How to Be Good at Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce 101: How to Be Good at Hot Sauce

How to be good at hot sauce? Well, it is always lovely to experience food from around the globe. However, some dishes may be an issue if you have a low tolerance for chili and spicy food.

It is frustrating to want to eat something poorly but know that you cannot take the heat. We have you covered if you expand your palate and enjoy hot food easily. We will give guides on how to be good at hot sauce. 

Is Hot Sauce Good for Me?

Is hot sauce a healthy food or an indulgence? As a fanatic of hot sauce, at some, you have perhaps thought, is this ideal for me? It might be! We are not telling you to ditch your vitamins; this is not health advice, but peer-reviewed studies have revealed that putting some heat into a food can assist with diabetes, weight loss, blood pressure, and many more. 

How to Be Good at Hot Sauce: How to Increase Tolerance 

I was blessed with parents who were spicy food addicts. I recall chugging glasses of milk from age five to handle her five-alarm chili. And working for a ramen house has increased my tolerance to spice, what with having to take part in taste tests dedicated to salsas, hot sauces, and other fiery products.

However, for those new to spicy foods or those who want to go to a higher level, here are the things you need to do. 

Begin Small 

Start by dousing your macaroni and cheese with extra black pepper. You can also sprinkle some crushed red pepper flakes into the soup. Health practitioners recommend a spicy diet for many health reasons, such as reducing blood pressure, stimulating metabolic rate, and suggesting starting out with sauce spiked with a few drops of Tabasco. 

Savor the Flavor 

You must focus on aromas and tastes, making you want to continue eating. Always remember to keep restraint. The #1 mistake many people make when spicing their food is utilizing too much spice. A fresh spice, used sparingly, adds great flavor. Moreover, it also adds one spice at a time to determine if you love its taste before muddling a meal with many kinds of flavors and spices. 

Slowly Increase the Spice 

Begin with milder ones like cubanelles and poblanos before moving on to serranos and jalapenos. Bring it up a notch if your taste buds get used to these spices. You can add seeded, chopped chilies to meals.

Begin with milder chilies like cubanelles and poblanos before jumping into serranos and jalapenos. My friend who worked up his hot tolerance advised,” It requires to be gradual, but do not be afraid to go a bit too spicy now and then.  

You do not need to douse every food with hot sauce; however, if you like to stretch your tolerance, you have to have an occasional meal, leaving you with a burning mouth. It is like exercising your muscle.

Keep it on the Side 

My friend often cooks for many people, needing to balance the spicy fanatics with those who are not. One best ways he found to carry this out was by serving spicy salsa or sauces on the Side. Therefore each one can add to their liking. This idea is valuable if you’re trying to boost your tolerance while others may not be as fascinated. 

Have Coolants Available 

Have a cup of milk to go with a meal, or combine a spoonful of sour cream with your salsa. Dairy products go a long way in taming spicy gain. A fantastic tip is to have hot food with something which is a natural coolant for your body. Also, you’ll find that Mexican and Indian food are likely to have lime or cilantro that are cooling and assist in easing the strong impact of spicy food. 

Never Force it 

Not everyone’s stomach can handle hot or spicy foods. You must stop if you experience pain repeatedly after incorporating spiciness into the diet. It is not for you. 

How to Use Hot Sauce?

If you are confident in the heat level you can handle, all that is left to do is explore and experiment. Here is what you want to know about some famous hot sauces and how to use them. 


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Perhaps you will recognize this hot sauce most popularly as Red Hot or Tabasco- a thin, a bit salty sauce that you can use as a cooking ingredient or condiment. Typically, it is a simple mixture of chili peppers, salt, and vinegar, pureed.

Even if some types go one step forward and ferment the pureed product, the versatility of tobacco and relative mildness on the spicy scale make it a good entry-level sauce you can try if you are first tempting your spicy-seeking taste buds. 

You can use this hot sauce in meat marinades; it boosts the taste of pulled pork sandwiches, mixed into dips, noodle bowls, and dishes like Creole sausage pasta, and generously sprinkled over burgers, tacos, pizzas, and more. 


This is a Mexican-style hot sauce with the same thin consistency as Louisiana hot sauce, but use a sparing amount of vinegar. Typically, it is made from a mixture of jalapeno, habanero, chipotle, and pequin chilies.

You can put it into stews and soups, add some to taco dip, or drizzle it over eggs, roasted veggies, and potatoes.

Chili Garlic

A chili garlic sauce utilizes many of the same ingredients as Sriracha; however, a bit chunkier, spicier, and has a fresh punch of garlic. Typically, it has hot red chili peppers, white vinegar, garlic, and salt. You can also use this sauce as a condiment, but it is ideal to use while cooking.

You can mix this hot sauce into dips such as chili mayo for sweet potato wedges, stir-fries, or soups or drop some on noodle bowls.


This is one of the most popular hot sauces today. You have to keep your eyes out for many recipes containing this hot sauce to begin popping up everywhere- it is a vital part of cooking in North Africa that is gaining remarkable popularity stateside.

It is a thick paste made from a mixture of dried chilies like Serrano oil, bird’s eye, herbs, and spices such as cumin, coriander, garlic, and caraway. It comes canned or jarred, and you can buy this in food stores near you.

You can use it as a condiment or for cooking. You can also mix this with ketchup for a hot way of dipping your fries. Mix it into West African Chicken Stew, braised beef, etc.

Green/Red Chile

Red and green chili is also standard in many Mexican restaurants. The green or red chili sauce is drizzled, smothered, stuffed, or stirred into virtually any dish from breakfast to dinner. These sauces are made with green or red New Mexico chili peppers like Pueblo, Hatch, or the Rio Grande, garlic, onion, chicken stock, cumin, and some flour for thickening.

You will find it on burritos, enchiladas, eggs, tamales, and potatoes. You can use this hot sauce in making chilies Rellenos. You can also pour it over burritos, tuck it into eggs, etc.

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