Omakase Spots in Massachusetts

8 Omakase Spots in Massachusetts (You Will Not Be Disappointed)

Sometimes you just want to be surprised and won’t find a more creative sushi experience than an omakase menu. From the innovative chefs of Massachusetts comes a skillful selection of set menus that allow your taste buds to take a trip to Japanese cuisine.

Here are eight spots where you can enjoy omakase in Massachusetts:


Address: 9 E St, Boston, MA 02111


Located near South Station, O-Ya is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that offers an omakase menu at the sushi bar. The food is prepared and served with a modern twist on traditional Japanese techniques, combining flavorful ingredients to create unique flavors.

See chef Tim and Nancy Cushman’s dedication to the craft in the form of their 20-course omakase meal featuring a variety of dishes like nigiri, sashimi, cooked dishes, and a seasonal menu with innovative flavors at $250 per person.

It features 13 of the best sushi restaurants in the world by The Travel, along with the legendary Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant; you know you can always trust the quality.


  • Innovative flavors with a modern twist on traditional Japanese techniques
  • One of the best sushi restaurants in the world, awarded by

No Relation

Address: 11 William E Mullins Way, Boston, MA 02118


No Relation is a sushi restaurant located down a narrow hallway in Shore Leave, a tropical experience from the team at Bar Mezzana.

Chef Colin Lynch leads the inventive omakase menu, where Japanese technique and his creative interpretation of a sushi are presented each evening over approximately 14 courses. Some of the dishes include:

  • Lubina – umeboshi puree & shiso leaves
  • Kinmedai – lemon & sancho salt
  • Madai – myoga & salted cherry blossom
  • Masu – flavors of Thailand & fried garlic
  • Hiramasa – soy onion, truffle salt, micro chive
  • Shima Aji – uni, aji amarillo, vidalia onion
  • Aji – yuzu & white kombu
  • Kamasu – black garlic & finger lime
  • Saba Sunomono – cucumber, shiso, dashi vinegar
  • Akami Zuke – kizami wasabi
  • Toro – yuzu kosho & yuzu togarashi
  • Tuna Tartare – uni, myoga, scallion, nori
  • Hokkaido Scallop – brown butter, lemon, Hawaiian black salt
  • Crab Chawanmushi – scallion & custard

Join No Relation in a shared, intimate experience with a thoughtfully curated menu served directly by our chefs. Reservations must be made one week in advance, and the omakase menu is priced at $150 per person.


  • 14 courses of Japanese-inspired dishes with a creative interpretation
  • Shared, intimate experience where chefs serve directly to your table

Oishii Boston

Address: 1166 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118


Oishii Boston is a modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of Boston’s South End. With an omakase menu crafted by Chef Ting Yen, who has worked in sushi for over 20 years in various locations such as Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

Then settled in Boston in 1998 to establish Oishii Boston with an omakase menu that diners have consistently praised.

The omakase meal features 6 courses ($255 per person) up to a 9-course meal ($280 per person), each prepared and served by the chef. You can upscale dinner with a wine pairing for an additional $50.


  • Omakase menu was crafted by Chef Ting Yen, who has worked in sushi for over 20 years
  • Option to upscale dinner with wine pairing for an additional $80

Umami Omakase

Address: 2372 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140


If you didn’t know the word “umami” before, you will after you’ve had a meal at this Cambridge sushi restaurant. Umami Omakase is the first omakase-only sushi bar in Cambridge and offers an entire menu of modern Japanese cuisine.

The luxuriating 18-course omakase comes in two parts – classic sashimi and nigiri, followed by a mix of cooked dishes, tempura, and modern sushi.

All courses are made with locally-sourced fish, ingredients, and specialty items imported directly from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market.

More than that, you can expect ingredients like:

  • Japanese A5 Wagyu
  • Foie Gras
  • Truffle
  • Langoustine

With a skillful chef and experience, you won’t easily forget Umami Omakase is a must-visit for sushi lovers.


  • 18-course omakase menu
  • Specialty items are imported directly from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market.

Zuma Boston

Address: 2nd Floor Four Seasons Hotel, 1 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02115


Worldwide restaurant brand Zuma Boston brings a modern and sophisticated take on traditional Japanese izakaya to the city. Their omakase dinners offer an ever-evolving selection of Japanese dishes and sushi, ranging from daily specials to locally sourced seafood.

