Which Nando’s Heat Level Level Is For You?

Nando’s, a melting pot of ethnicities, is a good metaphor for the contemporary multiracial environment.

Such as chicken tikka or perhaps the hot chai; Nando’s was established in Johannesburg but was influenced by Portuguese cuisine. It has become a staple of US society.

Nando’s has become a hangout for teens (end up coming for such chicken, remain for the extra servings).

A location for shaky dates driven by remarkably decent wine and expensive olives and a venue where such a four-person family could eat for a highly decent cost.

Each chicken meal has six different spice levels, ranging from mild to very hot. By choosing one extreme over the other, you’ll identify as an art enthusiast or an insane food maniac.

How Many Spice Levels At Nando’s: Nando’s Sauces In Heat Order

Nandos sauce

As previously mentioned, each chicken dinner comes in six distinct spice degrees, from mild to extremely hot. Also included is the list of canned sauces available at Nando’s. 

The following are listed in order of mildest to spicier heat:

Restaurant Sauces Nando’s

  • Extra-mild
  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Hot
  • More Hot
  • The Vusa is not available on the table, but it is, however, on the chicken 

Canned sauces from Nando’s

  • Medium
  • Hot
  •  XX Hot
  •  Limited current accessibility for Vusa
Nando's PERi-PERi Hot Sauce Variety Pack

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  • Medium
  • Hot
  • Garlic
  • Lemon & Herb
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The Beginning of Nando’s

Nandos Restaurant

Once Portuguese explorers sailed towards the East generations ago, the Nando’s narrative began.

The African Bird’s Eye Chilli, referred to as PERi-PERi, was first presented to them after the breezes of Africa beckoned on their land.

They used it to make a special PERi-PERi sauce using a spice unlike any other, which gave them fire throughout their tummies and sparked a desire in their hearts.

Fernando Duarte’s invitation to his buddy Robbie Brozin to visit a small Portuguese café inside this center of Rosettenville, South Africa, around 1987 had been motivated by the similar PERi-PERi flavor.

They realized this delicacy needed to be spread after just one mouthful of the tantalizing PERi-PERi seasoned and slathered chicken.

The company’s two creators initially had lofty goals for their startup. Another is constantly making decisions on the spot, taking chances, and believing failure is possible at any time.

The following several years were a whirl of grueling hours and sweltering kitchens. The owners of the first establishment opened an additional location in Savoy, North Johannesburg, capitalizing on the rising popularity of their dish.

Nando’s was founded to become more than merely a place to buy chicken and make money. Nando’s establishments plus their tempting grocery selection are now available throughout the globe.

Roasted chicken, Nando’s Restaurant, England

How Sweltering is Nando’s?

Compared to certain other sauces, Nando’s Hot is regarded as little more than a somewhat spicy sauce.

It is estimated to be between 2,500 and 4,000 Scoville units. Compared to Frank’s Original Hot Sauce, it would be about five times hotter.

How Extra Hot Is Nando’s Extra Hot?

The amount of spice in Nandos Extra Hot sauce is identical to that found in Nandos Hot. This has a Scoville rating of between 2,500 and 4,000.

However, when ordered in a diner, the extra sauce is used, giving the impression that it is spicier.

Is Extra Hot the same as Nando’s Hot Sauce?

At Nando’s, hot sauce is synonymous with extra hot sauce. There is no such thing as extra spicy; instead, the chicken gets more “hot sauce” applied to it than typical. Especially in comparison to hots, very hot effectively receives two sauce bastings.

Extra hot sauce is the following step up over the hot sauce. Conversely, these would be two entirely different products packaged and offered independently in stores.

Even with that, the preparations are identical; the only difference is the amount of chile used and the degree of spice and intensity.

How Hot is Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce?

Nando's Medium Peri-Peri Sauce, 125g
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Peri-Peri sauce from Nando’s may be scalding. The extra hot sauce seems to be the spiciest of 3 Nando’s Peri-Peri sauces, with estimates of its own Scoville rating ranging from 20 through 35,000.

The mild sauce appears to be the gentlest of the 3. Depending on the selection, your order, purchase, or use.

How Hot Would You Like It?

For those unfamiliar, the medium is an excellent starting point that may be stacked with your preferred sauces; the short-term exotic herb is necessary.

Choose the chicken mango & lime for such a nuanced, sweet-spicy flavor, and observe the server’s understanding nod.

Hacks on the Nando’s Menu

As a general rule, avoid ordering off the menu. Nando’s seems to be a restaurant for the masses and a force for change through its mass-produced chicken.

Going off-menu implies you are superior to the 800,000 people visiting its crispy-skinned shrine weekly.

The only food modifications permitted are to top garlic bread and mashed potatoes with a piece of cheese or a fiery barbecue sauce.

What Is Nando’s Hottest Sauce?

The hottest Nando sauce is referred Vusa, and it’s derived from such an African bird’s eye chili with a Scoville Heat Index of up to 175,000.

Although, it’s only a temporary variety and might not last around. The next spiciest choice in that circumstance is the Extra Extra (XX) hot Peri-Peri sauce.

Vusa signifies enthusiasm and flame in Zulu. It does not say much, would it?

It’s hardly surprising that Nando’s has chosen the matching tagline for its logo:

“African spirit. Intense Flavor. Intense Heat.”

Nando's Peri-Peri Sauce XX Hot - 125g

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Is Medium at Nando’s Hotter Than Hot?

Nando’s medium is reputed to be spicier over their spicy sauce. This occurs given that sauces’ levels of spiciness could vary depending on the components employed, how well the sauce gets preserved, and other factors.

Human variables must also be considered when analyzing how individuals interpret heat and flavors; consequently, specific customers may believe that Nando’s moderate seems hotter than Nando’s hot sauce.

Can I Order Delivery of Nando’s Meals?

Yes, you may order delivery service for Nando’s food. Nando collaborates with DoorDash to transport your food. Visit their transportation page on the company’s website for further details.

Does Nando’s really Provide Carryout?

Takeout is available at Nando’s. Customers can place an order and pick it up in person or put an order online based on where they are.

Would there be a Menu for Kids at Nando’s?

Children can order from Nando’s menu. They offer the following meals on their kids’ menu:

  •  Slices of grilled chicken breast
  •  Poultry sandwich
  •  Grilled thighs and drumsticks
  •  Sandwich with grilled cheese

Final Thoughts: Review of Nando’s

Most of Nando’s restaurants are roomy and feature a laid-back, family-friendly vibe. However, you must order your food there at their counter. After being seated, individuals are provided the menu.

Customers adore the chain’s soft and delectable chicken, which, according to the order, may be pretty spicy. They also offer a variety of sides that are expertly spiced.

The restaurant’s well-liked boneless chicken thighs alongside PERi-PERi chips are often the personal favorites. For the ideal supper, serve it alongside cheese with sweet potato mash.

There isn’t much delay for such a meal, although a few locations may take longer due to the more significant number of customers.


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