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8 Omakase Spots in Pennsylvania (You Will Not Be Disappointed)

When you want to find something for a special moment, omakase is the best option. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, an anniversary celebration, or simply a night out with friends, omakase in Pennsylvania offers a unique dining experience that will leave you wanting more. Here are eight omakase spots in Pennsylvania that will not disappoint:

Sakana Omakasè Sushi

Address: 616 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147


Sakana Omakase Sushi is one of Philadelphia’s most intimate sushi establishments, with only ten seats available for guests.

Sakana offers two unique omakase menus; guests can enjoy the Signature omakase for $58 per person for 60 minutes or the Sakana omakase for $108 per person for 90 minutes of bar seating.

Both menus include a variety of daily fishes and signature nigiri pieces. Crafting omakase with only the freshest ingredients, Sakana omakase sushi is a must-try even if you need to drive for 2 hours from Maryland.


  • Signature omakase
  • daily fresh fishes


Address: 723 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Morimoto’s flagship restaurant is an excellent showcase for the acclaimed chef’s inventive Japanese cuisine. The Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto accommodates all palates with his creative menu, whether it’s pristine sashimi or an unexpected global-influenced dish.

Morimoto creates layers of flavor not found elsewhere based on ancient tradition and modern culinary techniques.

What can you expect here? Morimoto offers omakase-style dinners for two or more, featuring a range of dishes, including seasonal appetizers, sashimi, soups and salads, grilled items, and make. Taste from the Iron Chef himself, and you will not be disappointed. Every omakase experience is unique – no visit will be the same. ($165 per person)


  • Create omakase-style dinners for two or more
  • Unique omakase experience every visit.

Omakase By Yanaga

Address: Restaurant Level, 1832 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Yanaga relocated to Philadelphia in 2009 to expand his repertoire of raw fish dishes, starting at Morimoto before becoming the head sushi chef at Zama.

During these years, he developed his style in the context of sushi – marrying local ingredients and western culinary techniques with traditional Japanese touches via Omakase.

Next up for Yanaga was a run behind the eight-seat sushi bar at Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant inside the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. And he also works in many omakase restaurants in the US.

Now it is time to open omakase by Yanaga, his own omakase restaurant that combines his all passion for Japanese cuisine.

Omakase By Yanaga offers a 25-course omakase dinner at $195 per person, including 12 nigiri, 3 modern sushis, 9 different amusements, and 1 dessert.


  • 25-course omakase dinner
  • Izakaya-style restaurant


Address: 1355 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122


One thing it’s worth exploring new omakase restaurants because there are stories behind them. Hiroki omakase is one of them; their omakase menu was crafted to be a fusion of classic and modern Japanese cuisine.

Owned by executive chef Hiroki Fujiyama, Hiroki focuses on omotenashi, a fundamental concept of traditional Japanese hospitality. With omakase, they are going to exceed your expectation.

Hiroki Omakase starts at $155 per person; it includes several dishes such as zensai, meat, sushi, sashimi, miso soup, and dessert.


  • Classic and modern Japanese cuisine technique
  • Authentic Japanese cuisine with omotenashi service

ZAMA Restaurant

Address: 128 S. 19th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103


ZAMA is an upscale omakase-style sushi restaurant located in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square. The team, led by Zama, creates omakase experiences unparalleled in flavor, skill, and presentation.

The omakase experience at Zama begins with a dinner of savory dishes and creative sushi creations. You can choose between $65 per person or $100 per person.

The omakase menu consists of sushi, sashimi, and other chef-tasting specialties, focusing on premium ingredients.


  • Savory dishes and creative sushi creations
  • Omakase experience at $65 or $100 per person omakase

KOME Japanese Cuisine

Address: 2880 Center Valley Pkwy #600, Center Valley, PA 18034


Warm and cozy, KOME Japanese Cuisine offers omakase-style meals in Pennsylvania. Led by executive chef Tom Boehlke, their omakase meals feature seasonal ingredients carefully chosen for the freshest taste and highest quality.

Let’s take a look at a salmon-tasting course here. The course includes:

  • New Zealand King Salmon – ponzu sauce
  • Salmon Char – garlic aioli
  • Arctic Char – pickled ginger wasabi root
  • Scottish Salmon – roasted jalapeno gelee
  • Salmon Belly Tartar – capers, horse radish emulsion

You can have it all for $28 per person. It is worth trying if you love salmon.


  • Earth-tone dining setting
  • The salmon-tasting omakase course is $28 per person.

Tuna Bar

Address: 205 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Chef Kenneth Sze of Tuna Bar brings omakase to Philadelphia’s Chinatown. He serves omakase that includes seafood from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean in a mix of traditional floor seating and tableside omakase.

The omakase tuna menu here starts from $40 per person, including pre-selected items such as sushi, sashimi, and classic maki.

This is a lovely place for those who love seafood and sushi.


  • The omakase tuna menu starts from $40 per person
  • A mix of traditional seating and tableside omakase.

Double Knot

Address: 120 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Double Knot is a two-story bar with a cocktail lounge on the upper level and a sushi bar and robatayaki underneath.

The design of the bar is inspired by folklore, and Double Knot invites guests to experience its signature dishes in a new way.

The izakaya downstairs transports guests from the buzzing commotion of the upstairs bar to an intimate candlelit experience.

Omakase here starts from $65 per person. The omakase menu comprises ten selections of sushi, sashimi, robatayaki, mochi, and other appetizers.


  • Design inspired by folklore
  • Omakase starts from $65 per person

These are some of the omakase options in Pennsylvania that you can check out. Enjoy omakase and explore the flavors of Japanese cuisine!

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