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6 Omakase Spots in Tennessee and Nearby Town

Tennessee may not know at the top of its list for sushi, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t excellent Japanese food to be found. For those looking for a truly special experience, omakase spots in the area can offer an unforgettable meal. Here are six of the best places to go:

Koyo Knoxville

Address: 416 Clinch Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902


KOYO is the luxuriant sister of NAMA, a completely different culinary experience for diners that seeks to elevate the traditional Japanese dining experience.

KOYO’s menu is curated by renowned chefs using only the freshest ingredients in true Omakase style. Omakase here features a four-course tasting menu that changes seasonally, and you can choose Shojin Omakase if you want to taste vegetarian omakase-style.

KOYO takes dining to an elevated level, providing exquisite dishes made with superior ingredients and various sophisticated flavors that tantalize the senses and leave diners satisfied with their choice.

With exceptional service and masterful preparation, each dish served at KOYO is crafted with precision and care; each ingredient is carefully sourced to create an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

It’s no wonder why KOYO has become one of the most coveted dining experiences in the city; its elegance and sophistication can be tasted in every bite.

O-Ku Sushi

Address: 81 Van Buren St, Nashville, TN 37208


O-Ku Sushi is a modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood. Its menu focuses on contemporary sushi, and its omakase offering lives up to the high standards set by other O-Ku locations around the country, such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington DC, Raleigh, etc.

The omakase here features a selection of 10 items+ for $140 per person, including appetizers, nigiri, maki, and desserts. Diners can also choose from a selection of sake or whisky flights to accompany their meal.

The sushi here is always fresh, and the chefs care about crafting each dish. The flavors are unique and complex; each bite brings something different to your palate.

The atmosphere at O-Ku Sushi is casual, but the service is always attentive and friendly. This is an ideal spot for a date night or a special occasion.

Hai’s Sushi & Pho

Address: 2617 8th Ave S #112, Nashville, TN 37204


Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine combine at Hai’s Sushi & Pho in Nashville. This spot specializes in sushi and pho and offers a chef’s choice combination platter.

The omakase platter comprises 7 – 10 pieces of sushi and sashimi plus one roll. The chef chooses the selection based on what’s fresh and in season, so each experience is unique. Prices start from $17.50 – $26.95, depending on your choice of set.

The sushi here is prepared with care; the fish is always fresh, and the flavors are perfectly balanced. The combination of sushi and pho makes for a unique culinary experience.

The atmosphere here is casual, but the service is friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are also reasonable, making Hai’s Sushi & Pho one of the best places to go for Japanese-Vietnamese fare in Nashville.

Samurai Sushi

Address: 2215 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203


Samurai Sushi brings the true taste of Japan to Music City. The sushi here is prepared with precision and care, and diners can choose from several chef’s choice options.

Here, you can choose from an a la carte omakase menu that features the freshest seafood and highest-grade fish:

  • Regular Combo – 4 pieces of sushi and tuna roll
  • Special Combo – 7 pieces of sushi and a California roll
  • Sashimi Combo – 12 pieces of sashimi
  • Chirashi – chef’s choice sashimi with sushi rice

The sushi here is always fresh and beautifully presented. The flavors are subtle yet powerful, and the presentation is lovely.

At Samurai Sushi, knowledgeable staff will serve you with attentive service in a cozy setting. The restaurant has an extensive menu that includes various Japanese dishes, so there’s something for everyone.

They will also expand the branch to East Nashville and Germantown soon. For those looking for an authentic Japanese experience, Samurai Sushi is the perfect spot.

Two Ten Jack

Address: 1900 Eastland Ave #105, Nashville, TN 37206


Two Ten Jack, a Japanese-inspired neighborhood pub or izakaya, is situated in Nashville’s Walden’s Phase 2 in East Nashville and offers local diners a culturally eclectic experience designed to bring the best of local and Japanese culture together.

The menu at Two Ten Jack presents an array of gastronomic delights that bring traditional Japanese flavors front and center while incorporating Southern ingredients for an elevated take on classic pub comfort food, such as kodawari ramen, yakitori (grilled skewers), and other selections.

Chirashizushi can be an excellent substitute for those who want a nearly omakase experience. It’s 8-12 pieces of chef’s choice sashimi and tsukemono on top of rice, so it’s a great way to sample all the freshest, highest-grade fish.

In addition to its delectable food offerings, Two Ten Jack also boasts an impressive selection of craft beers, wine, sake, shochu, and handcrafted cocktails.

Two Ten Jack creates a relaxed yet inviting atmosphere that is entirely unpretentious and provides patrons with the authentic izakaya experience. Its convenient location adjacent to Jeni’s in East Nashville has become a popular urban gathering spot where locals come together to socialize over drinks and delicious eats.

Yoshi sushi fusion

Address: 3110 Mountain Cove Cir SE D, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763


The last one on the list is not located in Tennessee, but you can drive to Alabama and enjoy Yoshi sushi fusion for around 1.30 hours.

Yoshi sushi fusion is led by Chef Irwanto and Ansend Huang, who take pride in blending their traditional Japanese sushi skills with modern fusion-style cuisine.

Their menu features a variety of sushi options, including specialty rolls and nigiri. Many small plate dishes like ramen, tempura, and yakisoba can be found.

The restaurant strives for excellence on every visit, even offering omakase sashimi and nigiri selections where you can enjoy the best seafood of the day for affordable prices of around $26 – $69 per set. They also have a large selection of craft beer, sake, and wine to accompany your meal.

Yoshi sushi fusion offers an inviting atmosphere perfect for friendly gatherings or romantic dates. It’s one of the hidden gem restaurants in the area, and we highly recommend you visit soon.

Tennessee has plenty of options, no matter what type of sushi experience you’re looking for. Tennessee is sure to satisfy your sushi cravings, whether it’s an omakase menu featuring the freshest seafood or a casual spot with delicious small plates and craft cocktails. So, get ready to explore the world of Japanese cuisine! Bon Appétit!

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