Where to Find Sushi at Walmart – In Store, Online, and Sushi Bars

Looking to pick up sushi at Walmart but not sure where to find it? This guide has you covered on locating sushi selections at Walmart stores or online.

Craving sushi but don’t want to go to a restaurant? Many Walmart locations now sell ready-made sushi onsite or online. However, sushi offerings can vary by store. Here’s how to track down packaged sushi or in-store sushi bars at Walmart.

First, check Walmart’s website under the Prepared Meals section for sushi trays, rolls, nigiri and more available for delivery. You can also browse the Sushi & Japanese Food page. If your local Walmart has a sushi bar, you may find it listed there. Select stores even have Hissho Sushi bars inside.

When visiting a Walmart, head to the refrigerated deli case or prepared foods section to find packaged sushi options. For a sushi bar, look for restaurant seating near the front entrance. Call your neighborhood Walmart ahead to ask if they carry sushi before making the trip.

Keep in mind sushi selection and quality varies across Walmart locations. With a combination of online ordering and an in-store search, you should be able to get your sushi fix from Walmart.

Ready to get your sushi on? Keep reading for pro tips on choosing the freshest and tastiest sushi from Walmart.

Shop for Sushi on Walmart’s Website

The easiest way to find sushi at Walmart is to order it online for delivery or in-store pickup. Walmart’s website has an entire section dedicated to sushi which includes trays, rolls, nigiri and more. You can also browse sushi options under Prepared Meals & Sides.

Walmart lists the sushi sold at each location, so you can quickly see if your neighborhood store offers the sushi you want. Opt for in-store pickup to grab your sushi on the way home. Or get it delivered to your doorstep.

Check Your Local Store’s Deli Case

If you prefer to select sushi in person, head to your local Walmart and look for the refrigerated deli case, usually near the front of the store. This is where you’ll find packaged sushi from brands like Banzai and Dragon Roll. Options may include California rolls, rainbow rolls, spam musubi, sushi trays, seaweed salad and more.

The deli case also stocks refrigerated Asian meals and sides like poke bowls, edamame and seaweed snacks that pair nicely with sushi.

Find the Prepared Foods Section

In addition to the main deli area, scope out the prepared foods section or grab-and-go refrigerators. These are sometimes located in a different part of the store, like near the produce. Here you may find additional fresh sushi rolls, sashimi and Japanese salads.

Check ingredient labels and pick the sushi with the latest sell-by date for optimum freshness.

Look for In-Store Sushi Bars

A small number of Walmarts have sushi bars or sushi restaurants inside the store. For example, the Walmart Supercenter in West Plano, Texas contains the Hissho Sushi & Wine Bar. You can dine-in or order sushi to-go.

Another location with a Hissho Sushi outpost is the Walmart Supercenter on South Pleasant Crossing Boulevard in Rogers, Arkansas. This Hissho Sushi & Craft Beer Bar allows customers to pair sushi with local brews.

Call Ahead to Check Sushi Availability

To save time, call your local Walmart store in advance and ask if they sell sushi in-store or have a sushi bar. Many locations do not carry sushi, so it’s best to check availability first before making the trip.

The customer service counter can look up their inventory to confirm if sushi is sold at that store. They may also know if pre-packaged sushi can be found in the deli case versus prepared foods section.

Examine Sushi Quality Before Buying

Be choosy when selecting sushi from Walmart. Closely examine the sushi for freshness before purchasing:

  • Fish should look glossy, firm and odor-free
  • Rice should seem sticky and hold its shape
  • Seaweed should lie flat and not be slimy
  • Ingredients should all be fully covered by rice with no water leakage
  • Packaging should be Secure with no tears, stains or moisture inside
  • Best by date should be as far out as possible

Prioritize rolls made that day and eat ASAP for best flavor and texture.

Take Precautions When Eating Walmart Sushi

While Walmart does sell ready-made sushi, keep in mind it may not meet the same freshness standards as sushi from a restaurant. Take precautions:

  • Consume sushi within 24 hours of purchase for food safety
  • Refrigerate immediately and keep sushi chilled until eating
  • Microwave sushi for 1-2 minutes prior to consuming to reduce bacteria risk
  • Avoid sushi if you are in a high-risk group like pregnant women, young children or the elderly
  • Stop consumption if sushi smells fishy or has an off appearance

So next time a sushi craving strikes, look no further than your neighborhood Walmart. With the wide selection of sushi online and potentially in your local store, you can easily satisfy your sushi fix.

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