Sherman Way #11, Canoga Park, CA 91303

Website: https://www.dinerdp.com/

Sometimes, it is likely to find good food in the heart of Los Angeles, which is not expensive but quality meals and service. 

Thank God Royal Delhi Palace is here. This restaurant puts care into their cuisines without breaking your wallet. You will get super-quality Indian food that is delicious and affordable. Trust me when I say that you probably spend the rest of your week fantasizing about the next time you visit the place.

Royal Delhi Palace offers all-you-can-eat Indian foods, a fan favorite, and is available almost daily. Make sure to come early or make a reservation to avoid the long lines of crowds waiting for their turn. 

Cafe Bombay

Address: 2615 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, USA

Website: https://cafebombayatlanta.com/

Café Bombay at night puts on a show which brings belly dancers to provide fun and entertainment to eaters with their unique skills. 

Sadly, you will not witness this fantastic performance during the all-you-can-eat buffet lunch.

However, for an affordable price, you will get some favorites, such as goat curry and biryani. 

I recommend visiting the place for the lunch buffet and witnessing how great their foods are. You will surely keep coming back for fantastic food and show. 

India Palace

Address: 2941 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Website: https://www.facebook.com/indiapalacephx/

India Palace is a sit-down restaurant by night and provides a tasty buffet for as low as $13. The best thing is that the menu changes daily; however, you can look forward to finding classic Indian dishes every day in North America. 

They have tandoor ovens used in making bread, cooking meals, and veggies the Indian way. The whole thing is prepared with the case, which is why they are included in the top Indian restaurants in the U.S.

Phoenix is renowned for Tex-Mex and Mexican dishes. However, if you want some change or are tired of the usual tortillas, try naan, which is identical to a tortilla but tastes different. 

Amber India

Address: 25 Yerba Buena Ln, San Francisco, CA 94103

Website: https://www.amber-india.com/location/san-francisco/

Amber India is located in the Bay Area and does not provide the usual Indian buffet lunch. It has a fantastic set of menu, which covers the six different courses that are enough to ensure you will be complete after a few minutes. 

They also offer endless brunch on Saturday and Sunday, where you can enjoy a delicious Indian menu, plus unlimited mimosas, champagne, and other nonalcoholic drinks. For only $40, it is a perfect place for unlimited mimosas. 

New Delhi Indian Restaurant

Address: 4004 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Website: https://www.newdelhiweb.com/

This is considered the most popular all-you-can-eat Indian restaurant in Philadelphia, and honestly, I believe it. The generous menu during lunch makes this restaurant stand out from the rest. 

They offer a dinner buffet and a weekend buffet. So, you can visit the place anytime and any day you want. Curry and naan are just some of the popular offerings. 

Mint Indian Bistro 

Address: 730 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MintBistroLVEast/

A popular restaurant located on East Flamingo Road that assured unique Indian foods to eaters. It is a trendy lunch buffet place in Las Vegas for excellent reasons. Mint Indian Bistro always has something new every day to please customers. So they will not get bored. Here, you can find pineapple schezwan fried rice and paneer tikka masala.

What is more, they also offer gluten-free options. Dinner favorites take account of the Inferno Curry Challenge. Check the menu to know the different dishes. The location is ideal for hosting private events due to ample space and live music.

Taj Palace

Address: 9530 S Eastern Ave Suite 180, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Website: https://www.tajpalacelasvegas.com/

This is also one of my best all-you-can-eat Indian buffets for lunch. What I love about this place is that they aspire to utilize the freshest ingredients for their Indian dishes. Moreover, the meals focus on North Indian cuisine, meaning you will find creamy and rich sauces.

Some are not too spicy, and the main dining room has decors that showcase their culture. The whole thing on the menu is prepared on the spot. So, you are assured of fresh and delicious food. 

Passage to India

Address: 1100 W El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040

Website: https://passagetoindia.net/restaurant/

A preferred place for its lunch and Saturday night all-you-can-eat, Passage to India restaurant also gets fantastic reviews for its mixed vegetable curry and trendy tandoori chicken. They focus on North Indian flavors and tend toward hot and spicy cuisine. You must try Passage of India if you love hot and spicy food.


Address: 232 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022

Website: https://www.cholany.com/

This is also one of my favorite restaurants in New York City. Chola specializes in Indian coastal cuisine and is extremely good that it has earned lots of positive feedback from The New York Times and features in Michelin Guide.

Eaters can enjoy a sophisticated and chic environment while benefiting from the buffet lunch specials. The lunch buffet accounts for all-you-can-eat vegetables, rice, curries, and desserts. Chaat and Naan are also served.

For the superiority of its food, ambiance, and reasonable prices, Chola proves to be the most excellent Indian buffet in the United States.

Gagan Palace

Address: 33 S White Horse Pike, Stratford, NJ 08084

Website: https://www.gaganpalacenj.com/

Many diners who have already visited the place swear that this is one of the best Indian all you can eat near me. I don’t know about this, but it is a solid, well-loved joint popular for Saturday and Sunday buffet dining.

Some of the best foods they offer include syrup-soaked gulab jamun, pani puri, and many others. It is easy to miss, so check the alley next to the strip mall for the signage. 

India Oven

Address: 2890 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222

Website: https://www.denverindiaoven.com/

This is a very friendly traditional Indian restaurant, and you enjoy all-you-can-eat Indian food. Aside from Indian cuisine, they also offer Tibetan and Nepalese flavors. 

This is located in University Hills in front of the Denver Public Library, and it is a casual eatery with a lively and cheerful vibe. I love the traditional Indian curry with basmati rice and tandoori chicken. Try lamb biryani, rice with hints of saffron, or salmon saag. It is a very creaming dish with ginger and garlic. Raisin kheer, an Indian sticky rice pudding, is also a must-try. 

Taste of India 

Address: 901 S Oneida St #1707, Denver, CO 80224

Website: https://www.denvertasteofindia.net/

This is a very relaxed, family-operated, owned restaurant in Virginia Vale. It is located on the right side of Leetsdale Dr. Highway and has an excellent all-you-can-eat buffet. This is Denver stable with vegan plates and classic vegetarian and modern meat curries. Make sure to visit this place each time you visit Denver. 

I love the Mulligatawny, a hot and spicy chicken, and I pair it with a lassi drink. It would help if you tried the seafood menu too, particularly the fish madras. For dessert, try the Gulab Jamun, a share plate with traditional sweet honey syrup and milk balls. 

Royal India

Address: 329 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101

Website: https://www.royalindia.com/

It is near the nightlight, the airport, San Diego Bay, theater, and you can visit the place by bus or trolley. 

The vibe is luxurious and classy, decorated in bedazzled Indian saris, and the staff wears conventional Indian clothing. It is ideal for an anniversary celebration or romantic date because it is open for lunch and dinner.

With a current rotating lunch special and gift certificates available, it is simple to find a reason to go to this place. They provide exclusive dining, specialized menu options, and event banquet. 

The lunch buffet provides an all-you-can-eat option in an alluring and exciting setting.

The menu considers high-quality chicken and vegetable dishes such as the tandoori chicken leg soaked in herb spices and yogurts and the garlic naan with spinach cream. 

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