How Much Does Sushi Cost in America? A Detailed Pricing Guide

How much does sushi cost in America? If you love delicious sushi, you may wonder about pricing at restaurants across the country. Sushi can be a budget-friendly dinner option or an ultra-luxe experience depending on where and what you order. Read on for key facts about sushi costs in the US.

In general, expect to spend $20-30 per person at an average sushi spot before tax and tip. A meal with 3-4 rolls at $12-15 each hits the sweet spot for most casual diners. On the low end, basic sushi can run as little as $15 per person. At high-end omakase restaurants, the bill can soar over $50-100 per diner, sometimes up to $750 for special chef’s menus!

Location impacts prices too. Sushi rolls cost the most in New York and LA, with Miami close behind after 10% year-over-year increases. On the affordable end, basic rolls in New Orleans average just $5.40. Across the US, fancy sushi now averages $15.79, with steep hikes in Charlotte, Portland, and Seattle.

Clearly, sushi costs vary widely depending on restaurant style, location, and ingredients. But in most spots, $20-30 per person covers a solid sushi meal. Now let’s really dig into the dollars and cents behind America’s sushi scene. Grab your chopsticks and read on!

Average Cost of Sushi Restaurant Meals

What’s the typical pricetag for sushi restaurant dining? Here’s what to expect:

  • At casual spots, allow $20-30 per person before tip and tax
  • Ordering 3-4 rolls at $12-15 each satisfies most diners
  • On the budget end, basic rolls can cost as little as $15 per person

At this mid-range pricing, two people can enjoy great sushi at around $40-60 total. A pretty affordable night out!

Factors That Influence Sushi Pricing

From basic rolls to luxury omakase, many elements impact your final sushi restaurant bill:


Major cities with high rents and demand charge more. Think New York, Los Angeles, Miami.

Restaurant Style

Upscale and omakase venues command higher pricing than casual, takeout-style spots.


Premium fish like uni or bluefin tuna costs more than salmon or tilapia rolls.

Chef Reputation

Celebrity sushi chefs can set prices exceeding $100 per piece.

Cost Range of Sushi Across the US

Sushi isn’t cheap everywhere. Here’s the cost range coast to coast:

  • On the low end, basic rolls average $15 per person
  • At casual spots, expect $20-30 per person
  • Upscale restaurants charge $50-100+ per person
  • High-end omakase can cost $750+ per diner

In major metros, even casual sushi starts at $20 per person. But deals can be found if you know where to look!

Highest Priced Sushi Cities

In certain dining destinations, sushi doesn’t come cheap. The priciest places for rolls include:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami – prices rose 10% year-over-year

Large metros with wealthy diners and high demands pay sushi restaurants’ bills. So expect elevated pricing in these cities.

Most Affordable Sushi Cities

On the flip side, these cities offer cheaper sushi rolls:

  • New Orleans – basic rolls average just $5.40
  • Portland
  • Charlotte
  • Seattle

For budget-friendly sushi, look outside the major coastal dining hubs. Heartland sushi spots offer great value!

Average Cost of Omakase Sushi

At high-end omakase restaurants, sushi becomes a luxury experience with checks to match:

  • Average omakase meal cost: $100-200 per person
  • Can exceed $500-750+ at elite restaurants
  • Price excludes drinks, tax, tip

You pay for the show at omakase – watching master chefs prepare edible art. Just expect a hefty bill.

Ways to Save on Sushi

Love sushi but can’t afford sky-high omakase? Use these sushi cost-cutting tips:

  • Seek out happy hour deals with reduced pricing on rolls
  • Order veggie rolls – avocado and cucumber cost less than fancy fish
  • Split rolls with a friend to sample more varieties
  • Go for simple rolls with fewer ingredients
  • Check the specials menu for chef deals
  • Eat early – lunch sets are often cheaper than dinner

The Takeaway on Sushi Pricing

So how much does sushi cost in the United States? The price can vary wildly from $15 to $750 per person depending on restaurant style, location, ingredients and extras. At casual spots, $20-30 per person is typical. High-end omakase checks average $100-200 per diner.

No matter your budget, do your sushi research to find great value. Seek happy hours, split rolls, and go meat-free to save. Now enough number-crunching – it’s time for a spicy tuna roll!

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