White Wine to Pair with Spicy Thai Food

Pairing Wine with Thai Food: A Guide to Complementing Complex Flavors

Thai cuisine is a dynamic melding of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavors. With such complexity, pairing wine with Thai food can seem daunting. But certain wines can beautifully complement and enhance these intense tastes.

Below we’ll explore how to select wines that work in harmony with Thai staples. Read on for tips on the best red and white wines for Thai food!

What Makes Thai Food Tricky to Pair With Wine?

Three main factors make pairing wine with Thai food uniquely challenging:

Diverse Flavors

Thai dishes often mix multiple tastes like chili spice, tangy citrus, fresh herbs, and umami flavors. This complexity requires wines that complement rather than compete with ingredients.


Chilies and curry pastes add fiery heat. Wines need sufficient weight and sweetness to balance out the burn.

Coconut Milk

Rich and creamy coconut milk is used in many Thai curries. This can mute more delicate wines. Fuller-bodied wines stand out better.

But with the right wine picks, you can absolutely find matches made in flavor heaven!

Best Red Wines for Thai Food

For the best red wine to pair with Thai food, turn to these fuller-bodied options:


The light body and low tannins of Beaujolais complement, not overpower, Thai flavors. Its fruity profile mirrors Thai spices.

Pinot Noir

Earthy yet bright Pinot Noir melds beautifully with Thai ingredients. Its red berry notes highlight spices.


Robust Zinfandel stands up to Thai curry heat with its own spicy kick. Black pepper and chili flavors connect.


Peppery Syrah tastes wonderful with Thai basil’s licorice notes. Its dense but smooth texture also contrasts coconut milk.


Mild Merlot befriends the intricacy of Thai cuisine. Its plum fruitiness aligns with palm sugar flavors.

In general, lean towards fruity, low-tannin reds. Avoid over-oaked wines that clash with Thai textures.

Best White Wines for Thai Food

For stellar white wine for Thai food pairings, opt for these palate-pleasing picks:


Just off-dry Riesling complements Thai spice with its peach, lime and honeyed character. Its acidity cleanses the palate.


The tropical fruitiness of Albariño highlights similar flavors in Thai dishes. Its crispness offsets chili heat.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Herbal Sauvignon Blanc highlights Thai basil and lemongrass while balancing richness. Its acidity cuts through creaminess.


Viognier’s delicate white flower aromas complement Thai ingredients without overshadowing their flavors. Its round body aligns with coconut milk.


Gewürztraminer’s signature lychee notes marry wonderfully with Thai spices and aromatics. Enough body to match texture.

For whites, stick with fruit-forward, medium-bodied wines. Avoid oaky or buttery whites that taste too heavy with Thai cuisine.

Beyond White and Red: Alternative Wine Options

Don’t limit yourself to white and red wines. Consider these options:

  • Rosé – Dry pink wines that blend white’s crispness with red’s fruitiness.
  • Sparkling wines – Bubbles cut through spice and refresh the palate. Try Prosecco.
  • Sherry – Oxidized Sherries like Fino have nuttiness that complements Thai flavors.
  • Sake – Rice-based Japanese sake can elegantly pair with Thai’s complex profile.
  • Beer – Crisp lagers and wheat beers offer fizzy, palate-cleansing pleasure.

General Tips for Pairing Wine With Thai Food

Beyond specific grapes, keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Match weight – Choose wines with enough body to complement Thai texture and creaminess.
  • Cool it down – Slightly chilled wines help tame the heat of spicy dishes.
  • Think fruity and floral – Wines with pretty fruit and flower flavors enhance Thai aromatics.
  • Consider sweetness – Off-dry wines balance spice better than bone-dry ones.
  • Watch the oak – Heavily oaked wines overpower Thai flavors.
  • Think regionally – Old world wines like Spanish or French complement Thai cuisine well.
  • Go for versatile – Opt for food-friendly wines without heavily dominant characteristics.
  • Try rosé – Dry rosés can provide the best of both worlds – crispness with red fruit flavors.

Wine Serving Tips for Thai Cuisine

How you serve wine also impacts the pairing:

  • Chill reds lightly – A slight chill highlights fruit and tames spice heat.
  • Use large wine glasses – Allows aromas to open up and wines to breathe.
  • Decant red wines – Letting them aerate softens tannins.
  • Include lots of water – Helps tame heat and cleanse the palate between bites.
  • Take small sips – Keeps flavors in balance and prevents one from dominating.

The details matter! Implement these tips for an optimized wine and Thai food experience.

Food-Specific Pairings

Here are go-to wines for popular Thai dishes:

Pad Thai

Unoaked Chardonnay (white) or Beaujolais (red) – Match the sweetness while cutting through the tamarind.

Green Curry

Riesling (white) or Pinot Noir (red) – Fruity wines tame the spiciness and balance herbs.

Massaman Curry

Viognier (white) or Merlot (red) – Heavier wines stand up to the richness with stone fruit flavors.

Larb/Spicy Salads

Sauvignon Blanc (white) or Syrah (red) – The crispness and fruit cut through chili heat.

Satay Skewers

Gewürztraminer (white) or Zinfandel (red) – Bold whites and peppery reds befriend the peanut sauce.

Satisfy Your Thai Wine Pairing Curiosity

We hope these guidelines help demystify the art of pairing wine with Thai food. Trust your tastes – and keep an open, adventurous mind.

Part of the fun lies in trying unique flavor combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Thai wine pairings until you discover favorites.

The key is choosing wines that complement, rather than compete with, the complexity at the heart of Thai cuisine. When flavors meld in harmony, the pairing magic happens!

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