What Do You Call the Thing You Put a Hot Pot On?

The bubbling broth beckons, your ingredients are prepped, it’s hot pot time! But wait – what are you going to cook it in? That little electric portable burner you use for camping trips doesn’t seem quite sturdy enough. And your stove-top pot may get scratched up by the hot stones. You need the right cooking vessel for the optimal hot pot experience.

Specifically, you need a table-top induction cooker or hot pot stove designed for the task. This special appliance safely and evenly heats up your hot pot so the broth stays at a perfect simmer. The flat surface with heating coils locks in your hot pot cooker, whether it’s a classic Chinese divided pot or a shallow soup-style vessel.

With the right hot pot cooker base, your DIY communal dining experience will go smoothly. The broth won’t boil over or get stuck at too tepid of a temperature. Your ingredients will cook properly and you’ll avoid accidents from an unstable or incompatible burner. Time to shop for that perfect table-top hot pot stove so you can soon be dipping crunchy veggies and thinly sliced meats into bubbling flavor!

The Hot Pot Cooker

One of the most common names for the hot pot device is simply the “hot pot cooker.” This often refers to an electric, adjustable hot pot that can be used at home. The cooker contains the heating element andadjustable temperature controls. It allows you to simmer broth, oil, or soup to cook foods like meats, veggies, and noodles. The cooker base usually has a removable insert pan to hold the liquid.

Tabletop Stove

Another name for a hot pot cooker is a “tabletop stove.” This refers to the portability and small size that allows it to be placed in the center of the dining table. Tabletop stoves are electric and provide adjustable heat levels. They have an interior metal vessel for simmering the hot pot ingredients. Tabletop stoves allow hot pot to become an interactive, communal dining experience.

Portable Burner

Some hot pots use a gas-powered portable burner that can be transported for outdoor hot pot parties. These portable burners hook up to small gas canisters and provide a flame to heat the hot pot ingredients. Portable burners allow flexibility in location for hot pot dinners. Just be sure to use them in well-ventilated areas.

Hot Pot Warmer

The base of insulated hot pots is sometimes called a “hot pot warmer.” These use a heating element to keep broth, soup, or stew at a constant simmer. Hot pot warmers have a thermostat and come in electric or battery-powered options. They’re designed to maintain temperatures for hot pot dishes throughout entire meals.

Fondue Pot

Some communal dining pots closely resemble hot pots and can be used interchangeably, like fondue pots. Although hot pot and fondue have different origins, they involve similar cooking processes. Fondue pots use a heating element to keep oil or broth simmering for dipping food. So the fondue pot can also serve as the hot pot cooker.

Hot Plate

At its most basic, a hot pot cooker is essentially an adjustable electric hot plate designed for the meal. Simple electric hot plates allow pots of broth or sauce to be placed on top and simmered for hot pot. They provide low, steady heat distributed across the surface to keep ingredients hot and cooking.

Specialty Hot Pot Stoves

There are also specialized hot pot stoves built specifically for the task. These often have curved surfaces to cradle rounded hot pot pots or multiple sections for dividing broths. Fancier models may have integrated timers, temperature controls, and cooking functions designed just for hot pot meals.

Soup Warmer

Another multipurpose small appliance that can work is an electric soup warmer. These are designed to keep soup hot and ready for serving. Like hot plates, soup warmers have large, flat heating surfaces ideal for hot pots. Just make sure to select a model with adjustable heat.

Hot Pot Tips

  • Make sure your hot pot device is electric and provides adjustable heat levels. This allows proper simmering.
  • Check that the cooker or stove surface is flat and broad enough to accommodate the hot pot.
  • Portable burners work well for outdoor hot pot parties but avoid using indoors.
  • Opt for hot pot cookers with temperature controls and timers to perfectly execute recipes.
  • Invest in a quality hot pot cooker that will last through countless dinner parties.
  • Consider a divided cooker if you want to use multiple broths in your hot pot.
  • Make sure to place the hot pot cooker on a protective surface and never leave unattended.

No matter what you call it – cooker, stove, burner, or warmer – the hot pot base is an essential piece of equipment for enjoying this fun, communal dining experience. With the right hot pot apparatus, you can gather friends and family around the table for an interactive meal full of personalized ingredients. So get the pot boiling and start dipping your favorite foods!

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