Best Dehydrators for Spices

4 Best Dehydrators for Spices According to Our Test

Spices and herbs to add flavors to pasta, vegetables, soups, and meats are vital in preparing dishes. Many home chefs have a backyard filled with an assortment of fresh spices and herbs, which can be dried out to conserve the harvest.

It doesn’t matter if you have grown a lot to use right away or want to collect the whole thing before the winter season arrives; dehydrating spices provide an unending supply of flavorful herbs and spices to use and give to neighbors and friends.

Spice and herb dehydration has a simple background and history: people are required to conserve fresh cooking ingredients before coldness arrives. In dry seasons, hanging spices upside down in your window or basements does this quickly. If you live in more moist climates, this job becomes more taxing as the moisture can cause mildew and mold, ruining your harvest.

Even under the most excellent conditions for drying spices, it’s a lengthy procedure. A spice dehydrator makes this job easier and quickly completes the drying process faster. Looking for the best dehydrator for herbs begins with the frequency and quantity you’ll be dehydrating.

What is a Spice Dehydrator?

Spice Dehydrator

A spice dehydrator, or food dehydrator, is an electronic box with fans made to preserve fresh herbs, fish, meat, veggies, and spices by eliminating their moisture. Fans circulate warm air surrounding the food trays. These trays are made of high-quality metal or plastic materials. They have weaved open design, which allows the air to circulate freely in the spices, allowing the moisture inside to vanish equally from all angles.

Eliminating water from spices dries and conserves it, meaning it will have a longer shelf life. Make sure to store the dry spices in an airtight container in a cool, dry area.

Kinds of Dehydrators for Spices

There are two significant kinds of dehydrators for spices- stackable and box type, and each type has advantages and disadvantages.


This type of dehydrator for spices is often rounded and armed with trays that nestle atop each other. A fan installed below or above the trays forces warm air into a center channel, handing it out uniformly across each, so spices dry evenly.

The perk of this style is flexibility- add or take off layers to dry spices in small or large batches. Using just the trays you want boosts the drying efficiency and, simultaneously, lowers energy costs. 

However, there are also flaws in using a stackable dehydrator for spices, such as the shape- spacing erratically shaped spices on round surfaces can be challenging and the materials. Usually, the trays are made of plastic materials; therefore, pick only BPA-free ones. Also, you must turn off the dehydrator and unstuck trays to determine if the spices are dehydrated. 

Shelf or Box-Type

This is another dehydrator for spices that looks like an oven toaster. The trays are made of metal that slides in and out. The fan and heating element are rear-mounted, circling air horizontally for even drying.

There is one flaw in using this box-type dehydrator. The entire unit needs to be heated, whether you like to dry three sprigs of rosemary or five. On surfaces with a high power rate, that can add up with frequent use.

Best Dehydrator for Spices

Before purchasing a dehydrator for spices, consider which of the two factors would work best for your demands. Do you have a plan for harvesting lots of spices or simply doing it as a pastime? Are you willing to spend more? Once you determine these factors, check out the top options for a dehydrator for spices and herbs according to our test. 

BioChef Arizona Sol Food Dehydrator

BioChef Arizona Sol Food Dehydrator

Horizontal airflow for meat, fruit, herbs and vegetables food preserver.

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This popular box and shelf dehydrator dried herbs and spices quickly and evenly. It has six drying trays made of stainless steel material and is BPA-free, removing the leaching of chemicals. It comes with a drip tray which is non-sticky, and a mesh sheet, making it easy to maintain after use. 

This dries many kinds of spices at the same time without flavor contamination. This dehydrator is ideal for users who like to spend a weekend with massive batches of spices. 


  • BPA free
  • Digital display 
  • Amazing airflow


  • Consumes counter space
  • Maximum six trays 

This dehydrator lets you dry massive or fast small batches of spices to avoid spoilage. Constant airflow supports uniform drying all through the 5 stackable stainless steel trays. It has a mesh spice tray as well as fruit roll trays. Drying one tray of a small batch of spices can be done in a short time.

Excalibur 2900ECB 9-Tray Economy Dehydrator

Excalibur 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

The Excalibur 2900ECB comes with 9 trays, a total of 15 square feet of drying space. 

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This is one of the most excellent dehydrators for herbs and spices we have tried. Excalibur is a box and shelf model with nine trays and fifteen square feet of drying area for big dehydrating batches. No rotation is needed with airflow run by a 600-watt motorized fat at the rear of the dehydrator.

An oversized unit made to be a workhorse for a gardener. Trays enable many foods and spice dehydration without contamination or taste and flavor, making them convenient.


  • Easy to adjust temperatures for fruits, spices, and herbs
  • No trays rotation is needed


  • It takes so much space in your kitchen
  • Noise than a smaller unit


Excalibur 3926T Electric with Clear Door Adjustable Temperature Settings

Dehydration is the healthiest easiest and most economical way to preserve foods Load the trays and set the temperature the Excalibur Dries the contents of all trays evenly so everything's done at once.

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This top-of-the-line shelf tray model offers efficient and fast drying as the air moves horizontally from rear to front across nine trays. This is my number one pick amongst the dehydrator for spices in this list. 

You can remove each tray individually for fast handling or have room for bigger items. Integration with back mounted heater and fan; there is no chance of liquids or chemicals dripping onto electrical parts and perhaps retaining smells. 

This dehydrator for spices provides user-friendly controls and a programmable timer for up to twenty-six hours. You can adjust the thermostat from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is made of high-quality plastic material, and it is BPA-free. 

Its extended ten-year warranty and superior quality make this product one of the most excellent in the market. 

There is no doubt that the 3926T is the best and most sought-after dehydrator for spices. However, it is pricey, and some consumers cannot afford it. 


Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster Digital Pro dehydrator

Ideal for drying and preserving large amounts of fruits, vegetables, herbs and jerky.

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If you want to preserve smaller amounts of spices or herbs, the Nesco FD-1040 is the perfect option. It provides some fantastic features usually found only in expensive units and scores high among home dehydrating hobbyists. 

It is also equipped with the best features like the 48-hour timer, mesh liners to keep small items from dropping, and fruit roll lines. It is also expandable to twenty trays. 

This dehydrator dries an array of spices consistently and quickly. It has 1,000 watts of power, a patented airflow mechanism, top-mounted heat, and a fan. You can also easily adjust the temperature from 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Drying spices saves time and money, and you will know precisely what is in your food. With a state-of-the-art dehydrator for spices available on the market at every price point, there is no reason not to try this product. 

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