Can You Really Take Hot Pot To Go?

You just had an amazing hot pot dinner with friends. The savory broth, tender meats, and fresh vegetables were absolute perfection. As the night winds down, you wish you could savor those flavors a little longer. But is taking hot pot to go even possible?

The short answer is yes, you can take hot pot to go! While it may sound tricky to transport a steaming broth and raw ingredients, with a little prep it can absolutely be done.

First, keep the broth and solids separate. Ask the restaurant to pack the cooked meats, veggies, noodles, etc. separately from the broth in to-go containers. For the broth, request it be packed in a sealed container to prevent spilling.

Once home, carefully reheat the broth on the stove or in the microwave until piping hot. Portion the solids into individual bowls, then ladle the hot broth over the top to recreate the experience. Taking hot pot to go does require some effort, but with the right supplies it can allow you to continue the deliciousness.

The bottom line is you don’t have to say goodbye to hot pot just because the restaurant is closing. With smart takeout packing, you can savor those flavors at home. So go ahead and request that to-go box – your tastebuds will thank you later!

Yes, You Can Take Hot Pot To Go With the Right Supplies

The good news is that with a little preparation, you absolutely can take hot pot to go! While it may sound tricky to pack up a steaming broth and raw ingredients, some smart planning makes enjoying hot pot at home totally doable.

Here are the key supplies you’ll need:

  • Sealable containers or bowls for the broth
  • Separate containers for cooked meats, vegetables, noodles, etc.
  • Soup ladle or large spoon
  • Insulated bag or box

With the right containers and bag, you can securely transport your hot pot meal without spilling. The key is keeping the cooked solids like meat and veggies separate from the broth.

Pack the Broth Carefully

Start by asking the restaurant to pour the hot broth into sealable plastic or metal containers. Screw-top glass jars also work well. This prevents leaks or spills during the trip home.

For extra security, place the sealed broth containers into a zip-top bag. This gives an added layer of protection in case the lid pops open accidentally.

An insulated bag or box helps maintain the broth’s heat. Be sure to keep it upright and avoid tilting or tipping during transport.

Keep Solids Like Meat and Veggies Separate

Have the restaurant pack up cooked solids – meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles etc – in individual reusable containers. Screw-top plastic ware works perfectly for this.

Place the containers of solids into the insulated bag separate from the broth. This prevents them from getting soggy or overcooked during the ride home.

Reheat Gently

Once home, carefully reheat the broth over low heat on the stove or for short bursts in the microwave. The goal is to gently warm it back up to a simmer or light boil. Take care not to overheat or boil vigorously, as this can cause the flavors to become more concentrated or salty.

For the solids, a quick microwave or quick sauté in a pan will heat them back up nicely.

How To Recreate Hot Pot at Home

Once you’ve transported your hot pot meal and reheated the components, it’s time for the fun part – digging back in! Follow these tips to recreate the communal dining experience at home:

Set the Table

Place the hot broth in the center of the table in a clay pot or large metal bowl. Arrange the reheated solids in separate dishes around it. Provide individual shallow bowls and utensils for each person.

Portion the Cooked Items

Let each person take some of the pre-cooked meat, seafood, veggies and noodles from the serving dishes into their personal bowl. This allows you to customize your meal based on your favorites.

Ladle on the Hot Broth

Once everyone has filled their bowl with solids, take turns ladling the hot broth over the top to gently cook the items and bring all the flavors together. Be careful, as the broth will still be extremely hot!

Enjoy Family-Style

Now dig in and savor the communal dining experience, dipping cooked items into the flavorful broth. Continue adding more solids and hot broth until you’re satisfied. Enjoying hot pot at home lets you extend the fun and flavors.

Safety Tips

Since hot pot involves boiling liquids, be sure to handle it safely. Keep young children away to avoid scalding risks. Use pots with handles pointing inwards. And as always, blow on hot foods before eating!

