Hunting for Hot Ones Hot Sauces? Here’s Where to Find Bottles Near You

As a fan of the hit YouTube show Hot Ones, you love watching guests guzzle down increasingly fiery hot sauces while answering questions. Naturally, you want to get your hands on those tantalizing condiments featured on the show to try yourself. But short of raiding host Sean Evans’ set, how can you score Hot Ones hot sauces?

Luckily, many of the lip-burning sauces used on Hot Ones are available right at your local grocery store or online retailers. With some detective work, you can find famous blends like The Last Dab, Los Calientes, and Zombie Apocalypse to test your spice tolerance. But availability does vary, so you’ll need to do some searching to unearth these hot gems.

Read on to unlock the secrets of where to find coveted Hot Ones hot sauces. With the inside scoop, you’ll easily locate bottles that’ll make your mouth water, and likely regret it later. Just have some milk and ice cream ready for the inevitable fiery aftermath!

Hot Ones Hot Sauces – Know Your Options

Part of the appeal of Hot Ones sauces is their uniqueness and novelty. They aren’t your average Tabasco or Cholula bottles. Many are made exclusively for the show by boutique spice companies.

But over the years, more specialty Hot Ones blends have become available at select grocery stores and online retailers. Here are your main options for snagging those coveted hot sauces:

Local Grocery Stores – Your best bet is checking sauce aisles at grocery chains near you. Some may carry certain Hot Ones flavors.

Online Stores – Several online hot sauce shops sell many Hot Ones bottles. Great for variety and harder-to-find blends.

Amazon – You can conveniently buy assorted Hot Ones sauces directly through Amazon.

Direct from Company – A few sauces can only be bought through their brand’s website.

Availability varies, so be prepared to do some hunting to find your desired fiery flavors locally or online.

Grocery Stores Carrying Hot Ones

Scouring the aisles of your local supermarket may reward you with a few coveted Hot Ones selections. Here are some chains known to stock these hot sauces:


This Texas-based chain carries some sauces like Los Calientes and multiple Yellowbird varieties. Selection seems to vary regionally.


Has been spotted stocking a few Hot Ones sauces, including Queen Majesty’s Scotch Bonnet & Ginger.


Reported to sell select Hot Ones flavors regionally, like Dirty Dick’s and Bravado Spice Ghost Pepper & Blueberry.


Some locations may have Hot Ones collaborations like Torchbearer Garlic Reaper and Bravado Spice Crimson Reserves.

Whole Foods

Known for its expansive hot sauce selection, some bottles overlap with Hot Ones, like Queen Majesty’s jalapeño tequila hot sauce.

Check your local branches of these chains to see if they carry any Hot Ones surprises. Certain regions or individual stores may offer different varieties.

Online Hot Sauce Shops With Hot Ones

For the biggest selection of Hot Ones sauces, online hot sauce specialty shops can’t be beat. Here are top websites to browse:


This NYC hot sauce purveyor stocks the largest collection of Hot Ones sauces online, from Torchbearer to High River Rogue. They also unveil new sauces for each Hot Ones season.

Hot Ones Shop

The official Hot Ones online shop has sauces featured on the current season, bundles, and show merchandise. Limited selection but ships directly from the show.

Pepper Palace

A hot sauce lover’s paradise, Pepper Palace carries many award-winning Hot Ones flavors, from Butterfly Bakery to Burns & McCoy.


Offers a wide variety of Hot Ones collaborations, from First We Feast to PexPeppers and Hellfire Detroit.

Torchbearer Sauces

Browse Torchbearer’s site for their sauces created for Hot Ones seasons, from Garlic Reaper to Zombie Apocalypse.

Peruse these sites to find rarer Hot Ones selections not available locally.

Order Hot Ones Bottles on Amazon

Searching on Amazon reveals a surprisingly wide assortment of Hot Ones blends available to add to your cart. Benefits of buying through Amazon:

  • Prime Shipping – Get bottles fast if you have a Prime membership.
  • Bundles – Find special packs like The Hot Ones Hot Sauce Packing Kit for a group tasting.
  • Reviews – Read feedback from fellow fiery food fans before you buy.
  • Availability – Sauces like Da Bomb Beyond Insanity are in stock when often sold out elsewhere.
  • Returns – Easily return unopened bottles you don’t like.

Check Amazon for consumer-friendly access to Hot Ones hot sauces, especially harder-to-find blends.

Buy Direct From the Sauce Company

Some specialty Hot Ones sauces can only be bought through their brand’s website, like:

  • PuckerButt Pepper Company – Creator of Smokin’ Ed’s Reaper Sriracha and other infamous sauces featured on Hot Ones.
  • Burns & McCoy – Shop their unique Hot Ones collaboration Exhorresco.
  • HellFire Detroit – Provides the intensely hot HellFire Fear This Hot Sauce featured on Hot Ones.

If you want a sauce you can’t find elsewhere, go right to the source!

Be Flexible

Remember that availability of Hot Ones sauces varies over time and by location. A store near you may randomly stock a specialty sauce one day but quickly sell out. Set alerts on websites to be notified when rare bottles come back in stock.

Signing up for the Heatonist newsletter can alert you to new sauce unveilings and specials. With some persistence, you’ll be able to locat any Hot Ones flavor your spice-loving heart desires!

Putting Hot Ones Hot Sauces to the Test

Once you get your tongs on those tantalizing Hot Ones blends, it’s go time! Here are tips for putting them to work:

  • Start with just a drop or dab to gauge heat level before slathering food.
  • Add a few dashes to chili, eggs, chicken wings, or tacos. A little goes a long way.
  • Mix with mayo or sour cream for a customizable spicy spread or dip.
  • Review each sauce on your personal YouTube channel or blog! Describe the flavor, heat, and your reactions.
  • Host a hot sauce tasting party with friends. Recreate Hot Ones with your lineup and dare each other to try increasing scoville levels.
  • Follow the Hot Ones tradition and interview a friend while sampling sauces. Ask fun questions and vow to answer honestly.

Just remember to have plenty of dairy, carbs, and antacids on hand before testing those scorching Hot Ones flavors yourself. Milk, bread, and Tums may become your new best friends. Enjoy the thrilling burn, but cautiously!

In Summary:

  • Check grocery stores like HEB, Kroger, and Whole Foods for local finds. Selection varies.
  • Shop online hot sauce stores like Heatonist and Pepper Palace for the biggest variety.
  • Order Hot Ones sauces conveniently on Amazon.
  • For rare blends, buy directly from each sauce company’s website.
  • Stay flexible and persistent, as availability changes. Sign up for alerts to snag new releases.
  • Start with tiny tastes to test heat level before saucing food.
  • Recreate the show at home with friends, but have plenty of cooling remedies ready!

Now get searching for those coveted Hot Ones flavors to ignite your own series of sauce-fueled challenges. Just brace those tastebuds and prep your stomach – fiery fun awaits!

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