When to Pick Poblano Pepper? (Best Time To Pick)

Do you love the flavor of poblano peppers? These variations of peppers are delicious and used in various foods, from chile Rellenos to enchiladas. If you plan to grow poblano peppers in your backyard, then it is vital to know when to pick them. 

In this article, I will show you the right time to pick poblano peppers, and stay tuned for some tips on harvesting and storing your peppers.

So, when to pick poblano peppers?

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Poblanos peppers are ready to be picked when they are about four to six inches long, and the skin has a silky sheen. To be precise, the poblanos peppers at this phase are immature. That’s fine, though, as the spice level is nominal when they are green. It may take 65 – 80 days to plant.

On the other hand, if you want to smoke or dry your poblano peppers, leave them under the sun until they become red.

Poblano peppers have an earthy flavor with hints of chocolate, particularly when dried. They commonly add a zing to various dishes like spaghetti sauces, steaks, sandwiches, and more.

I love this chile pepper because it is easy to grow. The harvesting process is also fast and not complicated compared to other varieties.

What are Poblano Peppers, and Where they Came From?

The poblano peppers are very popular chili pepper in Mexico. The fruits usually grow four inches long and are extremely dark green, maturing to dark brown or red. They are mainly harvested when green for cooking. They are mild chile peppers, a little bit large, and have a shape of a heart.

What Month Do You Harvest Poblano Peppers?

Poblanos are usually ready to be picked 65 days after they are planted. Since many people will begin their poblano seeds indoors in February, you’ll harvest them in April.

How To Know If Poblanos Are Ready to Harvest

The perfect time to pick poblano peppers is if the fruits turn dark green and become firm. If you wait longer, the poblano peppers will become black or red and less tasteful. Harvesting these peppers early on will lead to smaller fruits; however, they will be more tasteful.

It depends on the variety of poblano peppers that can be picked from the plant anytime between sixty-five to ninety-five days after planting. When reaping these peppers, use a pointed knife or scissor to cut them off the plant. Make sure to leave one inch of stem connected to the pepper, so it is able to keep on growing.

Also, looking at the color is the best way to know if they are already mature. Your poblanos must be black or dark green and not wrinkled. They are perhaps too ripe if they are beginning to turn purple or red. Another method to know is by touching them. Your poblanos must be firm without soft spots.

If you are unsure whether the poblanos are ripe, it is better to err on the side of warning and harvest them earlier than later. Harvesting your peppers too late can lead to a less tasteful pepper. So, the next time you harvest poblano peppers, always keep these tips in mind.

What Color is Poblano Pepper When Ripe?

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The color of this pepper will differ depending on how mature it is. Green poblano peppers are not ripe; the color will become black or dark green once it is totally ripe. The inside of red poblanos is also red when totally mature. There might be some difference in hue because of growing or climate conditions, but generally, these are the colors you can look forward to.

How Big Do My Homegrown Poblanos Get?

The dimension of homegrown poblanos can differ; however, usually, they grow to be 2 ½ feet tall. Some variations might get even larger. These peppers are often used in Mexican recipes, have a mildly spicy taste, and are ideal for stuffing with meat, cheese, and other fillings.

Poblanos are the best choice if you want to add some spiciness to your cuisines.

Will My Poblanos Turn Red?

Your poblanos will become red when left on the plant long enough. This is a usual event with most peppers because they will transform color as they are ripe. Poblanos that are left to mature fully will be a deep red color and relatively sweet. I use them in many dishes, both savory and sweet.

Poblanos are the best option if you search for red peppers with a mild taste. You can find them at many grocery stores, usually relatively inexpensive. Make sure to try them in your recipes.

How many months does it take for this pepper to become red?

After planting seeds for two months, poblanos will become red. Some might even become dark black or purple. This is when these peppers are flavorful and sweet. However, ensure to harvest your poblanos before the frost strikes because this will harm the plant.

How many fruits will my plant produce?

The poblano plant can produce about 125 peppers. This makes them a good choice for people who like to have a good supply of this kind of chili pepper. This is easy to cultivate, making it a perfect option for first time gardeners. When poblanos are grown in the right conditions, they can thrive and produce a lot of fruits.

What is the right way of harvesting poblanos?

  • The initial step is to determine the pepper plants.
  • Typically they are black or dark green and grow up to 25 inches tall.
  • The fruits will be approximately 2 to 4 inches long and 2 inches wide at ripeness.
  • If the peppers have reached ripeness, clip them carefully from the plant using sharp scissors.
  • Ensure to cut off the stem of the fruit too.
  • When harvesting more peppers, it might be helpful to wear gloves and avoid getting residue on your hands.
  • Store the newly picked peppers in a dry place, which will keep for approximately two weeks. Also, you can freeze your peppers for later application.

Which is hotter, orange or red poblano pepper?

It is vital to remember that these peppers are just mildly spicy as opposed to other variations. The red type is a bit hotter than green and orange peppers, but the level of spiciness is minimal. Because of this, they’re utilized in lots of recipes and dishes.

Some good examples include roasted peppers pureeing into the salad dressing or putting broiled peppers into guacamole. They add a hint of hotness without being overpowering. You can also use them for garnishing bloody Mary.

Why Are My Poblano Peppers Not Hot?

One popular reason your poblanos don’t taste hot is that you picked them early on. While these peppers might have been ready to harvest, full-grown and deep green hue, the longer you enable them to mature on the plant, the spicier the taste will be. 

Always remember that these peppers are not regarded as hot pepper. Therefore, even when you allow these to mature until they become red, they will not be as spicier as other variations of peppers you might be more acquainted with.

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