Hot Pot To-Go Hacks

Taking your hot pot meal home calls for some creative thinking. Here are handy hacks to make transport and reheating as smooth as possible:

  • Ask for extra broth – Request extra broth in to-go cups to account for some evaporation and absorption by noodles during transit.
  • Pack sauce on the side – Keep dipping sauces separate to prevent meat and veggies from soaking up all the flavor before you eat.
  • Line the bag – Placing paper towels or newspaper in the bottom of the insulated bag can help absorb spills.
  • Use wide, shallow pots – Reheat broth in wide pots instead of tall narrow ones for faster, more even heating.
  • Re-layer ingredients – Arrange ingredients nicely back in sections when plating at home.
  • Keep foods separated – Store any leftovers with broth, noodles, meats etc in individual airtight containers.

Tips for Ordering Hot Pot To-Go

Want to take your hot pot experience on the road? Here are some tips for ordering it to go:

  • Ask first – Not all hot pot restaurants offer takeout so call ahead to check if they accommodate it.
  • Order extras – Get extra meat, veggies, noodles on the side in case some items overcook during transit.
  • Request packaging – Ask for sealable broth containers and separate lidded boxes for solids. Supply your own to be safe.
  • Pick up promptly – Don’t leave hot pot sitting around too long before pickup or the quality may decline.
  • Transport quickly – Head straight home after getting your to-go order to preserve flavors and textures.
  • Tip generously – Taking hot pot to go requires extra effort from the staff, so tip more than usual.

Enjoying Leftovers

Hot pot lends itself nicely to leftovers! Here are some delicious ways to repurpose the components:


  • Drink as a soup
  • Use as cooking liquid for grains or noodles
  • Simmer meats and veggies in it
  • Freeze for later hot pot meals

Meats and Seafood

  • Toss with noodles or rice
  • Fold into omelets or fried rice
  • Mix into stir fries or soups


  • Saute with eggs for fried rice
  • Toss with noodles or broth as a veggie soup
  • Blend into smoothies


  • Toss with sesame oil for cold noodle salad
  • Reheat in broth for noodle soup
  • Stir fry with meat and veggies

With some creativity, you can get multiple meals out of your hot pot leftovers. Just store each component separately and be mindful of food safety.

FAQs About Taking Hot Pot To Go

Got questions about transporting your hot pot home? Here are some common FAQs:

How long will hot pot stay hot during the car ride home?

If properly sealed and placed in an insulated bag or box, hot pot broth should stay piping hot for 30-60 minutes. Having the broth in a thermos also helps retain heat. Eat it soon after arriving home for the best quality.

What’s the best way to reheat the broth without diluting the flavor?

Gently reheat the broth over low heat on the stove. Go slowly to preserve the flavor concentration. The broth may be salty after reheating since some liquid evaporates – so taste and adjust seasoning as needed.

Can you freeze leftovers for hot pot another day?

Yes! Portion broth into an ice cube tray or small containers to freeze. Thaw and reheat for quick hot pot broth later on. Cooked meats also freeze well for future meals.

How can you prevent noodles from getting soggy on the ride home?

Keep noodles separate from broth and other wet ingredients. Once home, either serve immediately or briefly rinse under hot water to refresh before reheating in broth.

Is it safe to reheat hot pot multiple times?

Only reheat hot pot once for food safety. Broth should be reheated to a boil then served. Don’t let the broth sit at room temp for long periods before reheating. Refrigerate all leftovers within 2 hours.

Is Taking Hot Pot To Go Worth the Effort?

Here’s the bottom line – transporting and reheating hot pot at home does require some effort. But with the right supplies and preparation, you absolutely can extend your favorite dining experience. Taking hot pot to go lets you:

  • Savor the communal dining atmosphere longer
  • Make a meal out of the leftovers
  • Customize ingredients to your tastes
  • Control cooking times if items over/undercook

So don’t be afraid to ask for a takeout container! With some strategic packing and reheating, you can enjoy piping hot, flavorful hot pot in the comfort of your own home.

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