How To Make Tortilla Soup Less Spicy

We all love spicy tortilla soup. It is very spicy as it contains jalapenos which makes it spicier, so you may come to wonder, how do I make it less spicy? This article will discuss everything you need to know about how to make tortilla soup more mild.

You can add more ingredients to reduce the level of spiciness in Tortilla soup. You can also add some dairy products, sugar, starch, fresh lime, and yellow corn tortilla chips to round out the flavor to more mild.

Tortilla soup is a tomato (or chicken) based Mexican-inspired soup. It commonly contains corn, beans, and other ingredients such as jalapenos and cilantro. It’s simmered and then topped with crispy tortilla pieces, making it spicier. Continue reading to learn more about tortilla soup!

Quick Tips To Make Tortilla Soup Less Spicy

Add Some Dairy

The spiciness is well-balanced by dairy, which also has a cooling effect. You can top each serving with milk, sour cream, or even a dollop of plain yogurt, but be careful not to add the dairy and then cook it over high heat, as it may curdle. Although coconut milk isn’t technically dairy, it adds a decadent richness to recipes and pairs nicely with many Asian flavors.

Add Extra Ingredients

To reduce the proportion of the spicy element in a dish that is too spicy, simply add more ingredients. If you’re making a soup or stew, consider adding more liquid. Add more vegetables, protein, or carbohydrates — whatever you have on hand.

Sweeten It Up

Spoonful of honey

When it comes to flavors, it’s easy to think of sweet as the polar opposite of spicy. A little sweetness might also help to balance out an overly spicy meal.

Sweeteners should be used sparingly in savory dishes. If you’re simply attempting to add some counterbalancing flavors, but don’t want the recipe to taste sugary. In this case, a little goes a long way, so start with very little amounts and taste before adding more.

Brown sugar or honey work incredibly well for toning down spicy soup. However, you can experiment with different ingredients such as fruit juices, ketchup, or maple syrup.

Add Something Acidic

As Acid defeats heat, it may be the perfect solution for making Tortilla soup less spicy! Squeeze in some lemon or lime juice. Lemon juice can also be used to brighten up flavors. If the sauce is tomato-based, extra tomato sauce can assist. A dash of vinegar is also effective.

Nut Butter Could Be Your Hidden Weapon

If the flavors are compatible, try adding some peanut, tahini, or almond butter to any spicy soup. Nut butter’s fat content can assist put out the fire.

Serve With Starchy, Bland Meals

crusty bread
crusty bread

Let’s say your spicy food is otherwise delicious, and you don’t want to muck it up by adding more ingredients. Most simple and effective remedy is to serve it with something bland and starchy, which diffuses the spice a little when consumed together. Pasta, rice, crusty bread, and potatoes are all excellent options.

Pro Tip:Add spices in small amounts, and treat them like you would salt – add some and taste-check as you go. This is especially effective for recipes that require a low and slow simmer. The longer a meal is cooked, the more liquid evaporates, and this cannot be overstated – this concentrates tastes and intensifies their intensity.

Is Tortilla Soup Mexican Or American?

In Spanish, tortilla soup (Sopa de tortilla) is a typical Mexican soup. Tortilla Soup originated in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, near Mexico City. In reality, Tlaxcala means “the land of corn” or “the location where tortillas abound” in Nahuatl. Tlaxcala was one of the first areas where Spaniards established themselves.

Although tortilla soup may be found throughout Mexico, the toppings and herbs utilized vary by state. Some include crema, several varieties of cheese, and even epazote, a herb that most people in Mexico City adore! But, no matter where you go in Mexico, the foundation for a superb tortilla soup remains the same.

Without a tortilla, a Mexican is like a flower pot without flowers! It’s a part of our meals, our dishes, and gives us a sense of belonging. Tortilla soup is one of Mexico’s most popular recipes; it’s simple but filling! For me, like for many other Mexicans, tortilla soup evokes memories of fantastic family feasts, comfortable moments, and the warm feeling of home.

What Are The Spices In Chicken Tortilla Soup?

Salt is a must-have component for any chicken soup, as it enhances the soup’s flavor. Black pepper, white pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin are mildly hot spices that are added in chicken tortilla soup. Red pepper, cayenne pepper, and hot paprika are fiery spices that enhance the soup’s flavor.

The level of spiciness in tortilla soup can easily be adjusted. You can vary it up by using a more potent taco mix. If you want a little spicy soup, use a mild spice combination, but use a moderate to the hot spice mix if you want more.

If you want it spicier, you can add hot peppers to add heat to this dish. If you have cayenne pepper on hand, add a pinch or two, based on how spicy your family likes it. You have a little more control over how much spice you add with this method. Diced jalapenos are a great addition to this soup dish. A bit of chili powder can also add some spice to the recipe without sacrificing flavor.


What Exactly Is The Distinction Between Pozole And Tortilla Soup?

Pozole is a typical Mexican stew cooked with hominy and meat (either hog or chicken), and it’s often topped with jalapeño peppers, cabbage, avocado, cilantro, radishes, or limes. This variation is similar to chicken tortilla soup, but with cabbage and hominy added (and it’s brothier than the Rojo).

What Can You Add To Chicken Soup To Make It More Flavorful?

If you think the soup lacks flavor, season it with a pinch more salt. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a splash of fish sauce, or Worcestershire sauce can also be used to provide a burst of flavor.

Does Baking Soda Neutralize Spicy Food?

Yes, if you cannot reduce your excessive usage of spicy sauce due to its acidity, try baking soda. Because baking soda is pH neutral, it functions as an acid-neutralizing agent in your hot sauce or meal.


You can play with many factors, but the best way to reduce spiciness is to add more ingredients to your tortilla soup. You can also use yellow corn tortilla chips to round out the flavor to mild. Hopefully, we helped you learn how to make tortilla soup less spicy!

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