9 Things To Gift for Spicy Food Lovers

9 Things To Gift for Spicy Food Lovers

If you are clueless about what to give a spice connoisseur, don’t worry. Many gift options can make a spicy food lover’s day. You may think it’s hard, but it’s not. Just look around, and you’ll find the perfect gift to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

The best gift for spicy food lovers is the DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit. It’ll allow your friends to make their very own hot sauce so that they can spice up their lives any time they like. It comes with everything your friend will need and provides them with an entertaining activity, as well.

In the rest of this article, I’ll take you through a few of the best gifts for spicy food lovers (that are available on Amazon.com). Let’s waste no more time and explore your options!

Best Gift: DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Making Kit

DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Making Kit, 26 Piece Set
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The hot sauce-making kit is the perfect gift for that friend who keeps complaining their food is not spicy enough. The kit comes with natural 5th generation heirloom peppers that allow you to make a killer hot sauce guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

The kit comes with everything you need to make a variety of hot sauces, from mild to highly spicy; the choice is yours. It is an ideal gift for people who love to make their sauces.


  • Variety. The kit has all the ingredients you need to customize hot sauces. All the kits have four peppers, including ghost, chipotle, habanero, and ancho. You can mix the peppers to create different hot sauces that agree with your taste buds.
  • Organization. The kit has bottles and labels that allow you to arrange your creations appropriately. After making your sauce, you can bottle and label them for convenience.
  • Equipment. The hot sauce-making kit has the equipment you can use to make your different sauces. It has gloves to use in handling the peppers as you mix up your ingredients, thereby avoiding direct contact that may lead to irritation.


  • Price. The hot sauce-making kit is slightly pricey given its extensive features. If you are looking for a gift on a budget, you may not be able to afford it.

Customized: Spicy Shirt Gift Apparel Chili Red Pepper T-Shirt

This excellent graphic tee is a funny branded cotton t-shirt that’s as well made as it is awesome. It features a secure bottom hem for extra durability and double-needle sleeves. With this t-shirt, your loved one can humorously showcase their love for spicy foods while looking stylish.

You can never go wrong when you gift someone a customized cotton t-shirt. The material ensures comfort, while the branding gives them a unique stunning look.


  • Great material. The t-shirt is 100% quality cotton material that ensures people donning them are comfortable. It does not wrinkle and is highly breathable and absorbent.
  • Machine wash. The Chili Red Pepper T-Shirt can be washed in a washing machine without causing any damage or getting discolored. Therefore it is easy to clean.
  • Branded. The t-shirt’s branding makes it the perfect gift. It spells out ‘For me, it’s never spicy enough,’ thus highlighting the love for spicy foods.


  • Limited colors. The t-shirts do not offer a broad spectrum of colors from which to pick. It comes in only five colors; therefore, you may not find your loved one’s favorite color.
  • Stains easily. Since it is cotton, the Chili Red Pepper T-shirt stains easily. The feature is not ideal for clumsy people because they are likely to wear it when having their favorite spicy meal.

Spicy Noodles: Daebak Noodles Ghost Pepper

Daebak Noodles Ghost Pepper (pack of 6)
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Presented on the market by a team of authentic ghost pepper enthusiasts, the Daebak Noodles are premium quality six-pack noodles. Each one comes in a cup package with aesthetically pleasing graphics to impress any spicy food lover.

On top of that, the noodles are ghost pepper flavored, making them one of the spiciest noodles on the market. The flavor will undoubtedly please any spicy food connoisseur.


  • Easy to prepare. All you need to do is place your noodles in boiling water. After four minutes, your spicy meal will be ready for you to add sauce and enjoy.
  • No additional substances. The noodles do not contain any artificial substances that may concern you. They are authentic noodles with no artificial coloring, ensuring you tickle your taste buds with no health risks.
  • Authentic flavors. Daebak noodles come in various flavors developed in Korea, such as the ghost pepper flavor. The flavors are adequately spicy to ensure your enjoyment.


  • Limited flavors. The noodles only have three spicy flavors. Therefore, you may not find a flavor that tickles your beloved’s taste buds within the selection.
  • Quantity. A six-pack of spicy noodles may not be sufficient to satisfy a spicy food lover. You may be forced to buy more packs to ensure your gift suffices.

Stocking Stuffer: House Foods Ichimi Togarashi Red Pepper

The brand of pepper presented by House Foods, Japan’s top spice manufacturer, is a perfect stocking stuffer packaged in 0.56-ounce (16-gram) bottles. It is a quality pepper guaranteed to add a spicy flavor to your meals.

Even more impressive is the House Foods Ichimi Togarashi’s convenient packaging that allows you to carry it around and add spice to all your meals when you dine outside.


  • Versatility. The only limitation to using the pepper on your meals is your preference. You can use it on any dish and give it a spicy edge that suits your taste.
  • Package. The pepper comes in a pocket-size package. It is encased in 0.56-ounce (16-gram) bottles that allow you to carry around and spice your food.
  • Quantity. Despite the small packaging, the House of Foods Ichimi Togashi’s pepper comes in a pack of ten. You don’t have to worry about running out of pepper when purchasing this gem.


  • Mild. The pepper only makes food mild to medium spicy. It may not be a suitable gift for people with solid palates for highly spicy foods.

