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6 Mind-Blowing Facts On Da’ Bomb Hot Sauces (How To Use Properly)

Love Da Bomb hot sauce and want to know how to use it? Search no more, as we have creative ideas for adding it to the whole thing, from caramel sauce to waffle batter. But before that, let us know about the first Da Bomb hot sauce.

What is Da Bomb Hot Sauce?

Da Bomb hot sauce combines Smokey Chipotle, Habanero Peppers, and natural pepper extract to make a sauce that measures 135,000 SHU. It is scalding, so take one drop at a time with extra caution.

Da Bomb ingredients are chipotle puree, habanero peppers, water, juice concentrates, orange, tomato paste, natural pepper flavoring, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate.

You must consider this hot sauce if you love a smoky chipotle flavor that is hotter than hell. You can scent the aroma of chipotle upon opening the bottle. You can also state the smokiness and a bit of sweetness from the orange juice and habaneros right away. As this build, the tomato paste is further pronounced, providing the hot sauce acidic properties in this taste profile.

This hot sauce will overtake whatever thing you consume if you don’t treat it with respect. This is made for drops and not for drizzles and not for pours if you are a sane individual.

One of the Strongest Hot Sauces

Da Bomb is a hot sauce that everybody loves to hate. It comes in four levels of pain such as Ghost Pepper at 22.800 SHU, Beyond Insanity at 135.000 SHU, Ground Zero at 321, 900 SHU, and Final Answer at 1.5 million SHU>

Hotter than Hell

It is worth mentioning that this hot sauce is hotter than hell. You will cry out loud and feel like you want to die if you consume a lot. I did not mean to yell, and I have to clarify that although you blast in a habanero pepper quickly, this hot sauce will surely get you. Da Bomb has 135,600 SHU and feels like that and more. This isn’t a sauce to give to your loved ones or friends. 


Da Bomb hot sauce with smoky chipotle is a hot sauce you pair with meats if you want a real kick of hotness. It is delicious when combined with a wing sauce and is a remarkable addition to steak sauce. But again, you will not utilize it a lot. A lingering heat can overtake a dish if you use it too much. 

The tricky portion for usability is the spurt. I believe the size of two pencil erasers is way too massive for a sauce of its nature. The spout must make it harder for this wild beast to be let out. 


Da bomb

This hot sauce walks the talk on its label or packaging. The bottle is thicker glass as well as looks like a small bomb. Da Bomb on the label with burning fire at the back of it paints a good picture of what you are about to walk into if you try this super hot sauce.

The labeling and font have an outdated vibe that adds to its charm appearance. It is undoubtedly a fun collectible hot sauce, it only looks wicked, so it means fun all in one. This is the bottle you can keep in your kitchen after consuming the sauce to remind yourself of how crazy you are to finish this super spicy hot sauce.

The Flavor is Not Great

The smell is not bad on this hot sauce. It smells pepper-forward with notes of citrus. It’s not too bad on this hot sauce. It smells pepper-forward with notes of citrus. The bites are strange and harsh, with too much orange and not enough pepper. Pepper does make it taste strange, likely because of the application of pepper extract or the natural flavor of pepper.

Even if the flavor of this hot sauce is not that great, that is not the primary purpose of this hot sauce. It is intended to be a gag, challenge, or prank for your friends to play around with. It is not so hot that you will fear death. However, you will surely be sweating, which is the whole point.

Da Bomb Hot Sauce Consistency

This hot sauce indeed runs on the thicker side. This is great as you may not need much of this thing. 1 or 2 drops is enough to kick up a wok of stew, and a small drop is also enough for the tasting experience. 

How to Use Da Bomb Hot Sauce

There are a lot of ways how to use Da Bomb sauce. Just make sure to use it sparingly or in moderation due to its high level of hotness. 

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings: A single drop of the hot sauce gets tossed with this baked chicken wing for a kick of hotness, a finger-licking game-day snack with friends or loved ones. 
  • Marinade: A small drop of this hot sauce adds the characteristics of hotness to bulgogi, a mouthwatering grilled beef cuisine. Take this method to other dishes, too- a small drop of Da Bomb hot sauce isn’t amiss in a wet BBQ rub, for example. 
  • All Purpose Spicy Sauce: This hot sauce is remarkably stirred into chicken or tuna salad, spread onto your sandwiches, and even combined into chopped sashimi-grade fish or crab for a hot and spicy sushi roll
  • Stir Fry: In my kitchen, Da Bomb is the weapon of choice for boosting the saddest takeout. Pork and veggie recipes are bland, but I have known to squirt a small amount of Da Bomb for a superb stir-fry dish. 
  • Cheesy Toast: There is not which progresses a serious soup dinner like a slice of bread, toasted with a small amount of hot sauce and some cheddar cheese to balance the taste. By the way, Da Bomb hot sauce is good even if you don’t put it inside the fridge. You can store it in a cool and dry pantry without ill effects. 

As I’ve mentioned, you need to be extra careful when using this hot sauce to avoid wasting your food, as you can’t resist the hotness. 

Where Can I Purchase Da Bomb Hot Sauce?

You can buy this hot sauce from online retailers like eBay and Amazon. I suggest using any of the resources mentioned, but ensure to look around for the best possible price. I have seen prices for this hot sauce that range from $10 to $18 on different websites, so research and get the best possible price.

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Is Da Bomb Hot Sauce Worth It?

This is not a glowing review. I love many other hot sauces better than this one. On the other hand, I know its real purpose, and I know first-hand why people are reacting the way they do on hot ones, and I feel their pain.

If you are a little bit insane, drop some on a batch of kitchen wings and have an exciting evening with some friends and some beers.

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