How to Make Jerk Chicken Sauce Less Spicy

How to Make Jerk Chicken Sauce Less Spicy

Jerk Chicken is one of the spiciest and most popular dishes in Jamaica. It is a smoking hot dish, and many people can’t handle its spice level. The spice level can however be reduced, and this article will discuss how exactly you can make your jerk chicken sauce less spicy.

You can make Jerk Chicken Sauce less spicy by serving it with nuts, drinks with acidic flavors like lime, and dairy products like natural yogurt, canned coconut milk, or sour cream. Sweeteners such as sugar or honey can also be used to tone down the heat.

Jerk Spice is a hot, spicy mixture mixed into chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables to make Jerk Chicken Sauce. One of the main ingredients in jerk spice is scotch bonnet pepper. With 80,000 to 400,000 Scoville units of heat, you can be sure that Jerk Chicken sauce makes the meal spicy!

Five Ways to Make Jerk Chicken Sauce Less Spicy

The Jerk Chicken Sauce is prepared by first blending or chopping chicken into small pieces, then marinating or dry-rubbing the chicken, and finally tossing the chicken in a sauce that is made with scotch bonnet pepper and other hot seasonings.

If the sauce on your Jerk Chicken is too spicy for your tongue, there are a few things you can do to ease the pain, including the following:

1. Apply Nuts

For some chili sauce, adding an extra scoop of peanut butter is not a bad idea. This would help you smooth the flames. The extra flavor and its creamy texture will be a savior in this situation. There is also the option of using cashew or almond butter.

2. Improvise or Substitute The Ingredients

In the event that the recipe’s components are excessive, you have the option to improvise or include an additional component that will complement the other elements of the recipe while also reducing the level of spiciness.

Good candidates for this include beef broth, canned beans, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, avocados, and cooked rice prepared with coconut milk.

3. Go With Dairy Products

Capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers and chilies their fiery and hot quality, can be inactivated by a compound found in milk or yogurt, which, in turn, reduces the intensity of the heat.

A generous cup of milk, sour cream, or yogurt can be served alongside a jerk chicken sauce that has a lot of different spices in it. Try sprinkling some cheese over the top for optimal results.

4. Sweets Can Also Defeat The Heat!

One additional method for tempering the heat of the Jerk Chicken sauce is to incorporate a sweetener of some kind. The heat from the spice can be toned down by adding a light mist of sugar or honey to the dish. Sometimes ketchup is used. Stir in some jerk chicken sauce to combine the flavors nicely.

5. Use Acid-flavored Liquids

There are also beverages, like lemonade or limeade, that can do the trick. You could serve it as a complimentary drink, or even better, squeeze some of it into the sauce for the jerk chicken.

Also, the addition of tomato sauce or vinegar can help to strike a balance between the heat.

What Makes Jerk Chicken Sauce So Spicy?

Jerk Chicken sauce is extremely spicy due to the presence of the scotch bonnet pepper, as previously stated.

Pimento and allspice are added to Jerk chicken to boost flavor and ensure proper marinating. Jerk chicken is marinated for 12–24 hours in Jamaica before cooking. However, this time frame could differ, depending on the chef and location. 

What Does Jerk Chicken Sauce Taste Like?

The flavor of Jerk Chicken Sauce can be described as being anywhere from fiery to tangy. In addition to the heat, the spices and the gnashed chicken taste very fresh and are packed with juice and flavor.

Jerk Chicken Sauce, which originated in the Caribbean, can be made with herbal spices and ingredients. With the addition of allspice and nutmeg, as well as the fiery heat of scotch bonnet, the sauce blends with the flavor of the chicken and produces a seasoned spicy taste.

Is Jerk Chicken Healthy?

Yes, Jerk Chicken is healthy. It is rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. Chicken is an ideal option if one is trying to lose weight or gain shape and it makes a great pair with salad. It could be taken for a fitness diet.

Also, cinnamon is a good addition to Jerk Chicken recipes. It helps alleviate arthritis pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Jalapeno peppers are harmful to cancer cells and also increase the body’s metabolism.

The downside, however, is consuming burnt jerk chicken. Burnt jerk chicken is hazardous to one’s health. To get the best from Jerk Chicken, make sure it is thoroughly cooked both on the interior and exterior. Ensure that it doesn’t get burnt either.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jerk Chicken Sauce High in Sodium?

Typically, a good Jerk chicken sauce with ingredients like peas and rice contains 7.6g of salt. It is equivalent to 19 packets of ready-salted crisps.

What is the Calorie Level of Jerk Chicken Sauce?

A piece of Jerk Chicken contains 280 calories. It contains 55% fat, 5% carbohydrate, and 40% protein. Hence, there is a 50% calorie count in Jerk Chicken Sauce. 

What is Traditionally Served With Jerk Chicken?

There is more than one choice available. Bread or crisp fried dough can be used to accompany jerk chicken when it is served. Rice, salad, potatoes, and steamed vegetables are excellent accompaniments for Jerk Chicken, which is also very tasty on its own.

Final Words

Jerk Chicken’s spice level can easily be adjusted in case you accidentally over-spice it during cooking or can’t handle too much heat. We hope this article is able to provide you with some helpful tips the next time you are in the mood for some not-so-spicy Jerk Chicken!

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