Hottest Chip: Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness One Chip Challenge Tortilla Chip

These nut and egg-free chips are the hottest on the market. They infuse the spiciest chile pepper on the planet, which will tickle your taste buds. A variety of peppers are also added to the chip for maximum spiciness.

If you want to gift a loved one with a taste for spicy foods, the Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness One Chip Challenge Tortilla Chips are the perfect snack.


  • Spicy. The chip’s ingredients are a variety of spices that make it extremely hot, even for people with impeccable taste for spicy foods. It contains chile, ghost, Chipotle, and Carolina Reaper peppers, making it the spiciest snack in the world.
  • No artificial additives. All the ingredients are 100% natural. There are no artificial flavors and preservatives, making the chip a healthy snack for spice lovers.


  • Quantity. Each package contains only one chip. The amount may seem inadequate if you give the pack as a gift.
  • Price. The snack is quite expensive, considering it only contains one chip in a pack. So you may not be in a position to purchase it in bulk.

Spiciest Sauce: Mad Dog 357 Hot Ones

Mad Dog 357 Hot Ones Special Bundle
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The Mad Dog 357 is arguably the hottest sauce you can have. It is a perfectly blended mix of fresh Ghost, Carolina Reaper, and Scorpion peppers combined with 9 Million Scoville Pepper extracts.

The blended ingredients give the sauce an incredibly flavorful heat worthy of any spicy food lover’s taste.


  • Flavor. The sauce has a rich, spicy taste. Freshly cut garlic and onions are added to the blended peppers to enhance taste and ensure every consumer’s satisfaction.
  • Gluten-free. Mad Dog 357 sauces do not contain gluten. That makes it a healthy sauce option and an ideal gift for spicy food lovers who might be allergic or gluten-sensitive.
  • Range of use. You can put the sauce on virtually any food to give it that spicy touch. From pizza and tacos to French fries and hot wings, you can count on Mad Dog 357 to add flavor.


  • Lacks variety. The brand produces extremely spicy hot sauce and does not offer alternatives for people who like medium or mild tastes. Do not give it to anyone if you are not sure they love their food excessively spiced.

Indoor Garden: AeroGarden Bounty Basic

The sleekly designed indoor garden offers adequate pepper growing space, accommodating nine plants. It has incredibly valuable features such as an adjustable LED grow light and a vacation mode that ensures the plants’ healthy growth.

If the person you intend to gift constantly talks about having homegrown peppers but lives in a crowded city and doesn’t have a kitchen garden, this is the gift to get them.


  • Ample space. The indoor garden can sustain several plants at once. Therefore, a spicy food lover can grow all their favorite types of pepper and enjoy them once they sprout.
  • Plant health. The device has various features that ensure grown peppers remain healthy. The 30W LED grow light provides adequate sunlight for fast growth, while vacation mode keeps conditions favorable when you are not around to care for the peppers.
  • Stylish. The Aerogarden Bounty Classic has a sleek design to complement its unique features. If you gift this to a loved one, they will be impressed by your impeccable taste.


  • Price. The indoor garden costs a fortune. Its price range may be over budget for a gift.
  • No pepper seeds. The Aerogarden does not come with pepper seeds. You have to buy them separately to put the garden to use.

Spicy Beverage: Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

The product by Lake Champlain Chocolates is one of the few brands of beverages infused with ancho chili and chipotle pepper to give it a spicy taste. The added spices blend well with cinnamon and ancho in the hot chocolate, birthing a unique flavor.

Add flavor to your loved one’s life on cold winter mornings by gifting this spicy hot chocolate.


  • Organic. Hot chocolate is produced from natural ingredients. There are no artificial additives, giving the beverage an authentic, delicious taste that is highly agreeable to people with an appetite for spicy cuisines.
  • Vegan. The hot chocolate is not limited to milk from dairy products. If you plan to give it to a vegan, they can still make hot chocolate with a milk of their choice.


  • Added sugar. Sugar is a core component of the beverage. Therefore, it might not be an ideal gift for people who cannot or do not enjoy sugar.

Spice Cutlery: PROKITCHEN 2-Pack Jalapeno Pepper Corer

The Jalapeno Pepper Corer has a serrated stainless steel blade with sharp edges, making it the perfect tool for prepping chilies. The product’s design allows you to cut chilies open and remove their seeds using the same cutlery.

If the person you want to gift enjoys preparing their spicy meals from scratch, this could be an excellent addition to their kitchenware.


  • Multipurpose. It is an excellent tool for prepping different peppers when preparing a meal. From cutting and coring to getting rid of seeds, the pepper corer can do it all.
  • Durable. The pepper corer is made from stainless steel and adequately sharpened for use. Therefore, it does not rust or break easily and serves users for years.
  • User-friendly. The kitchenware has a sturdy handle that makes its application safe and easy. It has sufficient grip to hold when used and protects you from the blades.


  • Small size. Some people might have a problem handling the small pepper corers, which is a safety issue when preparing meals. They should consider enlarging their handles.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a gift for someone can be stressful, especially if you do not share the same interests. However, if you are buying for a loved one who enjoys spicy foods, picking any of the mentioned gifts will put a smile on their face.

Although there are dozens of other options you could go for, the ones listed above are some of the best items to gift spice lovers. Don’t waste any more time; make your loved one’s day special.


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