The twelve-course Omakase dinner includes silky toro tuna, unagi eel with quail egg, and a selection of sashimi and nigiri. All courses are prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients from Boston’s local markets and farms.

The experience is not only about the food but also about how it’s served – Zuma’s head chefs take pride in placing each dish with utmost care on your plate and explaining each course.


  • 12-course omakase dinner with daily specials and locally sourced seafood
  • Chefs put each dish on your plate and explain the course

Moni Nonmi

Address: 1128 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139


Moni Nonmi is a hidden gem in Cambridge led by chef Chris Chung, who has trained in some of the best sushi restaurants worldwide, including Hawaii and Lincoln.

The omakase dinner at Moni Nonmi has many premium ingredients, with each course tailored to the diner’s taste.

Here is a list of options offered during the omakase dinner:

  • Nigiri Omakase – 1 appetizer and 14 courses of nigiri selected by chef Chris for $170 per person
  • Premium Nigiri Omakase – 3 appetizers and 16 courses of the finest nigiri for $190 per person
  • Imperial Grand Slam – 16 courses of nigiri and 7-8 sushi courses for $240 per person, may include Hokkaido scallop, chawanmushi, toro, etc.
  • Supreme Grand Slam – 18 courses may include everything above plus caviar, truffle, A5 Wagyu for $290 per person.
  • Ultimate Grand Slam – 20 courses with all of the above plus a Hokkaido Uni, Hokkaido Crab, and Osetra Caviar for $325 per person.
  • Jukusei Omakase – The aging and fermenting of the fish is done in-house, and you get a curated selection of nigiri, sashimi, and sushi for $395 per person

Moni Nonmi is the perfect place to start if you’re interested in exploring modern Japanese cuisine. A reservation made via the restaurant website is required.


  • Nigiri Omakase, Premium Nigiri Omakase, Imperial Grand Slam, Supreme Grand Slam and Ultimate Grand Slam Omakase
  • Jukusei Omakase for an extra unique experience

Laughing Monk Cafe

Address: 737 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115


Laughing Monk Cafe is a modern Japanese & Thai restaurant located in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood. The menu features traditional sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, tempura, ramen, and Thai dishes.

Laughing Monk Cafe’s led by Thai chefs Noi Karen and Nick Korboon as sushi chefs. Together they bring a unique fusion of flavors to the menu, combining traditional Japanese techniques with Mediterranean and Thai spices.

The omakase dinner is even more special; you’ll get to try the restaurant’s iconic dishes, such as the Softshell crawfish and Fire dragon roll(Shrimp tempura, tuna, jalapeño, black tobiko, ebi, hot sauce, wasabi).

More than that, you can enjoy a home sushi chef experience, where you can bring an omakase experience at home for your small parties of 4 up to 10 guests. It’s the perfect way to host a private dinner party with friends or family.


  • Fusion of traditional Japanese techniques and Mediterranean and Thai spices
  • At-home sushi chef available for reservation (4-10 guests 2 hours session)

Purple Shell Restaurant

Address: 11 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127


Living in Boston is like living in a food paradise. Purple Shell restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Boston, specializing in Asian cuisine, Tapa styles dishes, and Omakase dinner.

The nigiri and sashimi omakase experience is designed to give guests the perfect dining experience for those who don’t know what to eat just expected premium seafood.

And you can enjoy a chef’s selection of dishes with featured signature dishes only Purple Shell can offer, such as:

  • Duck Bao’s – Housin braised duck confit, cucumber, scallion
  • Clay Pot – Truffle rice with ikura, uni toro, avocado, and caviar
  • Octopus On Fire – Spicy ponzu sauce, Kizami wasabi, and sweet peppers
  • A5 Beef Ishiyaki – A5 beef served on stone fire top with wagyu sauce

And many, many dishes that will delight you, SO why wait? Make a reservation now and enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine.


  • Signature dishes like Duck Bao, Clay Pot, Octopus On Fire, A5 Beef Ishiyaki.
  • Nigiri and sashimi omakase experience

These eight places we’ve listed are just a few of the great Japanese restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or an omakase experience, Massachusetts offers everyone something.

So head out and explore! Bon Appétit! Enjoy the best of what Japan has to offer right here in Boston.

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