Can You Make Hot Pot in a Rice Cooker?

Nothing brings people together like a warm, bubbly hot pot filled with delicious ingredients. But whipping up this tasty communal meal requires a specialty cooker that takes up precious real estate in your kitchen. If only you could simplify the process and make hot pot in a gadget you already own – like a rice cooker!

As a hot pot devotee with limited space, I’ve often wondered if my trusty rice cooker could double as a DIY hot pot machine. It seems like it should be possible to adapt the rice cooking function for simmering broth and cooking foods. But questions loom in my mind. Will it heat evenly? Will ingredients cook properly? Is this rice cooker hack simply a recipe for disaster?

After much experimentation in my kitchen, I’m excited to report that you can in fact make satisfying hot pot in a rice cooker! With a few adjustments, your rice cooker transforms into a space-saving hot pot cooker for those craving this communal, interactive dining experience.

In this post, I’ll share tips for making foolproof hot pot in a standard rice cooker based on my trial and error. With the right broth ratio, ingredient prep and cooking order, you can easily replicate the hot pot experience and free up counter space. So grab your rice cooker and let’s get simmering!

How to Make Hot Pot in a Rice Cooker

Transforming your rice cooker into a hot pot cooker takes just a few simple steps:

1. Choose a Broth Ratio

  • Aim for 60% broth to 40% max fill line.
  • This leaves room for ingredients without overflow.
  • 2 cups broth is perfect for a typical 3 cup rice cooker.

2. Prepare and Arrange Ingredients

  • Slice ingredients uniformly for even cooking.
  • Arrange raw meats and vegetables in separate areas.
  • Have cooked noodles and dipping sauces ready.

3. Layer Foods in Order

  • Add raw ingredients like meat and root vegetables first.
  • Gradually add quicker cooking items like leafy greens.
  • Briefly dip cooked items like noodles and dumplings.

4. Keep at a Simmer

  • Make sure broth remains steaming hot.
  • Let cook 15-20 minutes for thorough heating.
  • Unplug and eat right from the rice cooker pot!

Rice Cooker vs. Electric Hot Pot

How does making hot pot in a rice cooker compare to using a traditional electric hot pot appliance? Here are the main differences:

Rice Cooker

  • Typically smaller capacity
  • Less powerful heating element
  • Usually no temperature adjustments
  • Functions double as rice cooker

Electric Hot Pot

  • Larger capacity for more people
  • Heats more quickly and consistently
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Specialized for hot pot only

While electric hot pots optimize the experience, the rice cooker hack delivers satisfactory hot pot with equipment you likely already own!

Tips for Hot Pot Success in a Rice Cooker

To master DIY hot pot in your rice cooker, keep these tips in mind:

  • Cut ingredients uniformly for even cooking
  • Stir occasionally to distribute heat
  • Add shellfish, greens, eggs last
  • Keep broth simmering; check temp with thermometer
  • Limit amount of ingredients to avoid overflow
  • Cook in batches for larger groups
  • Let rice cooker cool fully before washing

Don’t expect rice cooker hot pot to perform exactly like a dedicated machine. But with some trial and error, you can absolutely cook simple, tasty hot pot at home with your trusty rice cooker.

Hot Pot Broth Hacks for Rice Cookers

With less heating power than electric hot pots, rice cooker broth needs a flavor boost. Try these easy hacks:

  • Use chicken or beef broth as base for bolder flavor
  • Add extra garlic, ginger and scallions
  • Include flavorful ingredients like shiitake mushrooms, leeks
  • Stir in miso paste or gochujang sauce for umami and spice

Experiment with ingredients to create a flavorful broth. Taste and adjust seasonings as you go. The broth should be highly seasoned to stand up to the rice cooker’s lower temperature.

Top Ingredients for Rice Cooker Hot Pots

Rice cooker hot pots work best with ingredients that cook quickly or simply require a brief dip to absorb flavor.


  • Thinly sliced pork
  • Shrimp, scallops, fish fillets
  • Pre-cooked chicken breast
  • Beef tenderloin, sliced paper-thin


  • Mushrooms
  • Snow peas, sliced bell peppers
  • Baby bok choy, napa cabbage
  • Sweet potato and kabocha squash noodles
  • Spinach or watercress added last


  • Tofu, fish balls, meatballs
  • Wontons, dumplings
  • Pre-cooked rice noodles
  • Boiled eggs

Stick to quick-cooking items that you can immerse briefly in the simmering broth to heat through and absorb flavor.

Serving Hot Pot from a Rice Cooker

Part of hot pot’s appeal is the communal eating style. With some preparation, you can mimic this experience:

  • Set rice cooker in the center of table
  • Lay out ingredients in separate bowls
  • Provide individual small bowls and utensils
  • Let each person assemble their own items in broth
  • Keep pot plugged in to maintain temperature

Creating an interactive experience allows everyone to customize their creations and control cook times. Just take care not to overload the pot to avoid boiling over or cooking inconsistencies.

Tips for Cleaning Up After Rice Cooker Hot Pot

Clean up requires some special care after repurposing your rice cooker:

  • Allow pot to cool completely before washing
  • Discard broth down sink rather than in rice cooker
  • Avoid abrasive scrubbing on nonstick pot surface
  • Rinse rice cooker bowl well to avoid lingering odors
  • Dry pot thoroughly to prevent odor retention
  • Repeat boiling water in pot to remove residue
  • Hand wash removable lid and accessories thoroughly

Take your time cleaning the rice cooker bowl and components to ensure you can boil perfect rice next time.

The Verdict: Yes You Can!

While it requires some adaptations, you can absolutely make satisfying hot pot in a rice cooker! With the right broth ratio, ingredients and cooking technique, the rice cooker does a fine job mimicking traditional countertop hot pot appliances.

Is it the perfect hot pot experience? No. The smaller capacity and lower power limit possibilities. But with smart ingredient choices and creative prep, the rice cooker hot pot hack delivers a tasty communal meal using equipment you likely already own.

Give it a try for your next casual hot pot night. Just be ready for the interactive fun of cooking in batches. Dip in!

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