Does Indian Food Have Peanuts?

Does Indian Food Have Peanuts?

Does Indian food have peanuts? Find out the answer in this post. India has ethnic cuisines in its restaurants. Usually, peanuts are found in various ethnic foods. Indian restaurants serve food with different nuts. They also use peanut butter in sealing egg rolls. 

Indian food comes with tree nuts and peanuts. You will sometimes only see them if they are added to sauces and ground up. 

What Indian food contains peanuts?

The following are some of the Indian foods and the types of nuts they contain: 

  • Pasanda – Coconut flour/ almond flour, sliced almonds 
  • Butter – Coconut flour/ almond flour, sliced almonds 
  • Korma – Coconut flour/ almond flour, sliced almonds 
  • Bombay Mix – Chickpeas, Peanuts 
  • Tikka Masala – Coconut flour/ almond flour, sliced almonds 
  • Kulfi Ice Cream – Pistachio nuts 
  • Kerala Curry – Almond paste 
  • Peshwari Naan – Ground cashews, ground almonds 
  • Poppadoms – Potentially cooked in nut oil

Peanuts can also be found in Guj, North Indian Cuisine, and Maharashtra in the West. It is present in other Indian foods like:

  • Kanda Poha 
  • Sabudana Khichdi
  • Peanut Chikki
  • Upvaas Thalipeeth
  • Sukha Bhel (Mumbai Roadside Recipes)
  • Bharwan Baingan, Punjabi Bharwan Baingan Recipe
  • Dry Peanut Chutney Powder, Maharashtrian Shengdana Chutney 
  • Mirchi ka Salan, Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salan Recipe 

Is cashew good for your health? 

Yes, cashew can be good for our health. It is a high source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It also contains different minerals, vitamins, and health-protective beneficial plant compounds. Like nuts, cashew is also good for blood sugar control, promoting weight loss and heart health. 

What are the most commonly used nuts in Indian cooking? 

The most commonly used nuts in Indian foods include the following:



In Indian cuisine, you can find peanuts in chicken satay dishes. It is a good source of vitamin E, protein, and potassium. Even though it doesn’t have a distinctive, rich flavor, it has health benefits. 

Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

Cashew nut is a tasty snack, but did you know that these low-fat nuts are also usually used in Indian dishes? Yes, you read it right. It is used in cooking chicken korma. It is also used to garnish different delicious curries. 

Cashew nuts are also beneficial for our health. It can lower cholesterol levels and is good for the heart due to its essential vitamins and minerals. 



Almond is used for adding greater depth and texture to various Indian dishes. It is rich in vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium. You can find almonds in mouth-watering kormas and flavorful biryanis. In addition to its essential nutrients, it can provide a delicate, light touch of flavor. 



Indian dishes also use pistachios. It is also a good source of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E. Pistachios are the main components of desserts in India. It can be used whole or crushed or chopped into powder and used as a garnish. 

Nut Oils 

Although nut oil is not used traditionally in Indian cooking, some restaurants use it.

Nut Flours

It is a staple of British Indian cooking. Sweet curry or creamy curry may contain ground nuts. Coconut flour and almond flour are top choices too. You can also find cashew paste in some dishes. 

These nuts are also used as additions to sweets, including rice pudding and milk fudge. If you love nuts, consuming Indian foods can be best for you. So, if you are allergic to nuts, you can prefer other dishes. 

Can people with nut allergies consume Indian cuisine? 

Keep in mind that Indian cuisines contain nuts. Moreover, there is a high chance of cross-contamination. Generally, it is best not to eat Indian cuisine if you have an allergy to nuts. 

Although Indian restaurants are more aware of food and nut allergies, accidents can also happen. 

What are nut allergy symptoms? 

Do you have a nut allergy but don’t have the symptoms? Don’t worry since I will give you a list of the symptoms below:

  • Vomiting
  • Swelling of the area around or in the mouth
  • Uncomfortable or itchy feeling in your throat, mouth, or ears
  • Raised itchy rashes
  • Facial swelling
  • Feelings of disorientation and dizziness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Anaphylaxis (severe allergic shock)

If you are concerned about allergic reactions from nuts, you should be aware of the symptoms. So, you can act on time if you or someone experience an attack. 

If you think you or others suffer from an allergic reaction, seek immediate emergency services. If you experience mild symptoms, there is no guarantee that it will not be severe the next time. 

Is there a nut in a butter chicken? 

Is there a nut in a butter chicken? The answer is yes. Ground nuts are used as thickeners for butter chicken. Aside from thickening the sauce, the nuts also give additional depth of flavor. 

Does tandoori contain nuts? 

All the main courses and starters from tandoori selections contain mustard, dairy, peanuts, and nuts. 

How to use a cashew paste? 

Cashew paste is creamy and smooth. It is perfect for making creams, non-dairy milk, ice creams, smoothies, and sauces. It can be produced by grinding cashews until it forms a smooth paste. It is also excellent for thickening curries and sauces. 

Is Indian cuisine cooked in peanut oil? 

Peanut oil or groundnut oil has been used in cooking Indian dishes for ages. It is widely used for its slightly nutty taste and flavor. It is also considered a more stable cooking medium than other oils. Peanut or groundnut oil is used in making dressings and deep frying sauteing. 

Do pine nuts and Indian nuts the same? 

Pinon or Pinyon Pine Nuts are native, wild American food popular on the East Coast as Indian Nuts. Many misconceptions state that these nuts come from India. 

Is there a nut in a curry paste? 

Curry paste balances Thai flavors like galangal, spicy red chilies, and aromatic lemongrass. The curry paste may also have nuts and peanuts. 

Can you consume pine nuts if you have a nut allergy? 

Unlike other nuts, pine nuts belong to a different botanical category than tree nuts like walnuts. Those with a nut allergy can consume cashews, Brazil nuts, and pine nuts. 

What countries have the best pine nuts? 

Pine nuts are seeds from pine trees. Although nut trees are native to the Middle East and Mediterranean region, there is global acceptance. Some top nut-consuming nations include North Korea, China, Russia, and the United States. 

What is the taste of pine nuts? 

Pine nuts come with a nutty, soft flavor with undercurrent sweetness, like cashews. If it has a bitter taste, it means that its natural oils become rancid. It occurs if they are left in the kitchen for a longer period after opening. 

Are nuts found in yellow curry? 

The Massaman Curry comes with mild heat and contains spices in Indian cuisine, such as cardamom and cinnamon. Yellow Curry is turmeric and dried curry for savory, rich flavor and yellow color. On the other hand, Panang Curry has a mellow, nutty texture and flavor. Roasted peanuts ground are found in the curry paste. 

Does tikka masala contain nuts? 

Tikka masala is a tender chicken cooked on a grill. It was finished with a tasty, rich cream sauce made in cashew nut paste and spices. 

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