Omakase in North Carolina

9 Omakase & Kaiseki Spots in North Carolina

Sushi lover? No matter where you are in North Carolina, omakase is the intimate, Omni-sensory experience you’re looking for. From the freshest, locally sourced seafood to talented chefs who know how to serve it up, omakase is an art form like no other.

Here are nine omakase spots in North Carolina worth checking out:

Omakase by Prime Fish

Address: 2907 Providence Rd suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28211


Prime Fish is led by executive chef Robin who specializes in Edomae sushi. He pairs fish with sake to create unique and memorable culinary experiences for his guests.

His skills have been recognized with nods from the Charlotte community, such as being voted Charlotte’s Best New Restaurant and Best Sushi.

At Prime Fish, omakase is an actual Omni-sensory experience. Whether you need to eat for lunch or dinner, omakase om Prime Fish is an unforgettable experience.

Here are some omakase dishes to look forward to:

  • Shiromi Sashimi
  • Tachiuo Uni Risotto
  • Kanpachi Nigiri
  • Konbujime
  • Uni Chawanmushi
  • Ni Awabi
  • Sake No Hara
  • Zuke Akami
  • Chu Toro
  • Oh Toro
  • Botan Ebi
  • Yaki Anago
  • Atsuyaki Tamago
  • Hokkaido Uni
  • Clam Miso Soup

Prices start at $150 per person for Lunch 10-course). And ultimate experience dinner for $300 per person (16-course). It’s quite an expensive omakase experience, but it’s worth it.


  • Executive chef Robin specializes in Edomae sushi
  • Unique omakase dishes such as Shiromi Sashimi, Tachiuo Uni Risotto, and Hokkaido Uni

O – KU Raleigh

Address: 411 W Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27603


O-Ku is a multi-locations omakase sushi bar that offers omakase dinner every night. You can find O-Ku restaurants in Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Greenville, Jax Beach, Nashville, Raleigh, and Washington DC.

In Raleigh, the omakase experience is intimate and sophisticated. Fish is sourced from Norway, Scotland, Hawaii, and New Zealand and prepared by an omakase chef.

The omakase experience includes a selection of chef-curated sashimi, nigiri sushi, maki rolls, and other specialty items that change seasonally. Its 8-course tasting menu starts at $125 per person.

You should book your omakase experience at least one week in advance.


  • 8-course omakase tasting menu starting from $125 per person
  • Multi-locations


Address: 4711 Hope Valley Rd #6a, Durham, NC 27707


Opened in 1986, Yamazushi has provided a kaiseki experience to Durham for those who want to try traditional Japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki, a traditional Japanese cuisine, is rooted in the Zen monks of the 16th century. These monks would keep warm stones in their kimono fold to help them ward off hunger during their morning and afternoon prayers.

Kaiseki began as an effortless vegetarian meal served during a tea ceremony, but it has evolved into a more intricate and ornate culinary event that may include fish and meat.

The dishes are cooked to enhance the flavors of the fresh ingredients selected by season. Small portions are brought in one at a time at carefully timed intervals.

Some kaiseki dishes you can expect include:

  • Sakezuke (Appetizer)​
  • Otsukuri (Sashimi)​
  • Agemono (Fried dish)
  • Hassun (Seasonal assortment)
  • Yaki Mono (Grilled dish)
  • Rich dish
  • Wan Mono (Soup dish)
  • Dessert (Wagashi)

Prices start from $150 per person. If you want to try traditional Japanese cuisine, kaiseki at Yamazushi is the way to go.


  • Traditional kaiseki dishes
  • Prices start from $150 per person​

M Sushi Durham

Address: 311 Holland St, Durham, NC 27701


M Sushi exudes an air of sophistication and minimalism, with its stone-gray walls, low-backed black chairs, and dim lighting. The space is like a vault, a lower den of secrets stowing a menu of ingredients begging to be unearthed.

The unadorned sushi bar is a piece of African Bubinga wood cut close to its natural shape. It is the conceptual and literal focus of the room, occupying nearly the entire length of the space.

You can enjoy a lite omakase experience with a selection of Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri, Poke bowl, Tamago, Miso soup, and Crudo. Prices start from $56 per person.

