Is Brazilian Food Spicy? Top 8 Dishes that Hot, Spicy, and Delicious.

Is Brazilian food spicy? If you live outside this country, it is hard to comprehend the culture and food of Brazil. Many likely have an image of Brazil puzzles with other Central and Latin American nations, such as Colombia or Mexico. This is a wrong idea. Because Brazil is the only nation in the South American region that Portugal colonized, it has its customs and traditions.

Brazilian food is not spicy and is more identical to European than Mexican food, as Portugal colonized the country. However, there are spicy foods or cuisines in Brazil, mainly in Bahia. The food will likely be extremely seasoned and packed with mouthwatering flavor, not spicy.

Don’t get me wrong; I love pepper and spices. It is one of the most used condiments in Brazil. It is in Bahia, where the dish is spicy, and we ate a lot of pepper as pickled or sauces.

Where to Find Spicy Foods in Brazil?


Many Brazilian dishes are identical to German, Italian, or French cuisines regarding how spicy they are. However, if you love spicy dishes and like to go to the most stunning and culturally rich places in Brazil, Bahia state is the best choice.

The state of Bahia is a place where you can find genuinely spicy foods. Each time they ask if you like cold or hot food, they mean how hot or spicy you want. If you answer hot, well, brace yourself.

Bahia is a significant part of the history of the country. It was on the coast of what became Bahia state that Pedro Alvares Cabral- the one who discovered the country arrived in 1500.

Top 8 Brazilian Dishes to Try for Spicy Lovers

As I mentioned above, Brazilian food is not that spicy compared to other countries; however, there are some dishes, especially in Bahia, that are relatively spicy such as:



This is considered one of the most renowned recipes in Bahia. This is one of the most purchased street foods.

Acaraje is very flavorful and takes account of a tiny Brazilian fritter made of black-eyed peas. This is shaped into balls fried in palm oil or Azeite de Dende in Brazil. This cuisine uses ground dried shrimp and onions to give it an additional punch in flavor.

After frying, the balls are cut into two and filled with Vatapa, a sauce made of dried shrimp, coconut milk, ground peanuts, and last but not least, pepper. This is what makes this dish spicy. This is one of the many delicious spicy foods I love so much in Bahia.



Another mouthwatering dish that you must try in this place is the Moqueza. This is a Brazilian fish stew that is easy and simple to prepare, and it is remarkably delicious.

Moqueca is served along with rice, and it is incredible how good this dish is. The dish is made with your selection of fish and simmered in fresh coconut milk with chilies, lime, cilantro, tomatoes, and onion. This dish is highly spicy in Bahia as they add more chilies. However, in some states, the level of hotness or spiciness is lighter.

Crispy Brazilian Chilli poppers

Brazilian Chilli poppers

Brazilian chili poppers are usually made using dried beef as the filling. However, some versions of this dish also combine dried beef with cheese for another thrilling and exciting combination. This is a good appetizer or snack.

Brazilian chili poppers are composed of easily available ingredients such as grated cheese, wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, parmesan cheese, and red chilies, particularly dedo de moca or Jalapeno.

It is one of the hottest types of pepper in Brazil and all over the world as well. This is best served with vinegar or ketchup. When making this recipe, it is highly recommended that you don’t remove the stems of the chili as they will give a helpful way of holding it once it is fried.

Brazilian Vatapa Sauce

Vatapa Sauce

This is something that you need to give a try in Brazil. This is an Afro-Brazilian dish popular in Brazil. This creamy and super spicy stew is usually served and eaten with a fried bead and an onion dough ball, originating in Nigeria. Also, it is best served along with rice, and in a western country, with bread or toast. This dish is delicious as well as full of fantastic flavor. It would help if you gave this dish a try.

Vaca Atolada

Vaca Atolada

This is a Brazilian cuisine prepared with garlic, beef ribs, tomatoes, cassava, onions, parsley, and chili pepper. The marinated meat is cooked and drenched in a sauce, so Vaca Atolada has another name for a cow stuck in the mud. 

It is also advisable to use urucum seed or ground color.

Vaca Atolada is a very spicy meat cuisine traditionally served with rice, while fresh green salads are frequently served on the side. This is particularly popular in the inner parts of the country, specifically the Minas Gerais state.

Linguica sausage

Linguica sausage

This is also one of the prevalent spicy foods that every spicy food lover must try should they visit Brazil. Sausage is typical in all Portuguese-speaking countries. However, the linguica sausage is a fresh version, but others include smoking and drying it and adding different spices like turmeric.

This is easy to prepare, and the ingredients are also readily available such as fatty pork, chopped flat-leaf parsley, garlic cloves, ground black pepper, salt, chili flakes, water, and sausage casing.

Caldo de Feijão

Caldo de Feijão

More than simply a soup of black beans, this dish combines many other ingredients such as garlic, onion, bacon, parsley, and chili pepper for a rich and spicy taste. It is served and eaten in a tiny bowl which is only a bit bigger than a shot glass.

This is one of the best dishes I love in Brazil.



This is a grainy crepe-like flatbread made with starch of cassava that is first moistened, passed on a sieve as coarse flour, and sprinkled on a pan. The heat makes this starch bind. This can be filled with savory ingredients and served hot and spicy. 

Where Else Can I Found Spicy Food in Brazil?

Spicy foods are found in a lesser amount in Mina Gerais. For instance, Galinhada is a very spicy chicken and rice cuisine preferred by many regional residents. Other examples are the Bamba de Couve with onions, collard greens, cornmeal, garlic, and chili flakes.


Brazil is a big country with a different food scene. You can find tasty cheesy snacks as easily as fruity and sweet desserts, and it is impossible to miss the many Brazilian spicy foods. If you want to try some of the spicy foods in Brazil, it is advisable to visit Bahia.


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