Why Does Your Cat Like To Eat Spicy Chips? 

It can be very tempting to allow your pet to eat everything you do. However, while some human foods may not necessarily be harmful to pets, it is not always advisable to feed your cat spicy foods like chips. 

Cats like spicy chips for their crispness and the fact that they hate to feel left out of any beneficial moment. Cats can only nibble lightly at spicy chips but do not essentially like eating them since most spicy chips are high in salt content and capsaicin. Although cats cannot taste capsaicin, they can feel its burning effect

If you are a committed pet owner, you will observe that your cat likes to participate in every fun activity around you, and that includes eating. If you love eating spicy chips this article will help you understand why you may not have to always share every sack with your pet. 

Can Cats Eat or Taste Spicy Foods?

Unfortunately, Cats cannot taste spicy foods because they are generally too intense for them. However, most cats will attempt to eat spicy foods because of their conspicuous aroma. The capsaicin in most spicy foods produces undesirable effects on cats, causing gastrointestinal and digestive problems. 

Furthermore, cats are unable to process the complex flavors of most spicy foods as their taste buds and palates are pretty sensitive. 

Do Cats Like Spicy Chips? What Happens When Your Cat Eats Spicy Chips?

Cats are categorized as obligate carnivores, meaning they love meat-based foods and would rarely go for spicy chips. Although cats need a healthy dose of carbohydrates, proteins, and other complex nutrients in their diet, you do not need to feed them spicy chips. 

In general, chips are a “not so healthy snack” for human beings because of their high salt content and saturated fats. Similarly, spicy chips are not particularly healthy for cats as they can contribute to high blood sodium and fat. 

More importantly, spicy chips can generate immediate negative consequences for your cat. Examples include but are not limited to an upset stomach, digestive disorders, etc. Furthermore, your cat relies on you to make critical decisions concerning their diet as they are unable to make rational and informed choices.

What Reasons Make Cats Want To Eat Spicy Foods?

Your cat will most likely indicate interest in eating spicy chips because most spicy foods are high in flavoring. Also, cats are curious and sensitive, so they can tell when you are enjoying something or not. Since cats like to never feel left out, your cat might be emotionally attracted to your pack of spicy chips, especially when it sees you appearing to enjoy it.

Here are a few enticing factors that can cause a cat to want to eat spicy chips even though they may not tolerate the spice content.

  • An exciting aroma
  • The texture of the food
  • Warm temperature

Food Aroma

Most cats possess an over-sensitive sense of smell and use it as their first impression of any food substance. As a result, most cats will only consider eating a product when it smells exciting and inviting. What’s more, the aroma of the food is enough to attract the cat’s curiosity and hold it till the cat begins to nibble.  

Food Texture

An appealing texture will always invite your cat to nibble since cats love foods that feel soft and smooth. Essentially, most cats love smooth surfaces as much as they like smooth textured foods. 

Food Temperature

Most cats enjoy their food warm. As a result, the warm temperature and feeling of a dish can make it appealing to a cat even though it might not be in its best interest. Cats do not like to eat foods of extreme temperatures whether hot or cold. 

Cat-Friendly vs Non-Cat-Friendly Spices

Even though some herbs and spics are tolerable for cats, it is advisable to ensure that your cat’s consumption rate is low. 

Here is a table showing spices that cats can tolerate against those that are not healthy for cat consumption.

Cat-Friendly SpicesHealth Benefits
ThymeTakes care of germs
LicoriceSoothes cat allergies/Eases inflammation/Clears airways.
Peppermint/Rosemary/ChamomileSoothes itchy skin
GingerAids stomach upset/Nausea 

Non-Cat-Friendly Spices/Foods

The following spices yield antagonistic effects on your cat and should be avoided. Essentially most human foods are not cat-friendly. 

Non-Cat-Friendly Spices/FoodsNegative Effects on Cats
CoffeeHeart rate spikes/Nervousness
AlcoholUnconsciousness/Liver failure
TunaMercury poisoning
Heavy-duty dairyLactose intolerance
Raw fish and meatThiamine destruction
NutmegHallucinations/Abdominal cramps
CinnamonSystemic toxicity

Fun Fact: Veterinary nutritionists do not recommend spices for cats or any pet for that matter.

Can I Give My Cat Treats?

Occasionally treating your cat to some sweets and snacks might not yield any negative effects. However, too much sugary food can produce negative digestive effects for your cat. Examples of problems associated with giving your cat too many treats include but are not limited to:

Stomach upset, diarrhea, lactose intolerance, etc. 

Should I Feed My Cat With Human Foods?

Although cats can eat human food, they are not supposed to consume most human foods in large quantities. Therefore, most pet companies continue to increase the production of cat and pet foods. 

Cat foods are prepared with all food nutrients infused into one meal to supply all essential micro and macronutrients while maintaining cat-friendly qualities. As a pet owner, you are responsible for your cat’s feeding and should take it seriously. 

Furthermore, you should always consult your veterinary doctor when deciding on what types of foods for your cat. 

Cat Feeding Precautions

To ensure the safety of your cat, by monitoring its feeding, here are some precautionary measures you should take, especially to avoid giving it human foods:

  • Feed your cat separately
  • Keep all human foods, drinks, and medication out of reach
  • Clean up your space after having your meals to prevent your cat from accessing the scraps and leftovers. 

Fun Fact: Cats don’t have taste receptors for sweet foods? Sadly, they cannot enjoy the taste of ketchup like humans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens to Your Cat When They Eat Spicy Stuff?

When you expose your cat to many spicy foods, you risk the development of several undesirable outcomes like vomiting, an upset stomach, digestive problems, diarrhea, weakness, etc. The reason is due to an interaction between the cat’s mucosal membranes and capsaicin. Even though some cats may go unharmed with capsaicin exposure, it is not the best for them.

Do Cats Actually Enjoy Eating Spicy Foods?

In general, most cats can sense spiciness because of their flavor intensity, but the capsaicin in most spicy foods is undesirable to cats. Cats only insist on wanting to taste spicy foods because of their naturally inquisitive nature and the feeling of not wanting to be left behind. As a result, they might attempt to nibble at spicy food but do not enjoy them in actuality. 

What Flavors Can a Cat Taste?

Even though cats are mammals they do not have a similar tongue to humans. There is a significant difference between cats’ tongues and other mammals. Although cats have fewer taste buds compared to other mammals, they can significantly taste the following flavors: sour, bitter, salty, and umami. A cat’s sense of taste is highly connected to its sense of smell. 

Final Thoughts

Even though most mammals enjoy spicy foods, cats can only have a few spicy chips because of their attraction to the salty and crispy feel. However, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to as much as possible regulate what your cat eats. Too many spicy foods while not initially harmful can produce undesirable effects on your cat’s health.

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