The main hero here is grand omakase. With diners at the bar, Michael Lee and his sous chefs glide their knives against glimmering fish, breaking down big-eye tuna from Hawaii into blood-red rubies and splintering salmon into bite-size pieces. The sushi is consumed with eagerness and delight. ($127 per person)


  • Intimate and sophisticated atmosphere
  • Omakase menu starting at $50 per person​

M Tempura

Address: 111 Orange St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 748- 3874


Want to eat fried food without guilt? M Tempura is the place to be.

This modern tempura bar offers a new concept of Japanese deep-fried food with minimal oil and no MSG. It also uses premium ingredients, including fine seafood and vegetables sourced locally and in Japan.

The omakase experience includes a selection of ten tempura dishes, including seasonal items such as NC white shrimp, Ika, Mero seabass, Lotus root, Shitake mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Eggplant, Salmon, Scallop, and Udon Noodle Soup. Prices start from $59 per person

And you can upgrade to the M Omakase experience, which includes a selection of tempura dishes with premium ingredients like Seabass Sando, Lobster & Crab, and Wagyu Beef. Prices start from $127 per person.


  • Modern tempura bar
  • A light and healthy alternative to deep-fried food​
  • Omakase menu starting at $59 per person​




Dashi is a Japanese ramen shop and izakaya in the heart of downtown Durham, North Carolina. Dashi focuses on mouth-watering ramen noodle bowls and offers innovative small plates and unique desserts.

Guests can enjoy steaming bowls of noodles and small plates in the first-floor ramen shop or upstairs in the izakaya!

Dashi has an extensive whiskey and bourbon selection and Japanese liquors like sake, shochu, vodka, gin, and whisky.

Omakase here is izakaya-style and includes a variety of small plates and appetizers. Prices start from $35 per person.


  • Izakaya-style omakase menu starting at $45 per person
  • Extensive Japanese liquor selection​
  • Delicious ramen bowls and unique desserts​

Sushi Mon

Address: 3800 Glenwood Ave #100, Raleigh, NC 27612


Are you looking for great sushi? Look no further than Sushi Mon.

Sushi Mon’s omakase experience features a selection of fresh sashimi and nigiri, with fish flown in from local. Affordable prices start at $45 per person.

The atmosphere is sleek and modern, perfect for an evening out with friends or a romantic dinner. The restaurant also has a warm and inviting sushi bar, where guests can watch the sushi chefs in action as they create beautiful dishes right before their eyes.


  • Affordable omakase menu starting at $45 per person​
  • The modern atmosphere with a warm and inviting sushi bar​

Masa Sushi & Ramen

Address: 2757 NC-55, Cary, NC 27519


Experience the art of traditional Japanese cuisine at Masa Sushi & Ramen.

Masa offers an Omakase dinner menu featuring a selection of 8-piece chef’s choice of the freshest nigiri with real wasabi, brushed with housemade soy sauce, special topping, tamago, and spicy tuna hand roll. Prices start from $49 per person.

The restaurant is modern and minimalist, with rustic wooden accents and vibrant colors, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


  • Omakase dinner menu starts at $49 per person​
  • Fresh nigiri and hand rolls with real wasabi​

Waraji Japanese Restaurant

Address: 5910-147 Duraleigh Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612


Many Triangle residents consider Waraji Japanese Restaurant to have the best and freshest sushi.

Located in northwest Raleigh, NC, off Glenwood Ave, at the intersection of Duraleigh Rd and Pleasant Valley Rd, Waraji offers an extensive selection of sushi, sashimi, and authentic Japanese cuisine.

The “omakase” experience is a great way to enjoy Waraji’s delicious sushi and sashimi. The norikazu set features a unique selection of sushi, sashimi, and starters. Prices start at $38 per person.

And if you like shabu hotpot, Waraji also offers shabu-shabu, a boiled-hotpot dish that uses thinly sliced beef, vegetables, and other ingredients.


  • Norikazu set with a unique selection of sushi and sashimi​
  • Shabu-shabu hotpot dishes are available too!

We hope you find your perfect sushi experience in one of these spots! Enjoy and bon appetit!

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