Can You Put Red Pepper Flakes In A Pepper Grinder?

Can You Put Red Pepper Flakes In A Pepper Grinder?

Many of you ask, can you put red pepper flakes in a pepper grinder? A pepper grinder can crush red pepper flakes in the kitchen or at the table, dispensing them quickly and more finely ground with a simple twist. Some pepper grinders have a more oversized ceramic mechanism to handle the red pepper flakes excellently and can neatly powder or crush whole small, dried red pepper. 

What is Red Pepper Flakes?

Red pepper flakes, also known as dried chili flakes, are the dry seeds from hot chili peppers or a combination of various kinds of peppers like jalapeno, cayenne, and bell peppers. They acquire their spicy taste from the existence of capsaicin, the components that stimulate circulation and the digestive process inducing sweat and perspiration. Those attractive-looking small red flakes you find on each pizzeria’s table are full of goodness for our well-being and taste buds. 

How Can I Use Red Pepper Flakes?

Many people associate red pepper flakes with Italian dishes or cuisine; however, this pepper flake can also be utilized to give a kick to an array of cuisines. Chinese cuisine, which a cook would want to make sweet and spicy, can be provided with a shake or two of red pepper flakes.

Caribbean food or Cajun, almost any Asian food, and of course, many recipes from South and Latin America benefit from these potent peppers. 

Can I Create My Own Red Pepper Flakes?

Chefs who aren’t pleased with more shop offerings can make red pepper flakes, even if it takes some time. Fundamentally, it is vital to dry whole peppers in your oven at its lowest heat settings for approximately eight hours or overnight for the best results. 

The option of peppers is really up to you. When the red peppers are cool and brittle, you can utilize a rolling pin to crush them, grinding them into small flaky bits. You can mix moderate, mild, and spicy peppers to put in different flavors or make relatively mild ones for children or those with sensitive palates, as well as five-alarm mixtures for adventurous people.

What are the Important Things to Consider when Handling Red Pepper Flakes

You need to choose to make your own- or anybody who touches the flakes with their bare hands, to avoid running their eyes during the rolling out process. It is advisable to wear gloves and to put red hot peppers in a plastic bag before rolling to keep away any pepper-to-skin contact. Even shop-purchased flakes can irritate when rubbed in your eyes, so when someone is a pizza packed with peppers, they must ensure to keep her hands off her face. 

What makes red pepper flakes apart?

A red pepper flake is made from a combination of peppers from the capsicum annum family. The composition will change depending on which company or brand you buy. The most popularly used pepper for red pepper flakes is cayenne. The mainstream red pepper flakes will be a combination of cayenne peppers, with the majority of the share. 

That is a massive disparity between chile flakes and crushed red pepper. In general, chile flakes are made from one kind of pepper and utilized to show flavors taste. Urfa bitter chile, chipotle, and Aleppo chile flakes are all single types for spice and secondary flavor notes. Crushed pepper is a single-dimensional flavor. The main application is to obtain heat. 

How to grind red pepper flakes? 

When dehydrated, you can grind the peppers to come up with the best chili flakes. You can do this by putting them in a bag or crushing them with your bare hand. You can also put them in a pepper grinder for a few seconds. 

What is a Pepper Grinder?

Pepper grinders, also known as pepper mills, are a standard accessory in your kitchen made to grind peppercorns into a fine powder used to season foods. A lot of us perhaps have a pepper grind sitting in our kitchen. 

What should I look for in a pepper grinder? 

The best pepper grinder has to be consistent, fast, and simple to load and twist. Pepper grinders must be able to grind red pepper flakes effectively, meaning you get more ground red pepper in a few cranks.

Also, the best good pepper grinder must be capable of grinding peppercorns and chile flakes to coarse, medium, and delicate textures. It must be comfortable when holding and reasonably challenging if dropped. I considered bonus points for grinders that don’t leave ground pepper residue all over the kitchen counter. 

Grind Range

Different cooking cases need different grind sizes. A silky and smooth soup or veggie puree typically needs the finest grind since even medium-fine pepper will feel grainy in the mouth. However, cracked peppers added a pleasant textural element to steak and other spice-crusted dishes. 

The consistency of the grinds is also very vital. A pepper grinder, which on its most refined setting, makes excellent red pepper combined with some errant, more significant bits, is less attractive than one that makes a fine grind. 


The shaft can determine the superiority of the pepper. The different materials are made from iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. Stainless will be the best choice for a harsh salt and pepper grinder. 

The aluminum shaft will be less durable than stainless steel material and will lower the price. Remember to pick the kind of 304 stainless steel shaft, as it is qualified as food-grade material and has superb corrosion resistance. On the other hand, the iron shaft is also rigid but likely to rust quickly. 

What size pepper mill or grinder is best?

A smaller device typically ranges from 1/8 cup and more, and the most significant model can hold up to 1 ½ cups of pepper. A small to medium-sized grinder is perhaps best for the kitchen as dried spices are likely to lose their taste as they age, and you don’t need to leave them sitting around for many weeks or months.

Do smaller pepper grinders spin faster?

A small circle with a small circumference will spin faster than a large circle with a massive circumference. It is not uncommon to see a 4.5-inch pepper grinder top out at a speed of more than 11,000 range per minute, providing small mills the power to polish metal.

Does the size of a pepper grinder matter a lot?

The more holes your pepper grinder has, the finer the grind. The more delicate the task, the more equally distributed the taste from the mill will be. This not just applies to the peppercorn you grind but also to red pepper flakes and other types of spices and herbs.

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