How To Make Pad See Ew Less Spicy (5 Methods)

Pad See Ew is a delicious and popular Thai cook-to-order dish. Pad See Ew is made with rice noodles, vegetables, and your choice of protein. If you order this dish in the US, they usually make it with chicken or pork. You can also find Pad See Ew vegetarian dish that uses tofu instead of meat. “Pad” means stir-fried, while “See Ew” is the sweet soy sauce.

Pad See Ew can be spicier if the restaurants serve with chili flakes or hot sauces. To Make Pad See Ew less spicy, simply ignore the chili flakes or request no chili before you order. 

If you already ordered and the Pad See Ew is too spicy for your taste, read on for some tips.

5 Methods to Prevent Pad See Ew from being too Spicy

Added some sugar


Try adding a little sugar to help balance the heat. Be careful not to add too much, as too much sugar can make your Pad See Ew too sweet. A little sugar can go a long way in making your dish more palatable.

The best way to gauge how much sugar to add is to start with small amounts and gradually add more until you reach the desired level of sweetness. You can find sugar on seasoning racks or packets on the table.

Remove Chili flakes

If you can see the chili flakes in your dish, remove them with a spoon. You can try chopsticks or a fork to remove the larger pieces carefully. If the chili flakes are mixed, removing them will be more challenging. Try the following methods to help tone down the heat.

Always eat noodles and vegetables

Don’t bite only meat; add more rice noodles and vegetables in each bite. It will help to reduce the spiciness because the noodle soaks up some of the sauce. It will be more delicious and less spicy.

Eat with Thai Iced Tea

A classic Thai iced tea has a creamy and sweet taste that helps to neutralize the heat in your Pad See Ew. The goal is to add something to your dish that will allow cooling your mouth between bites. If you don’t have Thai iced tea, try any milk or yogurt that will work.

Wait until Pad See Ew is not hot

If you want to enjoy the full flavor of Thai cuisine, it’s essential to eat your food when it’s still hot. The spice will be intense, and you’ll be able to taste all the dish’s other flavors. If you find it too spicy, it’s worth taking a few minutes to let your food cool down before digging in.

Is Pad See Ew Supposed To Be Spicy?

Pad See Ew

No, Pad See Ew is not supposed to be spicy. The spice level is typically not spicy to mild. Traditional Pad See Ew has no chili pepper in the main ingredients, but some restaurants might put chili flakes on top. And have chili flakes and chili sauce as a seasoning dish. You can always request no chili before you order.

Pad See Ew is like other noodles in Thailand, which are not supposed to be spicy. Spicy comes from seasoning after cooking or dipping sauce on the side.

For those who enjoy spicy food, try adding Sriracha sauce or chili sauces to your Pad See Ew. Start with a small amount and add more to taste. It’s also essential to remember that everyone has a different spice tolerance. So, what might be mild for you could be too spicy for someone else.

Is Pad See Ew Supposed To Be Sweet?

Yes, Pad See Ew is supposed to be sweet because of the addition of dark soy sauce. The sweetness level in Pad See Ew can vary depending on the dark soy sauce used and how much is added. Dark soy sauce is thicker and sweeter than regular soy sauce.

If you cook at home and want to make your Pad See Ew like Thai people, Here are some dark soy sauce brands that are popular in Thailand:

Difference between Pad See Ew and Pad Thai

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The main difference between Pad See Ew and Pad Thai is that Pad See Ew uses dark soy sauce, while Pad Thai uses tamarind paste. Tamarind paste is sour and slightly sweet, while dark soy sauce is just sweet.

Another difference is that Pad Thai usually has peanuts and bean sprouts, while Pad See Ew does not. Peanuts and bean sprouts are essential to the Pad Thai flavor profile and help balance the dish’s sweetness.

Pad See Ew is typically made with wider noodles, while Pad Thai is made with thinner rice noodles. The wider noodles in Pad See Ew can help to soak up more of the sauce and prevent the dish from being too greasy.

Finally, Pad Thai is stir-fried with a wok over high heat. Pad See Ew is pan-fried in a hot skillet. The difference in cooking methods results in a slight difference in texture, with Pad Thai being slightly crispier than Pad See Ew.

While both dishes are delicious, they offer different flavor profiles and textures. So, it is essential to decide which one you are in the mood for before ordering.


Pad See Ew is a delicious and popular Thai dish that is not supposed to be spicy. The dish is typically sweet and savory, with a slight crunch from the wide noodles. Pad See Ew can be made with chicken, pork, or tofu and is best enjoyed when it’s still hot.

When ordering Pad See Ew at a restaurant, specify if you would like it without chili peppers. And don’t forget to ask for Sriracha or chili sauce on the side if you want a little spice in your life.

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