Are you a spicy food lover?  Find out why your favorite foods may suddenly be causing discomfort.

Capsaicin: the chemical compound in spices that causes discomfort.

When you eat something spicy, capsaicin triggers a reaction from the receptors in your mouth and around your tongue.

As the food travels downwards, you may feel the same burn in your throat, stomach, and anus.

When your body rejects the capsaicin intake, you may feel uncomfortable.

The capsaicin chemical compound can cause discomfort in multiple areas of the body.

If you previously had no issues eating spicy food but are having problems now, it could signal an underlying medical issue.

Sensitivity to spice can be trained, unlike naturally low spice tolerance.

The more capsaicin you ingest than your body can handle, the more severe your reaction to the excessive spice.

Enjoy your spicy food, but be aware of your body's limits.