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How To Make Drunken Noodles Less Spicy

Drunken Noodles, also known as Pad Kee Mao, are popular dishes made with rice noodles, vegetables, fresh black pepper and meat or seafood. The dish is often stir-fried with a spicy sauce made with chiles, garlic, and fish sauce. If you find that your drunken noodles are too spicy, you can do a few things to tone down the heat.

One way to make drunken noodles less spicy is to add more vegetables to the dish. Vegetables will help to cut down on the spiciness of the sauce. You can also try using less chili sauce or substituting it with another type of sauce. Finally, if you still find the dish too spicy, you can try adding some sugar to balance out the heat.

You can make your drunken noodles less spicy and more delicious than ever with a few simple tweaks! Read on for tips and tricks that will have you cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

How to Tone Down Drunken Noodles Before Cooked.

If you want to make drunken noodles less spicy before you even start cooking them, adjusting the amount of chili sauce used is essential. Here is a great way to do that.

Use Less Chilie and Pepper than the recipes ask for.

You can also cut down on the spiciness of your noodles by using less chili pepper and chili sauce. If a recipe calls for two tablespoons of chili sauce, try using one tablespoon instead. It will help to reduce the heat in your dish without sacrificing flavor.

Choose a Different Type of Chili

Drunken Noodles use Bird’s eye chilies, but if you can’t handle the heat, you can try a different type of chili. Red bell peppers are great because they add flavor without too much spice. You could also try using sweet green chilies or pasilla chilies. It might not feel like the original version of the dish, but it will be less spicy.

Add More Vegetables

Another way to make drunken noodles less spicy is to bulk up the dish with different vegetables. Vegetables will help cut down on the sauce’s heat while giving you a delicious and filling meal.

Try adding mushrooms, snow peas, bell peppers, or zucchini.

Add More Noodles


If you want to make your drunken noodles less spicy but don’t want to add more vegetables, you can try adding more noodles. Noodles will help to absorb some of the sauce and reduce the overall spiciness of the dish. If you added more noodles, try increasing some spices like Thai basil leaves and black peppers to make it still flavor.

How To Tone Down The Heat After Cooked

Sometimes you can’t tell how spicy a dish is until after it’s cooked. Or It will happen after ordering in the restaurant. If you find your drunken noodles too spicy, you can do a few things to tone down the heat.

Remove chilies and pepper on the dish

Remove the chilies in your noodles if you can see them before you eat. It’s easy to pick them out with chopsticks or a fork. If the peppers are already mixed in, try to scoop them out with a spoon.

Add Some Sugar


A little sugar can help to cut the spice and make the dish more palatable. Thai restaurants have seasoning sugar on their tables for this reason. Try half spoon of sugar and see how it helps to cut down the spice.

Eat With Vegetables

If you find your drunken noodles too spicy, try eating them with some excellent, crunchy vegetables. The vegetables will help to take the edge off the spice and make the dish more enjoyable to eat. Cucumbers, cabbage, and carrots are all great choices.

Order Thai Tea or Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea

To experience drunken noodles with a more mellow taste, try ordering Thai tea or Thai milk tea. This drink can help to take the edge off the spice better than water and make the dish more enjoyable. These teas are often served in Thai restaurants.

If You Love Sour, Order Lemon Tea or add a Wedge of Lime

Lemon Tea

Adding citrus to your meal can help to cut down on the spice and make it more refreshing. Try ordering lemon tea or adding a wedge of lime to your drunken noodles. The acidity will help balance the spice and make the dish more enjoyable.

End The Meals with Fruits

Ending your meal with sweet and juicy fruit will help cleanse your palate and remove the spice. Thai restaurants often serve sliced oranges, grapefruits, or watermelons as a refreshing way to end a meal.

Order a Milder Dish Next Time

If you find that you can’t handle the heat of drunken noodles, try ordering a milder dish the next time you’re at a Thai restaurant. There are plenty of delicious options, and you won’t have to worry about your meal being too spicy.

Is Drunken Noodles Supposed to be Spicy?

Yes, Drunken Noodles are supposed to be spicy. The dish is traditionally made with fresh chili peppers, fresh black pepper, and Thai basil. However, the level of spice can vary depending on the chef.

Why Did it Call Drunken Noodles?

Drunken Noodle is a blend of Thai and Chinese culture. Though it’s unclear how the dish got its name, there are a few theories. One theory is that the dish was named after Chinese immigrants who came to Thailand in the 1800s.

Chinese immigrants would come home drunk and want something to eat. They would take whatever they had in their pantry and make a stir-fry.

Over time, Drunken Noodles have become a staple in Thai cuisine and can be found in restaurants worldwide.

Some people might crave spicy food when they are drunk. It is because capsaicin, a compound in chili peppers, can release endorphins. These endorphins give you a sense of pleasure and can even act as a painkiller. 

So, if you need something to sober you up, try Drunken Noodles.

Final Thoughts

Drunken Noodles are a delicious and spicy dish found in Thai restaurants worldwide. If you find the dish too spicy, you can do a few things to tone down the heat. Try adding more noodles, vegetables, or sugar. 

If all else fails, try ordering a milder dish next time you’re at a Thai restaurant. You can also try ordering Thai tea, Milk tea, or Lemon tea to drink, which will cool down your mouth.

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